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So how much does a German Shepherd Dog (GSD, Alsatian) cost every month, on average?

Let's start with food cost today, because my time is limited.

You can find many dog cost tables online, and just by looking at them I realized how wrong the figures are. Seemingly most of them are copies of one and the same outdated or estimated data source?

I wanted to know how much it really costs to own and care for a German Shepherd Dog - and such information would also help our interest group here: GSD owners, and those who consider getting a GSD. Thus I embarked on the "adventure" to calculate the costs myself, so that people can find correct figures for once.

Dog food cost - allegedly

Let's take as a good representative example of wrong figures the ASPCA pet care cost table. There the ASPCA write that the annual cost of dog food for a large dog that gets "premium brand dry kibble" is: $235.

You read that right, they say that if you feed your GSD "Premium brand dry kibble" for an entire year, you'll spend only $235. That's a mere 64 cent/day! Wow, I thought, where did they get their figures from?

They don't say, but I do:

  • I went to amazon.com, where dog food is cheapest because competition is fiercest, and I typed in that very term that the ASPCA based their data on: "premium brand dry kibble"
  • Then I calculated the average dog food cost of all the products on the first search result page on amazon.com
  • Note that at the time you might look at those search results, the products and thus the average dog food cost will obviously be a bit different
  • When I looked, 12 dog food products came up, weighing a total 136.3 pounds, and costing a total $549.25

Result: "premium brand dry kibble" dog food, at presumably the overall cheapest source, costs an average $4.03 per pound in Feb 2015. That's $8.88 per kilo. And, for our interested international audience: at the 7 Feb 2015 exchange rate of 0.88379, that's equivalent to €7.85 per kilo of "premium brand dry kibble".

Not exactly a steal, compared to what human food costs, hm? No, in fact I go food shopping twice a week, and thus I know in detail that almost all human food I buy costs far less than $8.88 per kilo or $4.03 per pound! But let's leave that aside for the moment. The next step is:

How much dry kibble should a GSD eat?

Well, I am not a dry kibble expert but I have a single bag of Ziwi Peak Lamb at home, so I looked on the back of the bag (not the bag of the back) for their suggestion, and I found it under "Feeding instructions":

  • slim puppyZiwi Peak write there: "88lb dog: 316 g / 11.1 oz" daily of their food
  • Coincidentally, the upper end of the male GSD breed standard weight is 88.2 lb, so that brilliantly matches the dog weight figure on the bag's label
  • Though, note that even this upper end of 88.2 lb is a modest weight when we look at the North American GSDs in our subscriber database: Almost one in every two GSDs is heavier
  • Now, although Ziwi Peak apparently is very rich in nutrients, keeping a reasonably active 88 pound German Shepherd on only 316 g / 11.1 oz of that kibble per day would make the dog very slim in my opinion
  • In fact, according to Ziwi Peak's own "Feeding instructions" on the bag, this is the same amount of food that they recommend for a 35 lb puppy ("puppies feed approx. double the amount indicated")
  • My new puppy currently weighs only 26 lb and he already gets two to three times that amount of food!
  • He would eat even more: during his rapid growth phase obviously he's hungry all the time - and yet you can't say he is fat in any way, rather slim (see photo)
  • But never mind, we'll go with Ziwi Peak's suggestion here, just to keep the price of feeding as low as possible

Result: food required per year = 115.34 kg / 254.28 lb (316 g * 365 days)

Actual dog food cost

The result of all the above is: "premium brand dry kibble" dog food price per year = $1024.22 ($8.88/kg * 115.34 kg). Or $85.35 a month, $2.85 a day.* Water is free, let's say.

* Note that if you actually chose to feed only that Ziwi Peak Lamb, you'd spend $3,394.16 for 116 bags of 2.2 lb (and you could only save 10% if you choose the largest bag). That's $282.85 a month, $9.30 a day! This is more than three times as much as "premium brand dry kibble" costs because Ziwi Peak apparently is of premium-premium quality. :cool:

Anyway, my live data analysis shows that the ASPCA - and all the sites that copied them or where the ASPCA copied from - are way off: Feeding a large dog (88 lb) "premium brand dry kibble" throughout the year costs a minimum of $1024.22, not $235. A minimum of $1024.22 because that large dog would end up being so slim that he might die from underfeeding! :shock:

Thus the actual dog food cost are over four times as much as what the figures on the ASPCA and many other websites are suggesting.

High price of dog food

You saw above that "premium brand dry kibble" costs an average $4.03 per pound / $8.88 per kilo / €7.85 per kilo in Feb 2015. And commercial dog food of a higher quality (eg Ziwi Peak Lamb) costs $13.30 per pound / $29.32 per kilo / €25.91 per kilo!

It is now that you should really be wondering: Why is commercial dog food so darn expensive??

Why does even dog food of only medium quality ("premium brand dry kibble") at the cheapest source cost way more than almost all human food, namely more than meat, more than veg, and more than fruit?!

Gosh, when I realized this through the above analysis I was gobsmacked (shocked, yes). With common sense, it is inconceivable why dog food has to cost so much more than human quality food! It clearly shouldn't, because our modern domesticated dogs developed as scavengers of human food leftovers. Thus if anything, dog food should cost no more than human food.

The cost of commercial dog food is ridiculous. It can only be explained with the silent, slow, steady price increases that the dog food industry have realized over the past decades. Year after year after year. While their eye-pleasing advertizing lulled pampered pet owners.

The fact that it is indeed cheaper to feed our dogs natural homemade foods (pretty much what we eat ourselves - as it has been for thousands of years for domesticated dogs!) is reason number two why I would strongly recommend that you stop that foolishness of buying commercial dog food. Reason number one has always been dog health, see next.

Actual dog feeding cost

However, even all the above is not the whole story: There is a BIG difference between dog food cost and dog feeding cost.


Yes. Put simply: If you feed "premium brand dry kibble", and only that, you will almost certainly have to spend at least the same amount again on extra vet visits, medicaments, and dog health treatments.

Our massive subscriber database and the free GSD online health assessment speak volumes. Though we don't poll "yearly health care costs" (simply because our "post office" Mailchimp don't allow more than 30 data fields, which we've all used up), you can combine two simple facts:

  • Currently, 81% of our subscribers feed commercial dog food (mostly that means kibble, we do have it more detailed though)
  • And countless subscribers ask questions how to help their sick dog

In almost every case I would love to simply say to them: "Stop feeding kibble, start feeding fresh homemade, and within a couple of months your dog's health will crow!" - Because it would. :idea:

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

Oh, and he also said this:

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

The above perfectly leads over to the next cost type:

Recurring medical cost

The ASPCA pet care cost table lists as basic recurring medical cost for a large dog: $260. Basic, because this excludes any medicament and treatment cost in case your dog is sick. But this is when dog owners have to bear most medical cost! :shock:

We'll continue with actual recurring medical cost when I have more time for this.

After all this tough studying, here's something for your to relax (warning, watch only after dinner):

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    Firstly, Thank you for your site! I am very excited to read everything! I am new and there is a lot of info here to sort through. I see that you suggest no kibble but to feed homemade food. I've looked, can't find, but do you have a book, recipes, etc. for homemade dog food. I don't want to just get any book. I want to be sure I get good recipes for my Ziva (GSD, 3 1/2 months old). If I am posting this in the wrong section, I apologize in advance, but it seems like the correct location.


      Welcome Nancy, it's so nice to have a friendly visitor!
      Yes, we do have book suggestions on our Remedies pages - Yummies. There are tons of more dog food books that you will find by just clicking the first two, and then seeing on amazon "what other customers have bought".

      That aside, in My New Puppy Diary I show a complete food list what we feed (all natural, homemade). Nothing per "recipe", but simple, quick imaginative putting together different foods each meal (almost).

      Dog feeding doesn't require science but fresh foods, instead of industrial crap from rendering plants (if you feel strong, watch the video I added above). While, oddly, the above rendering plant video is not to everyone's taste, actually everyone eats the rendering plant's products: it is sold as farm "food" to feed farm animals that after slaughter you eat, and it is sold as pet "food" in bags and tins to feed family dogs and cats.

      Note that we humans eat the meat of slaughtered farm animals, thus if you eat meat you really eat the products from rendering plants as well. That's why everyone should watch the video and learn more about today's food chain, even if the video is not to everyone's taste.

      What's for dinner? :mrgreen:


    My 9 mth is on percription ID gastrointestinal kibble any thoughts on homemade type of food.


    We have 2 GSGs and 2 unknown breed dogs which we adapted from the street: 88 lbs, 88.5 lbs, 55 lbs and 30 lbs. The 30 lbs is somewhat overweight. We have 4 feed bowls set out which we maintain usually with Purina or Pedigree when the other is not available. The dogs have free access to the food and help themselves as they are hungry. Food cost is appr. $48.00/month = 2 50 lbs bags of dry food. I also feed rest pieces of i.e. sandwiches, etc. divided by 4.

    The dogs seem healthy, friendly to everybody to excess which I not always appreciate. The only issue I have is the male GDS is apparently allergic to something, probably grass or such and scratches itself just about constantly. Following your advice some time ago, Controlled Iodine Spray was not recommended by the manufacturer since it is used on large farm animals; Oatmeal Spray has only limited success. Is there any other solution other than expensive medication ($65.00/month)?


      I did not give you such advice and absolutely don't like that you misrepresent facts here!
      My suggestion has always been quite the contrary, and if you can read you know that.
      Read suggestion. Advice YOU will only get here after payment.


    hello I'm looking to adopt a German Shepherd puppy and I'm trying to add up the approximate monthly costs can you help me figure this out?


    Ok, I am trying to keep my 3 year old female GSD on dog food. Only the best kibble and some can, grain free, just for moisture. What should I feed her? I use to Crock-Pot her chicken and carrots, and put it in with her kibble. Ok, what's the real dea????? She is the love of my life, but a dog. Is kibble not enough???? What is the best thing to feed her?


    Awesome cost breakdown! Well done.,Thank you.

    -Perla & Harley

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