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==> Whether a natural disaster strikes or an individual problem occurs

What You MUST Know and Record for Your Dog


can you recognize your dogAnd another present for you: smile

Something I feel every dog owner should have. A one-page summary of all the crucial dog data, including eg:

  • Key Measures
  • Bio Measures
  • Dog Medical Records
  • Dog Vaccinations
  • Dog Allergies
  • Dog Food Intolerance
  • Dog Blood Type
  • Dog Poisoning Helpline
  • Vet Details
  • Dog Identification Marks and Photo
  • Your Contact Details
  • etc etc!

Purpose of the CANINE VITAL RECORDS sheet:

The idea is to have this Canine Vital Records sheet always on you, and that even rescue workers can access it. So that they would find all relevant information about your German Shepherd in one place, even if you can't direct them.

In addition, this one-sheet helps yourself too because you always know exactly where to look if you need some information about your GSD (whether for the vet, insurance, local authorities, dog trainer, or whatever).

So, print it out and ideally put one copy close to the ASPCA Rescue Alert Sticker, and another copy close to your dog's crate. Plus, keep an electronic copy on each of the gadgets you take with you (cell/mobile phone, tablet, laptop).

You may download this precious pdf document CANINE VITAL RECORDS from here:

Canine Vital Records

Simply click to save this document locally.




  • Fill in one Canine Vital Records sheet for every dog in your household
  • See the dog key measures article to get your GSD's correct measures
  • Make use of our ingenious German Shepherd Health Profile to get relevant immediate feedback
  • Re/ dog vaccinations see below
  • Re/ dog blood type see below as well
  • "Key breed constituents": in case you have more dogs/mixed breeds in addition to your GSD
  • "Release Command IF Protection dog": Trained word/gesture to allow a rescue worker to approach your dog safely (you will later get a Periodical on Protection Dog Training as well)
  • Leave the word "Canine" in place, it's on purpose, it ensures that the sheet will be understood internationally
  • Although some of the details on the Canine Vital Records sheet may raise your eyebrows, everything has a good reason (I've put a lot of thought into this)

Dog Vaccinations

Not everywhere Rabies vaccination is required, it really depends on where you live - ask your local vet, they can advise on the absolutely necessary vaccinations in your area. As we always advise, don't vaccinate against highly unlikely diseases, always filter your vet's recommendations (and ours, and everyone's) through your own common sense!

DHLPP: Shorthand for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para-Influenza, and Parvo. A booster vaccination recommended in many states, and required in others.

You will later receive a full-blown MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL on Dog and Puppy Vaccinations as well. smile

Dog Blood Type

Unlike with humans, there exist 8 major canine blood types (plus a few rare ones). These are called DEA 1.1 (prior A1), DEA 1.2 (prior A2), DEA 3 (prior B), DEA 4 (prior C), DEA 5 (prior D), DEA 6 (prior F), DEA 7 (prior Tr), and DEA 8 (prior He). DEA stands for Dog Erythrocyte Antigen, molecules on the surface of the red blood cells.

The major antigens are DEA 1.1 and DEA 1.2, and dogs can test positive only for one of these, or for none (ie they are negative for both).

German Shepherds have a predisposition for DEA 1.1 negative, and in that case they are also DEA 1.2 negative (see above). This basically means, most GSDs can be considered universal blood donors, but they cannot safely be recipients of transfused blood from DEA 1.1 positive dogs (eg most Labradors and Golden Retrievers).

While a veterinarian will know your dog's blood type (test for it), I find it important that you have it recorded somewhere where time-pressured rescue workers can find it (like with your own blood type and that of your family members too).

Also important is whether your GSD has ever received a first blood transfusion, because if it is the second blood transfusion your dog may have formed antibodies and be sensitized for the transfused blood type, such that the second transfusion may lead to an acute hemolytic reaction that can lead to death within minutes to a few hours!

As said, in this Canine Vital Records sheet all records are there for good reason, so really better fill in everything.

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