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The PRIME SECRET about Dogs!

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==> The PRIME SECRET about dogs?

... is a secret with mammoth implications!


Because of the significant but hidden insight it reveals about dogs! I don't want this to get lost in our typically comprehensive Periodicals.

Some readers may not immediately recognize the significance of THIS Secret about dogs, but I currently believe that this is THE PRIME SECRET to better understand dogs in general, and your dog in particular. Oh yes!

I am sure that you have never heard or read about this secret before, because no dog expert or dog trainer has published this, appears to even know this:







Suspense maxed?




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All the common Dog Problems

and premature death

and even certain health issues

are the result of ...

==> the conflict the dog <==

==> is experiencing in its 'Pack' <==

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Let me explain:

Dogs struggle with their perceived role as 'Pack' leader. From their owner's behavior (that's you) the dog partly gets the impression that (s)he is the Pack leader: The dog can do what (s)he wants to get the owner's attention, and (s)he may even drag the owner on a leash behind. question

Now, the conflict arises because naturally any dog struggles with this role! Every day, maybe every hour. Because, in countless situations the dog has to experience that (s)he is not the accepted Pack leader:

  • The owner always commands the dog around, inside and outside of the house
  • The owner decides over the walk by opening the door or leaving it closed
  • The owner even puts a collar around the dog's neck, and keeps the dog on a leash! doh!
  • Worst of all, the owner determines when, what, and how much food the dog gets to eat! eek

All this, and much more, makes clear to the dog that the dog has to continue to prove its leader status in the Pack - like (s)he would do in the wild - until (s)he is the accepted Pack leader - or until (s)he is outperformed by another Pack leader.

I am sure that very, very few dog owners, dog experts, and dog trainers recognize that indeed dogs notice this conflict, and how much stress this conflict puts on the dog.


Because the two most fundamental genetic traits of the dog are affected:

  • To secure food
  • To either be the Pack leader or not - every unclear position means struggle, fight, until the positions are clear

Both is a genetically driven quest of every dog (unless traumatized). So no way that the dog doesn't suffer a conflict!

The dog suffers a conflict for as long as it thinks (s)he is the Pack leader but also notices that this is contested by the dog owner (and all family/Pack members!) every day again. Every hour. Maybe every minute of being together!

This conflict will only end when the owner's behavior clearly shows the dog that (s)he is no longer the Pack leader. That the dog can now relax. Like in the wild, when a new, stronger dog takes over the leadership of the Pack.

Only at this point, all the other dogs submit to the new Alpha, the Pack leader. And only until the Pack leader shows first signs of weakness - at which point the dogs will again fight over the positions in the Pack!

On the other hand, almost every dog happily accepts a submissive position in the Pack - as long as there is a clear Pack leader - that always leaves some food behind. - Note the "as long as")

I still have all reason to believe that this is THE PRIME SECRET to better understand dogs in general, and your German Shepherd in particular, because (s)he shares the house with you - or is at least close to you.

The consequence of this insight is that we all need to re-consider how we interact with our dog(s), so that we are and remain the accepted Pack leader.

The editions of the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL will help you with this mammoth task.



  • THE PRIME SECRET about dogs is the conflict the dog is experiencing in its 'Pack'
  • The dog owner's behavior makes the dog think (s)he is the Pack leader, but the dog also notices that this is permanently contested by the dog owner (and all family/pack members!)
  • This conflict results in all the common dog problems, premature death, and even certain health issues
  • To eliminate this conflict, the dog owner's behavior must demonstrate to the dog that the dog no longer is the Pack leader
  • And the dog owner (and every family/pack member) must demonstrate this new behavior throughout the dog's entire life
  • A mammoth task! - Unless you apply a simple "system", like the one that underpins many future editions of the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL

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