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Tim has moved off-grid/ mobile/ "on the road". A tiny house on wheels. Currently more like a tarp wagon though. Life's an adventure, I can tell ya.

tiny mobile livingSo maybe we will have a big new section on living tiny AND mobile with a German Shepherd. Does that work? Problems? Benefits? Daily chores? Any joys?...

Would your dog like to live "on the road" with you? Would you like it? How would you make it work?

Share your ideas below. And if you have experience doing that we are curious too.

Next mobile tiny house living update is here

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    I used to drive transport truck with my husband when we first got married, and we traveled with our gsd, we rarely moteled it and we stayed in our truck at the s
    truck stops and rest areas. My dog Grizzly traveled really well. Its easier than you think it would be.


    I would be very interested on info for living with my 2 German Shepherds on the road. I considered a camper but the thought of the dogs and me living in a campground 3 feet from someone else who might hate German Shepherds turned me off to that idea. But if there were places where a camper could go with the dogs that have enough space, I would consider a cross country trip with them.


      Hi Paul. I too have been considering purchasing a small RV & doing some traveling in my retirement years & own a GSD - who I would want to take with me. I had a friend who was doing some of this retirement traveling this summer & posting on Facebook some of the locations they were staying. I started noticing how they were not right next to any other travelers & he told me he was trying to stay in the National Park sites. After doing some research I found pictures of several of those & they all seem to be very generous camping sites. Now I haven't taken the time yet to sit down & make sure there were ones located where I would want to travel or about the cost of them or whether they could be reserved - those kinds of things. But I feel like there's a good chance this can be figured out & I am looking forward to trying this next spring or possibly fall. Am not really interested in trying to travel in the heat or really cold weather. Thinking in terms of 6-8 weeks at a time. Hope this helps!


    I will be looking forward to seeing the "new" living tiny! What a great idea considering the downsizing many people today have considered!

    And my apologies for not having taken the time to get back into the site... Working a lot that last year and it's not going to get any better any time soon.


    I am so sorry that you are having troubles. I am also sorry that people don't seem to get that this is not "fun" for you. Life is an adventure, yes, always. But sometimes, and adventure you would rather skip. I hope you are in a safe and secure place!
    German Shepherds being what they are, my dog is happy to be anywhere that I am. She goes where I go whenever possible and is a great traveler in the car. I am pretty confident that yours would be the same. As long as he is with you, I think he would be happy. Make sure you have his bed so that wherever you are he has a familiar place to sleep. Make sure you have his own bowl, and some toys! Keep a first aid kit, and have a regular routine, such as a walk after meals, and a regular routine before bedtime so he knows he has to wind down and relax. If you can afford it, bottled water is good to protect him (and you) against stomach upset due to the differences in water from place to place, and, of course, his regular food. My dog is very high energy and so she needs lots of exercise. I don't know if you are traveling, or staying in one place, but you need to make sure he gets out for exercise often. "A tired dog is a good dog!!"
    I know you will make the best of it, and will, more than likely, find a way to make an excellent periodical about it later.
    Keeping you in my prayers,


    I live off the grid and have for over 30 years..My Daisy , has had to learn how to be a " city" dog and how to be an off grid dog. She thinks all squirrels are fairly game...Good luck....Love my cell for Internet...


    We have camped seasonally and traveled with our GSD over the past 11 years. I can't stress enough how important exercise is. Like another poster said, it is key because a tired dog is a good and complacent dog! We take our dog with us on as many outings as we can but when we can't he gets plenty of walks/exercise to satisfy his migration instinct, and we give him a few jobs to satisfy his working instinct before he is left alone. If we play ball or frisbee right before going out he is nice and satisfied. We also put several signs on our RV that states a dog is inside and to rescue in case of an emergency. Our RV is equipped that if the AC shuts off, we have a thermostat controlled vent fan that will kick on from battery power if the heat inside exceeds a certain temperature to pull all the hot air from the coach out. We also make friends with our neighbors and we let them know when we plan to return just so everyone is accounted for. Most people are willing to keep an eye out if you ask. If you have become a successful pack leader and give proper exercise your dog will be just as respectful to you on the road as he is at home. Hope this helps and good pack talk!

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