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QuALity CONtent now is NothING without 25x PrOMOtion

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May 072019

I have been sleeping.

Have I really been sleeping? No, I have been working non-stop for a decade building a dog information powerhouse like no other.

Because after beating cancer while still bedridden I believed the Google mantra.

Quality Content

Google's mantra that

"If only you publish quality content, we will send the traffic, the people."

And Google did. I remember the times when our cheap hosting contract frequently was insufficient. Pages couldn't be served because too many people were requesting too many pages at the same time.

From those times I kept a screenshot of what was one of the best GLOBAL rankings we ever reached:


Until beginning of 2015 MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG ranked among the 500,000 TOP sites in the world, so said sites like Alexa and Similarweb.

And it showed:


That was an achievement: Because we never did linkbuilding, never ads, never marketing of any kind.

Or, the content was the marketing if you will. Like Google wanted it, no?

All the things that other sites were doing I felt we didn't need to do, or shouldn't do.

Because when you produce large amounts of academically researched unique quality content there's something you notice: This alone costs you more than 24 hours in the day.

Every day. "Weekends are for weaklings", this became my mantra.


Before I knew it though - read: before I even realized - everything on the internet had changed. All of a sudden, for me at least. Because no one came: "I told you so".

More subconsciously than consciously I noticed that Google wasn't sending the heaps of traffic anymore, the visitors. Some of whom became subscribers. And some of whom became site members.

But I didn't realize why.


2017 I finally understood why. Google had made some algorithm changes that now benefit those who have been focusing on linkbuilding from the start: "Building links back to their own site.

  • "Building links" - that sounded to me like that better known "making money".
  • While for me, since learning that mantra from Google, backlinks came "naturally" or not at all. So typically not at all: Why would someone link to you?
  • And money you can't make, only banks can. You earn money, or you don't. I didn't. Certainly not since I run this site: I went from well-off to below-the-poverty-line.

But by 2017 I had long been suffering as researcher anyway: Whatever subject I was researching, Google increasingly was showing crap results. And still does.

Indeed, today ranks TOP what has most backlinks. Quality backlinks maybe? At least here Google maintains a whiff of quality.

Yet useless for the mindful internet user: Now too many "google-trained" site owners build "quality" backlinks, but still not quality content.

Building backlinks is promotion.

And so in my opinion search engines should learn to ignore most kinds of backlinks, like earlier they learned to ignore most comment links. Will they?

Either way, those that now outranked us - and they do to this day - have been smart from the start: They immediately did what Google "suddenly" wanted. Or they had done that ever since? Who knows.


So from today, early 2019, finally we adapt. Now we follow the "80/20" rule too. Well, hopefully I stick with it.

"Spend 80% of your time on MARKETING your content, and only 20% of your time on CREATING your content."

Marketing is INTERACTING with peers and sharing your content wildly.

On as many social media channels as you have hours in the day.

THAT wildly, yes.


So here is what I learned today, and maybe you too?



Creating this image took long, yes, but isn't it powerful?

Okay, we can do this! animated smiley nodding



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