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MYGERMANSHEPHERD.org aims to help you to build and retain the BEST Relationship with your GSD, the amazing German Shepherd dog. So that every GSD is raised, trained and treated safely and happily by every owner and handler. For the well-being of both, the German Shepherd and You.

For this we have created the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL with a weekly hot topic, and Q&A sessions to give personal advice where requested.

lookSubscribe here for free. We cover for example:

star Relationship building with your GSD
star Safety measures when you have a German Shepherd dog
star Steps you need to take to be the Pack Leader for your dog
star How to have your GSD barking when YOU want - and otherwise be quiet
star German Shepherd Puppy Training
star Adult Dog GSD Training
star All areas of German Shepherd Health
star How to care for a senior GSD
star How you quickly solve all the common dog problems
star GSD Grooming
star Suitable dog foods for a German Shepherd
star Meal times and Meal content depending on age
star Why our recommended Feeding Routine is absolutely essential
star How you can have more FUN with your dog
star What you must look out for when buying a German Shepherd
star All key aspects of Dog Psychology
star Differences between GSD puppies and adult dogs
star What you must know about professional GSD breeders
star The problems with backyard breeders and pet shops
star Under what circumstances you should consider a Rescue dog
star Differences between GSDs from different countries
star What you must know and do with multiple GSDs in the house
star Why you shouldn't keep your dog in an outside kennel
star The exact House Training that allows you to keep your dog inside
star What you must know and do if different breeds live together
star The essential steps to take to be safe with small kids and a GSD
star German Shepherd body language incl. tail language
star How to raise a German Shepherd as Protection Dog
star How to raise a German Shepherd as Family Companion
star How to raise a German Shepherd Guide Dog
star How to raise a German Shepherd as Working Dog
star GSDs as Show Dog
star Global comparisons of GSD characteristics and GSD owners
star German Shepherd dog competitions
star German Shepherd Q&A sessions
star and many, many, many more topics...

In addition, we have already lined up valuable presents for you to encourage you to build and retain the BEST Relationship with your German Shepherd:

GSD Health Manual

GSD Health Manual

Risk Factors, Warning Signs, Avoidance, and Treatment of the most common German Shepherd Health Issues!


Windows App to drop your favorite GSD pics onto our site like a magician! Best photos to appear in members-only German Shepherd Calendar!
GSD Pack Leader Guide

GSD Pack Leader Guide

How you become the Pack Leader for your GSD - and why this is crucial!
1-2-3 of GSD Ownership

1-2-3 of GSD Ownership

The 3 Must-Know Facts for any (prospective) GSD owner!
GSD Budgeting

GSD Budgeting

Helpful tool to budget the cost for your GSD, or ... for another GSD!
GSD Starter Kit

GSD Starter Kit

What you need to get before you get a German Shepherd!
GSD Nutrition Guide

GSD Nutrition Guide

Nutritional Value of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for your German Shepherd!


Every German Shepherd on the planet deserves the BEST.
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Stay with us and your dog will stay with you, both of you healthy and well-behaved.
If you are ever unhappy with anything we write, do or don't do, we want to be the first to know, thanks.

Disclaimer: Always apply your own common sense when you follow anyone's suggestions. As much as your dog is special (s)he may react different too.

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