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Q&A 3

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    Happy to acquire this book along with all Tim's books. I find that the instructions are right on. My GSD responds much better with Tim's approach and understanding of how a dog thinks and how to become an accepted leader of the pack. Thanks Tim.


    Yes,happy!! Folks, please.....if you like Tims books, please REVIEW THEM for him. It takes two minutes of your time. Less time than it takes to download them!!!!! You are so willing to get something for free.....try giving back a little bit. A lot of time an effort goes into these books, and a LOT of you folks have probrably had your relationship with your dogs saved because of these books and periodicals. And for FREE. HELP OUT, before all of this is gone.


    I have had the pleasure of communicating with Tim concerning the right approach to raise my GSD puppy the correct way. I have read many books from other authors with much confusion and approaches that simply did not work. It really helps to find someone that not only sells books, but shows that he truly cares about dogs, and your success to make you dog your true friend.
    I believe I have now acquired all his books and read them over and over until I understand exactly what the right method is. Who else gives books for free? Shows that he truly does care about your success in living with and loving your dog.


      Hi Pat, did you post your latest question yet (we emailed about)? Pl go ahead, is helpful for everyone. ;-)


    Thus far everything we have read and implemented is right on the money. Thanks Tim for all your time and guidance.


    I love Tim's approach. He has been a huge benefit to me and my relationship with our young GSD (and the old one too!) He always seems to come up with solutions I don't think of because I am just too close to the situation. Tried and tested, it works! Thanks Tim for all your help and devotion to the breed!


      You're welcome Sherri!
      (If you wanna paste that in a public review, I won't stop ya :-)



    Thank you for sharing your innovative approach to developing relationships with our pets. I currently have a five year old female GS and can reflect back and see the number of mistakes I made with the best of intentions. I am applying what I have learned to her and can already see a change in behavior and I am striving to become the accepted pack leader. I fear training the remainder of the family will be much more difficult than changing the behavior of the dog.

    I am excited to try these new tools on my puppy I am getting this Sunday, of course it's a shepherd and a male.

    I am a very new reader of your books and advice. It saddens me that you are overwhelmed by and underfunded for all of your efforts. How can your readers assist you? I am sorry if this has been discussed previously but as stated I am a new reader/member to your website.

    I would like to encourage you to continue your efforts and I truly wished I would have discovered your information a long, long time ago.



      Hi Allan, sorry for late reply, a lot to look after here...

      >I fear training the remainder of the family will be much more difficult than changing the behavior of the dog.
      Fully agree! Training family members is much harder than training dogs. Yep!

      >How can your readers assist you?
      Hmm, that sounds so very nice! - I'd humbly reply:
      - Reviews of every book they get, maybe?
      - telling/writing their friends and such, maybe?
      - if they have a rescued dog, telling their shelter to do this: /want-to-help-dog-owners/ or they would "plea the IRS to withdraw exempt status"? :-)
      - giving me marketing tips (not my thing!)?
      - doing some marketing of their own dog's behavior improvements as testimony?
      - sending in/posting a video of what they love about this site/the Periodicals?
      - writing in/posting that?
      - filling in all DOG details in our GSD database (linked under every email)?
      - trying if the photo upload now works for them, and if so, posting many pics?

      Hmm, that was my quick brainstorm of this, thanks to you asking it, this was the first time I thought about this. I may be able to come up with more ideas :-)

      What were you thinking of, is this what you meant?


    g'day tim ,how ya going mate, mate do you have a download for dummies .im ol school and sending a email is about the height of my pc prowess. me and the crocodile love the info. i think the thing that has made most difference was the thing i thought was a load on hippy rubbish, the pretend feed at feed time. i eat his dinner for 10 second .ive added a bit where i scape my feet like a dog marking his territory when i finished. i look i like an idiot but the change in my boy since pretend feeding is huge ,he was always a good boy but this has made him so settled. he seems more relax and his so polite.always waiting to be invited to do something ,not just charging in at his own will. its made a two yr old pup with the head of an old dog on his shoulders , he is now almost the perfect dog. im 50 and ive owned dogs all my life .my dogs are well trained .off lead with just hand signals to a high standard. but the little gem at feeding time seems to be the piece of gold in my relationship with my big blk crocodile .he wieghs in at over 46kg. goodonya mate keep up ya good work ,from ya two mates downunder burt and zigg.


      Congratulations Burt, you are finally becoming your dog's accepted Pack leader! :-)
      What you describe is exactly how it should be.
      Glad you tried "the thing i thought was a load on hippy rubbish, the pretend feed at feed time".
      Rubbish yeah right, now you see, hehe!
      I no talking rubbish, I talking dog language :-)

      (just had some wine, in case someone doesn't get my humor here)

      Really happy for you!
      Hey Burt, can you shoot a video of it, one that includes your "i scape my feet like a dog marking his territory when i finished" - even incl the peeing in case you do that too? ;-)


    Thank you for all the information you provide us! It is great information. I have a 4 yr old GSD as well as two three month old GSD (another story how we ended up 2). I am concerned that my 4 yr old will teach the pups a bad habit of hers where she will bark at the fence at our neighbor's dogs. We have tried everything when she was younger - placed plywood over the fence to block her view, electric collar that was supposed to shock her when she barked in the area (hated it and it didn't work) and finally gave up. What can we do to stop her behavior before the two young one learn this habit from her.

    Thank you for your advice


      Linda, did you not see the email explaining that there's no money left to reply to questions/problems?
      I was just about to make a final post here explaining the situation to info-surfers as well, when I saw your question/problem.
      Let me be brief:

      Your dog's behavior likely has two reasons:
      1) You have in the past reacted wrongly, such that the dog understood your behavior as supporting her barking (I know you won't believe this bit, yet it most likely is your case: dog language is very different to your language), and
      2) You certainly are NOT the dog's accepted Pack leader when she's barking, against your will.

      Both points must sound "weird" to you if you haven't read our Periodicals, up to say the first 6 months minimum. Have you?

      Here's the Stop Barking Periodical as a further courtesy, but likely you'd need several other Periodicals first, to understand all the steps needed to succeed in stopping the excess barking. That's why we have/had Periodicals: to build up the required knowledge over time.

      Maybe the above can help anyway. If not, can you see the books on the left?


    I just saw your post and I am sad that you are unable to continue this wonderful website. I just discovered it a few months ago and I read your periodicals as I get them. Is there a way to read the periodicals that you are referring to? You have such great information and I hate I won't have access to them when your website goes away.

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