Jun 212013

Let's do this like Guy Kawasaki: Here's the new book going to be published by Tim Carter (that's myself).

As an image layer under the content page is shining through a mindmap of the Dog Training Toolkit that's the foundation of the book. - Because that's what I am missing in all existing dog books: A clear toolset to train our dog!

For Mutual Love And Happiness

Dog Lover's

The Adult Dog Training That Works
Even For The Most Difficult Rescue Dogs!

Tim Carter


What to Do If You Think it's All Too Late

The Must-Read Chapter to Understand this Book

Our Dog Training Toolkit

Energy Tools


Sitting down

Walking to our dog

Collar Freeze

Keeping our dog hydrated

Eye contact

Chin stroking

Chest stroking

Belly massage


Long Line

Leash walk

Resting place near us


All Pack members close by


Standing up

Rapid movement

Lip licking

Back stroking

Head stroking

Short Leash

Tight leash walk

Brisk walk



Cycling/ Rollerskating




Our Mindset





Reward Tools



Toys & Play



Real-life Treats

What are Real-life Treats?

Examples of Real-life Treats

Examples How to Use Real-life Treats

Food Treats

Food Tools

Feeding Routine

Why the Feeding Routine is the most powerful dog training tool of all


Sit to Eat

Deferring the Meal

Cancelling the Meal

Disturbing the Meal

Eat-Slow Bowl

Take Away Leftovers

Dog Meals

Consistent Meal Times

Treat Toys

Food Treats

The Dangers of Treat Training Our Dog

Attention Tools

Arm Movement

Calling Our Dog

Standing Up

Walking to Our Dog

Lip Licking

Distraction Tools

Walking away from Our Dog

Facing other Direction

Playing with Stick

Sitting Down

Toys and Play



What is Isolation?

Why is Isolation so Effective?


The Right Relationship Requires the Right Mindset!

Why Obedience Training seems Medieval

Behavior Training -v- Obedience Training

Become a Convert - Convert to Behavior Training!

Fundamentals of Behavior Training

Understanding What Our Dog Wants


Making Our Dog Understand What We Want

The ONLY 'Punishment' We Will Ever Need

House Training Adult Dogs

Why Our Dog Should be Free Inside the House

What's Needed to Let Our Dog be Free in the House

How to Get Our Dog Behave Well in a High Value Home

Housebreaking an Adult Dog in Under 3 Days

How to Crate Train an Adult Dog to Use its Crate Voluntarily

10 Most Common Mistakes When Crate Training

10 Success Steps for Crate Training

Transitioning an Outdoor Kennel Dog to an Indoor Crate Dog

Leash Training Adult Dogs

Short Leash Training

Long Leash Training

Training Our Dog to Heel During Leash Walking

How to Unleash Our Dog Using SSCD and Long Line

How to Make an Unleashed Dog Heel

The Recall: Coming When Called!

Behavior Training Adult Dogs in Typical Situations

How to Train Our Dog to Stay out of the Kitchen

How to Train Our Dog Not to Occupy the Couch

How to Train Our Dog Not to Jump up on Us or Our Guests

How to Train Our Dog to Bark Only When We Want

Barking for Attention

Anxiety Barking

Alarm Barking

How to Train Our Dog Not to Bite

How to Stop Biting Immediately

Why is Isolation so Effective?

Bite Inhibition Reloaded

How to Eliminate Dog Aggression

How to Prevent Recurring Aggression

How to Socialize an Adult Dog

How to Keep Children Safe With Dogs

How to Adopt an Adult Dog Successfully

Adopting a Dog from a Prior Owner

Adopting a Dog from a Shelter

Dealing with Traumatized Dogs

Characteristics of a Traumatized Dog

Key Differences Between Aggressive Dogs and Traumatized Dogs

Healing of a Traumatized Dog

The Author's Personal Plea for Good

More Books by the Same Author

Not to forget!


Please let me know what you think of structure and content. The book is going to have ~300 pages. Is that too much?

(If you want to register for a free copy of the book, don't forget to add your email address. No feedback - No free book!)

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    This looks very comprehensive. A thorough professional index, and a series of appendices with reference lists for specialized training sources such as therapy, search and rescue, scent, service, obedience, guard, may prove helpful.
    Thanks for all your work.


    Do you any special collars for training? Can you mentions pro/cons on collar types?


      Not sure if you are a member, cause we can't mention collars in every Periodical, but where we mention it we say clearly: Do NOT buy "training collars", they are useless gimmicks for people too ignorant to train their dog like they should. Then they claim "But I use them on a really low setting, I've tried it on my own arm and it didn't hurt". Oh gimme a break! The dog has it around its NECK.

      The decision is plain and easy: Do you want a great relationship with your dog? If yes, you will NOT use training collars.
      Cause if you use training collars, you will NEVER reach a trusting relationship with your dog. It is that simple.

      Think: I could say "Hey they are great, here's a link to the best - and if you buy it we make a commission (and since training collars cost A LOT, it would be more commission than on ANYTHING we recommend!). And still: We say, DON'T get training collars. Cool eh?


    This looks very informative. I look forward to reading some of your topics, especially about adult potty training. My 8 month old gsd had a horrible issue with my stairs and I would love to see if a good solution is there. She is smart but darn stubborn. I'm very comfortable with the length too.


    300 pages - too much? I think not with that content list. Look forward to seeing this. Wish I had the leash, dog aggression and barking pieces in front of me now.


      Oh Ken! I wish I had your reply to my screenshot proof about the i-dump app in front of me now ;-) Pl see you email


    This looks like a very informative book. Lots of good information and the divisions make it simple to find the items you need to solve a problem later on. I didn't see anything about using a treadmill for a high energy dog. They are sometimes useful if used correctly.


    My Feedback:
    I pick up my GSD puppy at the end of July, I've read puppy 101 development twice, and have prepared for her arrival - your new book looks like the perfect continium..... Your training concept makes perfect sence .....300 pages does not seem to long, I think your information is easily understood, as are the periodicals.


    I'm excited to read it. I've only been following your website a few months and I'm impressed with the amount of information located in one area. You have put a great deal of time into your works and it shows. Keep'em coming, we can always use information to help understand out GSD.
    Thank you for your hard work!


    Thanks heaps for all of your info mate.
    I have 2 German shepherd dogs Chaos and Shae. They would both like to thank you aswell.


    This is great! Finally - a guide to training! I have been looking for something like this for awhile to use as a checklist! Perhaps you could add your thoughts on how to introduce dogs to other dogs safely and successfully?
    Thanks for all you do!


    Tim, I am looking forward to reading your new book. I purchased the puppy training manual and have found some great tips. I have not really had time to sit down and read it cover to cover but find that I can go in and pick what I need for now. One thing in the adult book that I would like to see is how to get your GSD to adopt and welcome a new pup. I am in a pickle my 11 y/o Liberty really dislikes my new 4 mo/o CiCi! She is so jealous and no amount of attention seems to help the two of them adapt to each other. Maybe you cover this in a section already that I didn't notice, so I will look forward to reading your new book when it is finished :-)


    This looks great. I don't think 300 pages is too long, as long as the content is well-organized and readable.
    Please add a chapter regarding introducing a new dog and a new puppy to a home in which there is already a dog present.


    This looks great. I have an older GSD who I let act however she wants at home, but is great in public. I need this for home!

    The chart "underlay" looks like a great idea, but it is hard to see under the contents


    I love the structure and am excited to receive a copy.


    I know that 300 pages might seem over the top, but as long as you have a good, clear table of contents (and it looks like you do), I would value having all this information in one book. I vote for keeping everything in it. I can't think of anything you have missed, Tim. Great job! Looking forward to reading it.


    Hi Tim, would love a copy of your book. The content will cover all i need to know on how to give Scout the best possible care.

    Kind regards



    There's a lot of ground to cover and if you need 300 pages great. I'd rather one big book that covers it all than find what I need to know is missing.
    My biggest problem is the rest of the human family. My GSD does what I want, but is naughty with the others as thay've let him get away with things. So he's had consistency from me- I get consistency back. They've been inconsistent and so he plays up to them
    Will have to get copies for them to read.


    Tim, this looks like really great information and that's put together in a format that allows the reader to go straight to the issue they need to deal with (after reading the book through first, of course)I can't wait to get my copy! Thanks, Ti'A G


    Love it! One can never have too much information when it comes to the GSD. Keep up the great work. We got our 1st German Shepherd, puppy bitch after having Malamutes, Akitas and Shetland Sheepdogs. Major breed change and major learning curve when it comes to the GSD :) Thank you for your assistance in raising her!


    I would welcome such a complete "instruction manual". I just bought a
    gsd puppy and, believe me, I need a lot of training to get me where we want to go. Looking forward to this book. 300 pages is NOT too much!


    Hi Tim;

    New subscriber, but old GSD owner. We just picked up our new puppy two weeks ago. Before doing so, I wanted to brush up on early puppyhood from some books I had in the house.
    Turns out that they were all 30 years old and the philosophy has changed greatly since then. As an example, the writer of one told you to put the puppy's nose in their mess if they did it in the house, smack him on the face and tell him, "bad dog!"
    I think a preface or short chapter on the things that have changed over the years would be helpful.

    Regards, Stu


    Thanks Tim for taking the time and effort to help make us better GSD parents. The structure and content of the book looks perfect. Can't wait to read it!


    it sounds excellent, well laid out and 300 pages should mean it's all in easy-to-read chunks. good luck!


    I like the format and I am especially
    Interested in the part teaching my dog to bark when I want.
    My female barks at the slightest sound.



    I think it sounds as though you have covered all the bases. I would just like to know why some dogs snap there jaws when they are doing things. Clacking I call it. I have one dog that does it but the other four don,t.


    After reading this outline I realize my ignorance. My last two GSDs seemed happy, but what they missed from their humans is regrettable. Training the human first ensures our next GSDs a more rewarding, directed life. Please consider me an attentive student of the GSD human experience. Mike


    300 pages is not too much. You are covering a lot of much needed information. My Heidi is a rescue shepherd so we didn't get that bond from baby pup. She has learned a lot (is now a year, got her at 9 months) but have much more training to do. Thank you for your hard work!


    Hi Tim
    This would be a great book. Everything you would need to know about training your dog or puppy in one great guide. A comprehensive step-by-step guide, thats not only about obedience training, but about a positive relationship with your dog, which would make training that much easier, and will help out any new dog owner.
    I cannot wait to start training my dog the 'right' way and have a better understanding of how to treat my dog and have her become that loving obedient animal that I want


      >not only about obedience training
      All my books make clear why Obedience Training is the WRONG approach, it is "medieval". You need to ask yourself: Do you want just an obedient dog that executes a never-ending plethora of your commands? Or do you want a great trusting and loving relationship with your dog?
      The first excludes the second.


    Can't wait! So many topics will be tremendously helpful with Oskar, our GSD :)


    Wow! This seems to cover almost every topic I could wish for in a single book! Good Work Sir! Cant wait to get my hands on a copy!


    I don't think 300 pages is too long, but I do think that some of the items in the Table of Contents might be redundant, especially if you are going to have an index? If no index, then leave contents as they are. But if there is an index... For example, could What are real-life treats? And Examples of real-life treats not be combined? Also, How to eliminate dog aggression followed by How to prevent recurring aggression... Does it not follow that if you are eliminating something, then it should not recur? Just my opinion. I must also add that I am very much looking forward to reading the book!


      Thanks for your ideas! Hm, no, Kindle books don't have an index (I own over 350, and none has one). Edit: Reason why Kindle books need no index: In ebooks you simply use the search function, lets you search for ANYthing, while index only lists a limited number of terms.

      Regarding "redundance", no certainly not. Look: The finer you differentiate the chapters, the EASIER the navigation to find what you need. Plus, only then I can link directly to points I want to link to. (you wouldn't wanna skim through an entire long chapter just to remind yourself of a point I am making later again, eh? ;-)
      So, no, the fine-graded structure I would like to leave. In fact, it could be even finer, but then the contents page gets toooo long (as you saw already) :-)


      Hmmn, thought I had left my email, but obviously not as I didn't get The Toolkit! We are getting a new pup soon so I am very much looking forward to reading it! It is certainly one of the most comprehensive training books ever.


    I can't see anything that you haven't covered !! Sounds like a very informative and interesting read :)


    I think this is going to be a fantastic read and I will learn so much ! Keen to read what the Chin Stroking is :)

    Thanks Tim.


    Your outline looks amazing! Everything I can possibly think of in one place. Is there anything in your new book that deals with fear issues occurring in one of the puppy fear stages? I do not think 300 pages is too much for all the topics you are covering. I love your periodicals! Thank you


    looks great never to much info on training i have a 1 year old male that has had a lot of training but still needs more.what i see in this book pretty much covers it all


    Looks like its going to be a great comprehensive guide! 300 pages, too much? Never! :-)


    Hi tim
    I hope you got my last comment, as a new owner I think this book would be of great benefit to a novice trainer who needs help in all aspects of training their dog.

    This would be a great book. Everything you would need to know about training your dog or puppy in one great guide. A comprehensive step-by-step guide, thats not only about obedience training, but about a positive relationship with your dog, which would make training that much easier, and will help out any new dog owner.
    I cannot wait to start training my dog the ‘right’ way and have a better understanding of how to treat my dog and have her become that loving obedient animal that I want.


    No where else have we been able to get such detailed helpful information. We look forward to your new book.


    Thank you very much I have found your books to be informative and very easy to read and full of sound advice and training practice thank you again Roy


    As always you have gone above and beyond for GSD owners. I like the Comment that Mike made about training the human first and it got me to thinking about something I did not see in the outline and I hate to mention it or even think about it, but alas I must. Signs of when its time to say goodbye to your best bud. Dark subject I know but its feedback that you, the author, asked for so I had to mention it no matter how bad I wished not to.


      You are right to give your feedback, that's what I asked for. Hmm, I would think bereavement is not part of adult dog training (that's what the book is about). Tell me if I am wrong?


        Of course you are not wrong, but as I am sure you know as our dogs get older the training changes and if one starts noticing that your dog cannot do the things today that they could do yesterday it might mean something more serious than age, perhaps an example would be better. Our second GSD, Dargo, loved to train and loved learning new thing until about the age of five then lost all intrest. Because we had trained so much together I knew this was not right so instead of training I started looked for signs of a problem and found it. Cancer. I believe the close training help us identify the problem faster than we normally would have. That's all I was getting at.


    Looks very comprehensive and interesting. The debate obedience training vs behaviour training should be interesting.
    I am very much looking forward to reading it. I do not think 300 pages is necessarily too long.
    I would like to see tracking training included, although this may be regarded as too specialised for this book.
    I did submit comment and Email address previously but have not received my copy. Perhaps I made a mistake with my address.


    This being my first GSD, I'm anxious to get my hands on specific material that is designed just for a German Shepherd. It would appear the this manual is going to be it! Thank you for all your insight.


      No, this book is not limited to GSD training, it doesn't even have GSD in the title. It's an adult dog training compendium, covering all breeds.


    I am looking forward to reading your new book. I have gotten a lot of helpful information from your website & newsletter that I have used with our German shepherd pup. GSDs are a wonderful breed and faithful companions but I do think they need to be trained properly.


    This book might be helpful to my situation. I just adopted a rescue GSD and she is a good dog, just has some behavior issues like nipping and she is very bad at walking on a leash.


    I don't think 300 pages is too long.Your book appears to cover everything. To be able to go to a section for any info I need is great!
    Well done.


    Love your periodicals! This outline looks amazing, so much more than I have seen anywhere. Can't wait to see this book. 300 pages, not to much for as many issues you are addressing. Thanks


    i have a 1year old shepherd that has gone through a lot of training with a couple of trainers but he still needs more this book looks great


    Wow! Sounds like this would be a fsntastic guide! You can't possible cover EVERY issue one would encounter... But I think you would be covering a great deal of what people would encounter!. 300 pages too much?? No way! The more info the better! :-). Fantastic!


    This book looks like it will help me get "back on tracK' and get my GSd to the place shee needs to be!


    I have a new German Shepherd puppy. I have been reading everything I can to make sure when she is big everything will be good.


    I am not sure if 300 pages is too much. I want to learn what I can.


    Looks like you will cover a broad spectrum of information. The structure has a good progression from simple to more complex. This works well to give novice, and advanced trainers confidence. I am anxious to read the book.


    Awsome! Please give us more.


    As a newby to the GSD bread and father to three children I look forward to learning and training my new pup. Wish I could offer some real feed back, but I am too new. I hope you will send me the book anyway. Thank you, Louis


    I have a seven month old gsd that i am training for mobility assistance for myself . this book would help out. Very excited to read it . my name is Daniel.


    This looks great so far. The more information a GSD owner has makes them a responsible loving owner.


    We are raising our first German Shepherd pup and find your information very helpful in guiding us to understanding and communicating with our pup. Thank you and keep up the great work. Our pup thanks you too for helping us humans to understand him.


    Sorry I forgot to put it on that response.


    I love the way you have it broken out. First GSD. 14 weeks


    I would like to receive a copy of your free book. Looking forward to reading it. Appreciate your offer. Sharon Denson


    Thank you Tim I have found your books to be very useful and informative and looking at the layout of the new book it looks to be euquily as good and I look forward to the read more all the best


    Thank you I have tried 3 times to leave feedback and it will not accept it and I have to retype every time so I will leave it at I do believe your books are very good and I look forward to reading your latest book all the best


    Here's a problem I'm seeing for the 1st time with my 15 month old male : always paws the water bowl until it spills on the floor! Very playful pup, but this is really irritating & messy.


    The structure looks very thorough! Would love to have a copy of the details!


    I really appreciate the hard work you have put into this book.really helpful to German shepherd owners like me.


    Can't wait to start this book! Love the other publications you do.


    This book seems like an amazing work for those who want to learn more about their dog and how to train them. If you didn't want to bore your readers with the length, you could publish separate books about different main topics from within your outline above. I'd love to get to read it, it seems like a really useful book.


    I think it will be a great guide for all dog lovers.


    I'm looking forward to reading your new book! I have gotten a lot of helpful information from your website, newsletter & other books that has helped us train our GSD puppy. I could also use some help with our other, older dog. I hope this new book will have some good ideas!


    Very thorough! Looking forward to reading it!
    Have a year old neutered male "Ruger" and he has been to different trainers and have had some bad experiences. Any info will help! Thanks!


    I can hardly wait to see this new book. I really like what you do and the way you do it. The dogs know you are with them. Like you are part of them. Its hard to put into words but you and your dogs you train are partners. Thanks for sharing. Teddie


    This looks GREAT!! I can't wait to get the final copy. I eval shelter dogs and would love this toolkit.


    I think that this would be very helpful..


    The book looks like it covers everything an owner of gsd could need. Can't wait to read the section on barking.


    looking forward to reading your book


    We have been very pleased with the amount of not only helpful but life changing techniques we have received. This tool kit would be the perfect addition to any dog home. We use what we have learned not only with our GSD but also our Great Dane it has changed our house!


    Hello Tim! I am very excited about your new book! Might you also consider addressing the topic of the timid GSD and how to improve the confidence level. Please allow the book to take on any length it may take as most dog owners will be interested in specific topics and want them to be fully covered.


      Again I can only say this book is NOT limited to GSD training, nowhere in the title does it mention the German Shepherd Dog. Instead, it is an ADULT DOG training compendium, as it says on the package.

      Improving the confidence of a dog (any breed). Hmm. This book is meant to be a training book, and although I do understand that confidence can be trained (somewhat), for the first edition I don't want to extend the book ever more, then it will never get ready! Maybe later. Also note that a timid dog normally has a simple reason why the dog is timid: The (prior) owner's/handler's behavior! Depending on how we treat the dog, the dog will gain confidence or will not. The book indeed does address this issue: How we behave towards our dog, and what impact that has. :-)


    New subscriber to your newletter. The index with sub categories is great. This will be handy while training to look up and review quickly. Wish the books I used training my Belgian Sheepdog had that. I don't consider 300 pages to long for a training/reference manual. Just got my first GSD, now 11 weeks old. Looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for the great info on your website.


    Your books are very much informative.I have a GSD 7 month old.I am looking for your suggestion on skin problems and tick and fleas problems.


      In a TRAINING book??? Tsss. If I were you, I'd simply look in the GSD Health Manual.


    The chapter structure will enable this to also be a reference book that can be revisited when you have a particular area of your GSD'd behaviour that you want to work on. Seems logical to me.


    I think your book includes a lot of interesting topics for puppies an adult dogs. It is never to late to correct bad behaviour. There is a lot to cover so I don't think 300 pages is too much.


    This looks like it is going to be a very comprehensive book and a must-have. However, I did not notice anything about separation anxiety. Our GSD, Kota, is very attached to my wife and gets very anxious if she leaves him for a period of time and he doesn't know where she is.

    Also, Kota is very "mouthy" and uses his mouth to get our attention. I wouldn't necessarily call it biting because it's certainly not vicious or malicious, but attention seeking. So, we'd love to read something about that as well.


      Thanks for the tip Gerry. The plan was to have Separation Anxiety as part of the Care Compendium. The training part belongs in this one though, you are right.


    This looks so comprehensive, I wish I had had something like this four years ago when adopted my the-1-yr-old rescue GSD! Although we immediately bonded, my GSD & I have struggled with dog aggression and anxiety issues. Unfortunately, I feel I am to blame for his behavior issues - this is my first GSD and we have been through a lot of change, mostly home construction and temporary moves, together.I've already learned and applied techniques from the periodicals - successfully!-after only 2 weeks. I'm feeling empowered now and encouraged that we'll continue to improve as a team. Can't wait to read this book! Thank you for all the help.


    I look forward to have the book which to me will be the best guide to know and understand your security companion better.I have gained alot from your periodicals and this is a great idea.How fullfilling to know your treating your senior GSD with VIP treatment all because you have the only important book.Congratulations !


      Well, we aren't quite there yet, the book isn't finished: I have not yet received a single feedback from a reader of the review copy! Have you sent yours?


    Looks like a good book. I enjoy the GSD articles online. I am planning to adopt a GDS rescue in the near future, and I need this type of information to work with my future furry companion.


      Okay Sandy, I know you don't need it now, so I will send you the download link for the finished book on the day when I make it free. (will be probably be one day only this time, cause I am trying to figure out how to get more readers to leave a review!)


    Thank you the new book is excellent the 190 pages I received left me wanting more please publish I believe it will do well all the best Roy


      Thanks Roy, but I didn't get any improvement suggestions (from ANYONE yet, hard to believe, I know!), thus I am still bumbling about the second part, and I've made a lot of changes to the first part, on my own advice, ha!
      And that it will "do well", I doubt: Without a large number of great reviews books just don't do well anymore these days. Even the Puppy Development Guide - Puppy 101 was downloaded FOR FREE over 4,500 times during its KDP Select promotion, and LOOK how many people bothered to give sth back and left a review:
      11! In four months! I am very disappointed, and you would be too.


    The book content looks great. 300 pages for that amount of content sounds good.
    I cant wait to read this book and see what i have been doing wrong.


    I love the structure. Like most dog owners who has owned and done various level of training, I have a lot of the basic training commenads with my dog but need to address specific behavioural issues, so I do like the reference points (my current 20 week old GSP is still quite jumpy, particularly with my children).


    Wow this book is just what I've been looking for & can't find anywhere.I've just adopted a GSD from a shelter. While he's a sweetie in the home & very obedient he does have problems outside with other dogs and people. Have taken him to private trainers with no success all just seem to want to put him through the usual obedience. I am firmly of the opinion that he needs a behaviourist but they are hard to find near where I live. Your book seems to address all of his issues and I look forward to receiving it with anticipation. Love your website.


    I would love to read this book,I am having a hard time training my 16 week old GSD puppy with potty traing and to come when you call her. Thank you Kevin


    Hi, I don't think 300+/- pages is too much given the depth of information that is being covered. This will likely become the 'go to' book for all future training applications because it covers everything one could think of! Can't wait to read it in it entirety!


    Tim, I think the new book sounds very comprehensive, I responded the first time this letter came out ....I'm not sure but perhaps people think you have their e-mail (so by clicking "I can do that".....you have their comments.
    I have gained so much info from your periodicals and books. your the best.


      No, none of the comments here gives in any form a hint how to improve the book


    Hi Tim,
    I am so sorry for not leaving any feedback for the book that you emailed me. The problem for me is that I don't have Office on my computer, so I am unable to open it. This computer did come with many programs. Sorry,


    I just wanted to say thank you to Tim for all of his hard work in keeping all of us GSD lovers informed and up to date on important information. I think that our GSD, Ziva is much happier and healthier due to Tim’s newsletter.


    I can understand your frustration with the feedback, unfortunately the response rates are always terrible.
    As one of the recipients of the latest book I can only say that even in a week of reading I feel that I've barely scratched the surface of what is probably the longest, most in depth dog training manual I've ever seen.
    I now understand why you had concerns over it's size.
    You seem to have considered everything I could think of and more!
    I wish it had been available before I got my dog as a puppy.
    Keep up the great work


    Comments now closed. I am going to publish the DOG TRAINING TOOLKIT within a couple of days

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There's nothing quite like a healthy and well-behaved German Shepherd who freely guards every corner of your home, who brings you peace, who brings you joy!
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