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Aug 262013
Dog training approach

We have loads of visitors here, but less members. Visitors are merely 'surfing' the net, looking here and there. LOOKING, yes.

While upon registering as a member an ex visitor documents real interest. Interest in THINKING about his or her dog. Thinking what's best for the dog.

With this post we'd like to SURVEY what the thousands of visitors (surfers, lookers) do with their dog in terms of dog training (our members can use our Periodicals to exchange ideas, but as visitor you can't, hence this post).

  • Do you have a certain 'approach' that underpins all your training?
  • Either way, how did you arrive at the dog training you now perform?
  • Do you feel it works well?
  • If you could, what single most important point would you want to teach your dog right now?
  • What have you tried that didn't help?
  • If you don't have a German Shepherd, what dog do you currently have?



adult GSDWill you give back a bit today?

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