Jan 182014

facebook logoSo there we have it!

I have always been warning of the significant risks of getting too much tied into these modern "social media" sites, because they CONTROL all what you put up. Not only that: They can at their own will, in a blink of an eye, lock you out (whether willingly or for technical fault), such that you cannot even access YOUR OWN data you've put up on their site!

I bet most individuals and businesses who heavily use sites like Facebook & Co are completely unaware of the risks they are taking.

Here's what happened to us (and it can happen to you too, any day, any month, any year - and at night while you sleep):

  • As our site members know, in December our 'webmaster' subcontracted someone to build a facebook page (finally, after years of NOT).
  • By January (this month, yes!) I personally had learned how to log in (yeah!) and I created multiple adverts to promote the FREE days of House Training Dogs to Behave Well in a High Value Home (see this post).
  • As Facebook has it, the ads were scheduled to run continuously until you cancel them (makes Facebook more money, every day you don't cancel the adverts).
  • At the end of the second day of the advertisement campaign (which was planned to END on the evening of the third day when the book would no longer be FREE, doh!), Facebook suddenly prevented access to the account! (they mention some "temporary security issue")
  • Now I can't log in to STOP the adverts (imagine that for yourself for just a moment) - although the promoted book isn't even free anymore! I can't even contact anyone there because Facebook apparently is still run by a kindergarden crowd that don't find it necessary to provide a contact email address! Not to mention telephone number or online chat.
  • And without logging in, no chance to contact them. How dumb is that when you cannot log in because they prevent it?!!!

Unless of course... this is exactly what Facebook want: That they get money from you FOREVER because you can't log in to stop it! :evil:


EDIT: Nov 2017, fits perfectly: "Ex-Facebook CEO Warns App Exploits Psychological Vulnerability - Suggests social media platform re-wiring minds, putting children’s brains at risk". Children's brains? Generations of adult brains too! Look who frequents facebook these days. Almost funny that I already warned when everyone else was still hip.



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