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Top 3 Causes of Cancer

Top 3 Cancer Causes

Almost daily we get emails or unsubscribe reasons like this which take a toll on my own health because I feel with the owner and the dog:

Hi Tim,
I enjoy your articles, but just want you to know that I had to put my 4 yrs old Gia down last week. They think it was cancer. The vets charged me $12,000 after all the tests and stay in the hospital. All that and they couldn't give me a diagnosis or prognosis. It started out what we thought was a UTI, but when the antibiotics didn't clear it up, and her urine became bloodier the concern was a kidney infection. Treating it for a possible lyme related bacteria with doxy...something. Anyway, that didn't work either and she just kept getting worse. Even after 4 ultra sounds, several x-rays and finally an asperation to the kidneys, they still could not tell me, and were still baffled.
I am at the point now where I have asked for answers and if I don't get them, I will see if I can sue them. What do you think?

Wrongly treated for a disease what should have been treated as a disorder. The dog would still be alive and the owner have $12,000 more in the pockets. Most, all the emotional suffering and waste of lifetime would have been prevented. Admittedly though, the vets couldn't have bought the Porsche or whatever...

Every day I am so much wishing that at least our Periodical subscribers actually learn from what I research and publish without any reward: no cash, no fame, not even social shares...

Maybe today it's you?

Top 3 Cancer Causes

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1Chronic intoxication from chemical adjuvants, rubbers, and plastics in industrial dog "food" and "treats"

2Acute shock of immune system cells from vaccination or from a chemical substance in medicaments, "food", household, or environment

3Prolonged or frequent weakening of the immune system, either directly through corticosteroids or indirectly through antibiotics or severe sickness.


May I suggest that you make sure to AVOID these causes for your dog and for yourself, your family. The shortcut is just 8 words.

The most recent research corroborates the view that cancer is no fate. Cancer is entirely preventable because a tumor is an acquired disorder of the immune system that is triggered by an acute shock or by chronic intoxication of the cells that are critical to destroy own cells that have gone awry: tumor cells.

Mark that, cancer is NOT a disease. And this is the very reason why the traditional cancer treatment that treats tumors like a disease has failed to provide cancer cure. By the time the involved physicians realize that nothing is working, it's too late for cure: the tumor has grown to an unmanageable size and spread, metastasized. Like in Kathy's case above as well.


Why do so many resist to learn while it's still helpful? Leave your comment below. - If you don't, you still won't learn: Research also shows that we people can only learn sth by activating it in our brain through action we take.

Whether that's commenting here, recounting it to the spouse at home, chatting about it with a colleague during coffee break, or reproducing it in form of a written summary,... - Without taking action we won't learn a thing, research has shown!


If this summary of the Top 3 Causes of Cancer was able to stir your interest, make sure you attend to all details here. It's meant to help you just as much as your dog...

EDIT: I got asked what my response to Kathy was.

It was this:

Kathy, I am flabbergasted by your email! Gia just 4ys old, and they put her DOWN? That's a shock to me!
While everything you write there, well, that's no surprise to me at all, it just once more corroborates WHY I go out of my way to WARN everyone of ordinary allopathic physicians, both vets and MDs. Sadly it seems you may have seen those explained warnings but not taken me serious?
I cannot assess from here whether suing those "vets" has an ounce of a chance, no. And chance for what, getting their practicing licence withdrawn? No chance. Getting money back? I don't know.
MyGermanShepherd.Org works so hard to ingrain in the dog owners' brain the importance of PREVENTION because this avoids sooo much of the aftermath. Well, all of it!
If you can send a list of symptoms that made you take her to the vets in the first place, I may see the cause, or may not. I would need all that is here.
Either way, I wish you all the very best to cope with your loss!

adult GSDWill you give back a bit today?

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