Feb 012014

Ho ho ho, prize draw for January 2014! - Did YOU win?

Like announced here, a random number was drawn here, look:

winning number

Dog data check

"Any member/subscriber who has filled in the dog’s details (under 'update subscription preferences') can win!"


And the WINNER is ... the member who posted a comment/question/suggestion/complaint/WHATEVER! ... with this 'comment system number'!

Note that your chance to WIN here is BIG: Although it looks like your chance in January was 1 to 853 (namely 6793 - 5940 = 853), that number includes:

  • my replies (they don't count, I cannot win!)
  • non-member comments (they don't count, see the T&C
  • spam 'comments' (obviously they don't count either, see the T&C)

For the first month, I put in the effort and counted the genuine member comments (they do count :-) ): 106. So, your chance to win in January was...

1 to 106 !! BIG chance! - The National Lottery jackpot: 1 to 13 million! ;-)

So, which 'comment' was this 1 of 106 in January 2014??

The WINNER is .....


I tell you next week ;-)



winner 01/14

Too small to see? Sorry, I had to fit the screenshot here as proof, at least in the first month, for everyone to see the process how to win on MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG (email address and IP address greyed out for data protection).

Before you go to get your glasses .... the January 2014 winner is ....


MAUREEN! Congratulations! :-)


What was the declared prize for January?

"Now, for January (half gone) and February (starting soon) let's start this way: ... the prize drawn at the end of this month (31 Jan midnight) shall be... one of my own books at your choice (see on the left), yeah! This month an ebook (so that I can get used to the procedure)"

How does the winner claim the prize?

"To comply with giveaway/contest laws, the lucky winner must agree to post a reply/'thank-you' under the notification post (only a simple message, no personal details, unless you wish), so that we can prove that we actually hand out the declared prizes (in case we get an inspection)"

Dear Maureen, you have the word now... please post a brief comment below (that comment won't count for February though ;-) ) ... don't forget to say which ebook you want :-)


So, what shall be the prize for February??

"...for February (starting soon) let's start this way: ... the prize drawn at the end of this month (28 Feb!! midnight) shall be..." one of my own PRINT books, again at your choice! :-)


Heads up - prize for March and following

No more of my own books, sorry - but something very different. You'll definitely like that too!! (not the Porsche Cayenne though, not in March)


Happy 2014 - remember my year-end wishes? And, are you happy? Was the first month good for you and your German Shepherd/Alsatian/Companion/Darling/Sweetheart...?

I hope so! Remember, life is damn short. ENJOY your dog. Every day! :-)

Give your doggie lots of love,



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    Congratulations Maureen!


    Congrats! Its great to have a place where you can chat or get involved in any thing relating to the GSD.


    Yay! Maureen, great news!! Well done :D


    Congratulations to Maureen! Yay!!!


    Way to go like my GSD loves snow!




    Thank you so much. I am loving this site and learning so much from you. This is just icing on the cake, since I think that every periodical is a gift from you.I would like to get the Dogs Unleashed please. My dog and I thank you very much!


    YEAH...Maureen, congratulations! You and your lucky dog!!


    Congratulations Maureen!!!! Happy Groundhog Day everyone....I heard the furry critter saw his shadow...huh, the sun hasn't been out here in Michigan in I don't know how long, it tries but never really makes it lately. Spring will come eventually. :)


    I already started my book, Dogs Unleashed. I love this book! I havent finished it yet, as I am absorbing all of it. I could really cry when I see all that I have done wrong, but it makes me appreciate my dog all the more, because she is so good and was learning dispite her owner! Now I expect fantastic results, and a much happier dog (which is my ultimate goal). A quick question- when you give the time limits for training, how old do you consider a puppy to be. My girl just turned 8 months, and she is about 65 lbs. I realize that her size doesnt mean as much as her brain capacity, and sometime I fear that I overtrain. So your advise is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again for a great book.


      Glad you enjoy the book Maureen! Pl do not cry though ;-) Madigan is happy to have you!

      >Now I expect fantastic results
      Huuh, okay, gimme feedback in a week or so, okay? Hope the book holds up to your high expectations!

      >time limits for training
      Right! I should have been more explicit, damn it, shall I publish a new edition for that?
      So: As she's 8 months, I would not actually make a difference, in terms of training times I would treat her like an adult dog. When I wrote "with a puppy" I meant "small pup" (like say until 6m MAX).

      Consider this: A GSD at 6m is an adolescent - that's the time when they can absorb enormous amounts of new information like a sponge. So there is no need for the "10 sec training sessions", that was meant for an 8 - 10 week old pup.


    Congratulations Maureen! I find Tim's books so helpful and full of god advice.

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