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Symptom Definition

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Symptom vs Trigger vs Cause

In How Sickness Interacts with Body Systems these key medical definitions have always been incorporated, including this symptom definition.

Only now I cared and so I noticed that Google does not rank that Periodical at all. Instead, for example for symptom, "thanks to Google" you learn any of these as symptom definition:


From factually false to ambiguous to useless: All of those approaches to define symptom leave a LOT of room for ambiguity when applied to a wide variety of illness, sickness, or generally conditions.

But for treatment success clarity in terminology is a prerequisite.

So, to give Google another chance grin I therefore now spell out all definitions separately also.

May now more people interested in HEALTH find these, to benefit their own approach to health and that of their dog.

Definition Symptom

Symptom is a physiological, microbiological, or behavioral sign that may suggest a defect, disorder, or disease.

Note that a symptom generally can only suggest but not identify a specific illness, as most symptoms can be the sign of any of a large number of ailments.

That's why generally a set of symptoms is needed to describe a specific condition.

Also be aware that symptoms initially show only in one body system, and interestingly the cause of the defect, disorder, or disease typically is to be found in a different body system - and already affects all body systems!

So that is my proposed symptom definition, and like with the other key medical definitions here it has served me well in daily practice.

May it help you too.

Why Symptom Definition is Essential

Because, before you address some symptoms in one body system you must understand the ramifications this will cause in all the other body systems.

Because, if you don't you will soon have to attend to ever more new symptoms as you are causing a chain reaction with your intervention: Because, all 12 body systems are interrelated! eek


Therefore better don't address symptoms at all, but address the cause of your illness, or of your dog's sickness.

Because, if you address mere symptoms, as is the routine in allopathic medicine, you are confined to continued rounds of treatment of varying symptoms!

And your MD or veterinarian treats each new symptom as new condition, new sickness.

Not realizing or not wanting to accept the fact that the symptoms that show in different body systems at different times all are related: Because, all 12 body systems are interrelated, yes.

All the cells in the organism make the organism. One must not treat part of the organism on the wrong assumption that other parts won't be affected: Because, in the human and the canine organism there is no such thing as "localized sickness", nor "localized treatment".

Clarity in terminology requires that we reserve each term for its disjunct circumstances.

Like you don't say "I go to work by plane" when actually you go by car. Depending on what you have, people treat you very different.

Both in terms of transport and in terms of health.



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