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These dog trainers and German Shepherd trainers all advertise as professional dog trainers in Canada. Be aware that professional means nothing other than earning money with it. Note that even dog trainers boasting with fancy 3 to 5 letter abbreviated accreditations do NOT meet our standards, heck they haven't even heard of Behavior Training. Worse: In their training organization they learned to purposefully teach you things they themselves would never apply to their own dog. All proof here.

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Many of our free Periodical subscribers and many site members have repeatedly confirmed our own experience: Within a couple of months they noticed that the local dog trainer left their dog worse off, the dog owners had more problems than before! Be aware of this fact when you consider hiring a local dog trainer. You can click on any address below to see the trainer on an interactive Google map.

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Diamond in the Ruff - Colleen McCarvill
Edmonton, AL
Phone: 780 999 2001


Carolark Canine Learning Centre
5933 Hazeldean Rd, Stittsville, ON K2S 1B9
Phone: 613 591 3277

Time & Patience Dog Training
Ready Set Fetch, 4140 Dundas St., West Toronto, ON M6S 2S7
Phone: 416 487 4292

Susan Garrett
2780 Dunmark Road, Alberton, ON L0R 1A0
Phone: 647 931 8608

Tsuro Dogs - Roger Hild
7051 Donaldson Rd W., Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3V6
Phone: 905 797 2855

One Mind Dogs - Kayl McCann
Flamborough, ON
Phone: no public phone number

British Columbia

Love 2 Play Dog Training
Nelson/ Castlegar, BC
Phone: (250) 359 6650


Canada K9 - John Bayreuther
Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (514) 836 5646

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    Hi Tim,
    I read most of your books and I liked your approach of behaviour training. I think the main problem with that approach is that it is not practical for majority of the GSD owners. In order for that approach to work you need to be very well prepared in terms of experience and to have a year time (day and night) to dedicate to a GSD puppy. I probably have made many mistakes with my GSD puppy, but I think the biggest one was that I left the puppy with my 70 years old mother for 9 hours a day on weekdays. You would be absolutely right if you guess that my mother treated her like a grandchild. Free run in the house was another mistake that got me in dealing with behavior issues and the chewing is the one to begin. Gesture eating and feeding routine worked like magic, but as this is food related it does not help at other times when the feeding is done.
    She is 9 months old now and our biggest problem is the behaviour on the street. She is very friendly with people as well as with other dogs, but if she is not allowed to get to people or other dogs, she behaves like she wants to tear them in pieces. She pulls a lot and wants to chase everything that moves - car, bicycle, other dog, rabbit, bird or jogging people. Generally speaking our walks were terrible until yesterday.
    Earlier this week one morning she took a poop on the lawn next to the house and I was trying to pick it up. At that moment a kid on a bicycle passed us and she pulled the leash and the leash slipped from my hand. She started chasing the kid and the kid was very scared so he almost got into the traffic of a busy street while she got in the middle of the traffic. Needless to say how felt in that moment as the command "stop" does not work yet when she wants to chase. We had difficult conversation with the kid's mother and she was OK when she noticed that the dog is not really aggressive, but the problem with the scared kid was quite a problem given the heavy traffic in the morning. I promised to take measures to prevent her getting loose during walk.
    About a month ago, she nipped a lady in the park, who wanted to pat her, but suddenly got scared and quickly pulled her hand away while she interpreted her move as a game. Since then I keep her away from people and I try to calm her down when there is "chasing target" around. The problem is that in those moments she does not respond to any commands, the same as I am not there at all.
    About 3 months ago I chose one of the best dog trainers who has also adopted the behavior training type of training methods. We were attending basic training classes couple of times a week, which mainly helped me to understand what works and how to train the dog with better and faster results. Apparently it was far not enough.
    Yesterday I drove up to the breeder (a lady who breeds GSDs in a farm in Ontario) to talk about the issues. The moment my dog got out of the car, she started barking at the cows. The breeder lady said “You bark at my cows one more time and you will get a kick in the butt.” She stopped barking immediately. Minutes later she barked again at the horses and she received a gentle kick from the lady and she was isolated in a free cell in the barn. The first question the breeder lady asked was “What type of dog trainer you chose?” When I explained she said “Mrs Nice Gog Trainer is good for Golden Retrievers, but not for German Shepherds. German Shepherds are pretty much twice stronger, both physically and mentally, than most of the large breed dogs. I just want to make sure you understand what kind of dog you have. This is a German Shepherd with highest quality bloodline - father from West Germany and mother from Belgium. This dog can pull you out of a broken ice in a lake in a snow storm when it is -40C after 2 weeks without eating food at all. GSDs must obey, otherwise they struggle mentally attempting to take leadership. They need very strong leadership from their owners with no hesitation whatsoever. GSD must look you in the face and literally wait for permission to move an ear when you work with it.” Then the lady took out the father of my dog, who was not even one of the trained dogs for trials. It was really impressive what she showed me with that dog. I had the feeling I am watching one of those videos on YouTube. She gave me some training tips and she asked me to stop any dogs “play dates” until the dog earns that, as well as the freedom and my trust. She also asked to put a pinch collar on immediately during walks to resolve the pulling issues completely within a week. Following her training tips we had amazing results the same day. I can only say that this GSD breeder deserves my deepest respect.
    I am very far from criticizing type of person, but I believe that sharing my experience is worth the effort.



      Thanks and big congratulations for your first comment, Mitko. I trust it is on this page because you are a dog trainer in Canada? Even so, the comment only fits on a TRAINING page, like say this one: Behavior Training!
      Accordingly I gonna reply where it is relevant and easy for everyone to find.


        Hi Tim,
        I am not a dog trainer. I am just a GSD 9 months old stubborn puppy owner. I am sorry if my comment went in the wrong section of the site. Is there a way to move it to the correct section?



      Hi Mitko,

      I am a 9 month GSD puppy owner as well. Would be able to share the contact information of the lady breeder you mentioned in your message above? My puppy has the same issues and we are to the point where I am ready to send him back but we love him very much.



        Hi Umber,
        The breeder lady is quite busy person breeding and training GSDs and horses and running a farm. She is quite engaged with the life of the puppies she breeds for people like me and she just gave me a little "reset" so I can succeed. A lot more than that is required though. There are too many factors that reflect dog's behavior and the first is the genetics. There are generally two GSD type of lines - working lines and show lines. Show lines have genetically many behavior flaws that cannot be eliminated, but only mitigated. Max von Stephanitz defined the GSD breeding standards more than 100 years ago and they have not changed much since than. The only way for you to succeed is to learn how to live with the dog and observe the dog behavior to correct how to deal with the dog. Generally speaking GSD is not a pet dog and house environment is not natural for the breed, much less than for Labs for instance. Every dog can be quite different and you need to find the best approach for your dog. What is common for almost all dogs is that there are categories of drives - dogs are motivated by things they want - food and play and to avoid unpleasant experience - not only physical correction, but also not getting your attention or reward would be unpleasant experience.
        Ultimately both the dog and the owner need clearly to understand that the dog lives under the owner's rule and the owner is the center of the universe for the dog. That is the foundation of the necessary mutual respect and building productive relationship. GSD breed standard defines that the dog must be neutral to neutral strangers and dogs with focus on the family members.
        Sometimes little things can help to get close to what the GSD needs to be. For example what helped me was little routines for feeding and getting through doors - the dog quickly figures out that in order to get what he/she wants is to behave in certain way and the owner controls the good things.
        We do herding and Schutzhund sports so that is pretty good motivation for my GSD as well.
        There is lot more than that and there is enough of free information available. If I have your email contact I can point you out good sources of information both on training and behavior. Both training and behavior are dog specific, not breed specific, but GSDs tend to fall in breed specific patterns to certain extend.


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