==> Getting a new adult dog? How wonderful!

These NEW DOG tips will help!

New Dog Checklist

After our last week's New Puppy Checklist and tons of feedback and appreciation (that was irony 😕 ), of course a New Dog Checklist has to follow.

This is what a Top dog expert says:
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While last week the focus was on getting a new puppy, this week the focus is on getting a new dog that is an adult dog.

Naturally, many new dog preparations are age-unspecific. I wouldn't waste my time merely repeating those. Thus, in this week's New Dog Checklist I rather add to the ones featured last week and now focus on different key points!

For you and the search engines, here are some bullet points of what the New Dog Checklist covers:

  • Before getting a new dog - what to consider
  • What to do before bringing home a new dog
  • Introducing a new dog into your home
  • How to introduce a new dog to your family
  • Introducing new dog to current dog
  • Introducing new dog to cat
  • How to rehome a dog successfully
  • What you need for a new dog
  • New dog games for new dog owner
  • New dog won't eat
  • New dog food

Again, you may download this comprehensive and elegant NEW DOG CHECKLIST from here:

New Dog Checklist

Simply click the image to download the New Dog Checklist.


Edit: Okay, I came back to this now. Please note that I prepared both Checklists some years ago and haven't looked at them anymore, because both of them exist meanwhile as books/booklets, and the books have received several updates already. However, the books are of course longer than three pages, ie you cannot stick them on your fridge. 🙁

So, if you seek "as short as possible" then just download the above New Dog Checklist only. Conversely, if you seek to get my most up-to-date New Dog Checklist incl. more explanations, then you may prefer the book form: New Dog Checklist. It's completely FREE as well, sorry! 😀

Note that this link again leads to Smashwords, because Amazon do not allow perma-free books (permanently free), but I have made the New Dog Checklist perma-free, and Smashwords allow that. The added benefit is: You can download it from Smashwords in any format you like, incl. for Apple iPad. - But who can afford an iPad, right? If they can't even afford to become a member here for the benefit of their GSD. 😐


==> Next edition: Puppy Chewing and Dog Chewing Problems <==


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    Tim ~ Sweetie, Saundra and I all appreciate the vast amount of work and love you pour into your books and your "periodicals" like this one. Saundra and I have had GSD's before (papered and bought as 8 week old pups). Sweetie however was a 2 yr old when we rescued her 6 months ago. Ourt first experience with a rescue and the wisdom and information contained in your body of works has helped enornously is her acclimation to our "pack".

    Thanks again,

    Steve Simpson


      Thanks so much for the appreciation! It's rare that someone takes a minute off their busy schedules and writes such feedback. You are very welcome!

      Any problem with Sweetie, let me know. And if you want one of the books, let me know too (per email in that case). 😉


      That's odd, I only see this now (technology!). Thanks so much for your kind feedback Steve!! You are welcome.
      Hopefully you, and others, noticed that both Checklists (puppy and adult dog) are MUCH more complete as published book(let), and ... both are FREE. Pl see the left sidebar.

      PS: Hence I will not update the Periodicals of the Checklists. The books are much nicer to have! 🙂


    Again, another wonderful reference to go to when things get a little tough and you might be forgetting something. Even something small could have a big impact on what happens, so its great to have all of your great works as weapons to protect my relationship with my dog. Sometimes just going back and reviewing gets you right back on track. Thank you so much, Tim, for all you do for us. We are all the better for knowing you!


    Another good periodical Tim. Thank you.
    We have recently rescued another dog. Matt and Misty get along great and play well together. The also share chew toys and eat close together without any issues. However, when Misty comes near us for a pet, Matt lowers his head, drops his ears, and quickly migrates to another room. This happens every time we as much as touch Misty. I take that as jealousy. But am thankful he does not get aggressive about it. I just feel bad that his feelings seems to get hurt due to the attention we give Misty, be it minor. I always follow him out of the room and show him some affection. Is this anything to be concerned about, or will he come out of this jealously?


      Pat don't follow him, instead I would call him to you before he walks out and while you pat the new dog, and when he comes, excitedly pat him too. If he doesn't come, don't repeat the call, instead I would try one of the two:
      - say sth like "Oh, Matt is jealous, NOT GOOD"
      - or walk WITH Misty after him out of the room BUT somewhere you want to go for a purpose.

      He should never feel you go after him.


    A quick look at the beginning of the newest New Dog Checklist and I have to say I really enjoy your humor. Fortunate that you offer your periodicals for free so we don't have to go into debt to pay that outrageous price of $0.00 for them!

    Thank you, Tim.


      Oohh and I enjoy your humor too, that's so rare here! 99% here take everything dead serious.
      You still got your puppy? Or why looking at the NEW DOG checklist? 😉


    Just looked for curiosity's sake. Kara is lying by my side, wishing I would go to bed.

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