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Feb 212011
German Shepherd puppy

MYGERMANSHEPHERD.org is all about what makes your German Shepherd and you happy! How you build and retain the BEST Relationship with your GSD, the amazing German Shepherd dog.

Hence here, and in particular in the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL, you'll find the most valuable help, advice, tips, remedies, and products for yourself and your German Shepherd:

  • From selecting German Shepherd breeders ...
    ... to finding professional dog trainers
  • From German Shepherd puppy training ...
    ... to training a German Shepherd adult
  • From avoiding German Shepherd health problems ...
    ... to maintaining a great German Shepherd diet
  • From German Shepherd grooming ...
    ... to German Shepherd tattoos
  • From German Shepherd obedience training ...
    ... to German Shepherd protection training
  • And even topics like German Shepherd Toys, German Shepherd Accessories, German Shepherd apps (for your computer or phone!), German Shepherd Art, German Shepherd den plans, German Shepherd health monitoring tools, German Shepherd cost budgeting and German Shepherd calendar production!

German Shepherd Puppy on Flickr

However, the key asset of MYGERMANSHEPHERD.org is the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL. Hence, if you don't subscribe to the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL, you miss out on all the great things we have for you. This means, before you leave this site, be sure to subscribe. It's free.

We aim to support German Shepherd Rescue Services. You can help too by using our links if you want to buy anything. This may sometimes enable us to earn a commission from the seller, which would help to support this site (you can read more on this here). The following is such an example:

Clearly you should avoid buying everything that's being offered to you, however if you are new to GSDs, we recommend that you consider getting the German Shepherd Handbook* as a fundamental basis to better understand this breed. At the moment the author throws in a bonus book on bite prevention which you may find just as invaluable if you still have kids in the house too.

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Get the uniquely specialized German Shepherd Handbook here.

If you have any questions about MYGERMANSHEPHERD.org or if you can share your German Shepherd related stories and GSD photos, please go ahead and do it. - Admittedly, a contact form is not very interactive, but surely you noticed that this site is still in production, and the appalling amount of script/spam comments these days would only waste more of our time (and nerves).

Now enjoy the site and right-click MYGERMANSHEPHERD.org to bookmark it. Don't forget to register for your MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL with unique specific tips and advice in every issue and some great offers too. It's free and priceless at the same time!

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