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Final Comment Prize Draw for March 2014!! - Did YOU win??

As promised, here's the final Comment Prize Draw for ONE MONTH FREE DOGGY DAN DOG TRAINING, yes!!

Like announced here, again a random number was drawn here. Since you still know from the January Prize Draw how this works, I saved my time preparing screenshots. The drawn number was ...


Remember, the prize rules: The winning comment/question/feedback must be a) from a member, and b) who has entered the dog details in our GSD research database, and c) I myself cannot win, and d) the winner must post a short message here to acknowledge the prize draw!

To make it short: 7964 was from one of our many Ken's... - to avoid disappointment let's leave the surname out, because ... this particular Ken from a sunny state did not enter the dog's details in our research database. Oh what a shame! You just lost out on the best dog training money can buy (well, you wouldn't even have to buy it this time). - So, in all fairness (complying with contest laws), I had to draw another number:


When I saw this commenter's name, I immediately knew that she has entered her dog's details, oh yes! Great stuff!

Thus we can reveal the winner for March 2014 is .... JULIE with her comment: "This checklist is great. We’ve had the puppy training essentials up in the kitchen so this will be a great addition to refer to". - Note that she could have commented "the new puppy checklist is terrible" and she would have won regardless!


JULIE! Congratulations! :-)


What was the declared prize for March?

"...The Master himself: Doggy Dan! One month free membership!"

Dear Julie, you have the word now... please post a brief comment below to document that you won - and with your permission, I will then pass on your email address to Dan Abdelnoor to give you access to his site. Or rather to Graeme, who does the technical things for him - I wish I had someone who does the technical things for me...


With this I have fulfilled my last promise. I did see all your comments on my leave-announcement page and some of them made me cry - for once not out of pain. Clearly I do plan to reply there, but it may take a few more days. Because I do have my own problems, yes. Sorry if you thought I have to be a super hero - you were wrong, this time.


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    You ARE still a superhero for many of us! Whether or not the type you expected yourself to be. Thank you!


    So very sorry that it has to come to an end. Our pups will miss your advice and wisdom. We will cherish the guidance that we have already received from your books.
    Safe journeys to you in your future.


    I hope you find a beneficial resolution to your problems, and also I hope you can get healthy and enjoy your life. I will keep good thoughts for you...and know that you will be missed! I pray God will bless you and bring you around to the other side of these problems quickly, and you can go on to do the things you love.Maybe even come back to us some day. Remember that you are important to a whole bunch of us!


    Whatever problems that you are going through, I wish you lots of faith and the strength to take care of it all. I will miss all of your periodicals and wish to see them again.

    Thank you,
    Kathy and Zeus


    Hey Tim,
    Didn't expect to win! Thank you!!
    Bitter sweet as it's the last one and you won't be with us much longer :(
    I'll await Doggy Dan's email, we're away for two weeks so may not respond straight away.
    Hope things work themselves out for you x


      Okay fine, I'll tell them to not start the month yet but wait for your email, okay?
      Does Chief Cobi go with you?


    Congrats to Julie...well deserved!!


    Hi Tim,

    Sorry that you have to go but you must take care of yourself. I know I will miss all your periodicals and hope that maybe someday you will come back to us! You are in my thoughts.

    Thank you,
    Virginia & Janus


    Congrats to Julie, enjoy it


    I am so sorry that you will not be able to continue doing what you obviously love. I just found the site 2 months ago and loved all of your advice in the periodicals that you sent. I even had my husband read them. I hate that I will miss receiving all of your great advice - just when we got started!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I hope things will improve for you very quickly and you can get back to all of the things that you love! You have created something awesome here and know you have touch many lives with your advice.

    I wish you the best!


    Congratulations Julie!! Hey Tim, I'm sorry you are leaving you will be missed! BEST WISHES !!! Thanks for everything, George


    Get well and be well my friend!!!


    I really appreciate all the tips and trucks I've gotten from you and your site over the last few months! I am sure Caesar has enjoyed it as well!! God bless :-) and thanks for everything!


    Thank you for all your wisdom! I wish you nothing but the best!

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