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When you visit your final list of the best German Shepherd breeders, try to get spoken answers and visual cues to the following:

  • Are the dogs living in a clean and friendly environment?
  • Are the dogs staying in an outdoor kennel, or in a crate indoors with the breeder's family?
  • How many dogs and puppies share one kennel or crate, and how are they interacting while you watch them?
  • Is the breeder willing to let you health-screen the dog at the local vet before you finalize the contract?

You should ask this question and watch the breeder's reaction - even if you don't actually plan a vet appointment before buying a puppy because you decide to rely on the documents the breeder is producing. A dog breeder that declines prior health-screening through your chosen vet obviously is not convinced that the puppy is healthy - regardless what excuse the breeder comes up with (and they will come up with good excuses)!

  • Will the breeder give you a contract, including a clause to return the dog when you desire that?
  • Is the breeder as much interested in your environment and intentions for raising the dog as you are interested in the dog?
  • Is the breeder both knowledgeable and helpful? Are they telling you what to feed and how to socialize the dog? Both of this is far more important than how to train the dog!
  • Is the breeder willing to let you contact their prior customers?

Again, it doesn't matter whether you actually plan to do this, but watch the breeder's reaction when you ask this question! Reputable dog breeders will want that you contact up to three prior customers, not least because they want that you hear from them what it is like to raise their dogs!

In addition, there is a full set of further questions and considerations that are more specific to How to choose a Dog. The MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL will at times discuss this topic too and will provide you more depth on Questions to ask a breeder. So make sure you subscribe.

If a breeder does not allow you to visit their premises or they make questionable excuses as to the convenience, of course you should avoid that breeder! It is imperative that you may observe all puppies and how they interact, both with you and amongst each other. Plus, make sure you also observe the pups' mum (while the pups' father may not even belong to the breeder, but was 'borrowed').

Other important considerations

Before you actually buy a puppy, make sure that you finish reading our article Best German Shepherd breeders and that you also read Where to get a Dog in order to understand the different types of dog breeders and sources for buying a dog: Purebred Breeders, Backyard Breeders, Puppy Mill Breeders, Pet Store Dogs, and Dog Rescue Centre.




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    I am one of the breeders on your list and have recently moved. How do I change my address on my listing?


    We just adopted a 6 - 7 year old female from the German Shepard Rescue in South Carolina that had been badly abused. She cowers when you approach her and has started whinning and pacing the house at night when we sleep. Also she will not "go" unless she is on a leash. Any suggestions that would make her more comfortable? She is a very loving soul and loves all the attention she can get. She had no name and was in such bad condition she was given the name Hope. She is currently healthy and 70 lbs of love. My wife and I have had her for 4 weeks now. I appreciate any assistance.


      Steve, as in every such case, it will require gentle supportive behavior, patience, confidence, and effort - roughly in this order. I don't know of a "trick" to shorten this, as all past behavior obviously has affected her soul/memory. But the quickest and most effective approach is Behavior Training - not Obedience Training. We have Periodicals on everything of that.
      I wish you and her some wonderful years of fond memories for both of you! Thank you.


    I have a 7y/o male German Shepherd he has never breed with another dog.. Will it make him aggresive or make him hump everything he has never done that.


    I am debating getting a female GSD as a playmate/companion to my almost 4 yr old GSD (not to breed). I am looking at a puppy now. Is this is a good idea? My current GSD, Ranger, plays with other dogs, mostly smaller than him (he's 124 lbs) and we have 4 indoor cats. He seems restless even though he gets walked everyday and interacts with us a lot. I'm thinking a female GSD puppy would be the best fit for the cats and for Ranger. Any ideas?


    I have a 4 month GS male. The vet told me he has flat feet. I have been feeding him Blue Freedom grain free dog food. He told me to stop the good him cheap dog food for a month and that should puff his paws up. Well the cheap food gives him diarrhea. He was doing great on the other. He is healthy otherwise. He weighs 45 pounds. I just was looking for a second opinion. Thanks.


      Second opinion? Gladly. You know mine if you've read anything on this site?
      1. Fire that vet, find the right vet for the benefit of your dog and your wallet!
      2. Dump that kibble crap, you're consumed by an illusion. Learn more in this most comprehensive Dog Food Analysis.

      If instead you insist on continuing either of the two, your dog will soon no longer be "healthy otherwise", this I can guarantee without even having seen your dog. Experience is everything, we get a lot such experience here. :-(

      So Meg, do yourself a favor and thoroughly read through the linked articles, at a minimum. They are free, and yet invaluable!

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