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My Three Favorite Meals for Your Dog


==> What I would be feeding your dog today if you let me in your kitchen?

GSD favorites here. And so mine too.

That you understand this correctly, what makes these meals dog and owner favorites is not any kind of fancy looks, plate arrangement, or naming of ingredients or indeed of the overall meal. It is these three points:

dog and owner favorite meals

  1. incredibly easy to make! - Best, use a steamer or slow cooker while you are at work ;-)
  2. budget bargains! - Remember, this site has made me poor!! So now I beat you in bargain hunting :roll:
  3. healthy, yummy, filling meals! - You know, getting a GSD full is a challenge normally, right? Right!

These are of course homemade meals, no costly junk from a bag or tin from the shops. Better consider donating all that money here that you spend there! Why not, right? Then you can keep to yourself all that you have to spend on the veterinary treatments when you feed shop "food". "Food" or so you think. :idea:

So here are my three favorite homemade meals for your dog:

3Egg-Bacon Tarts Under Veggie-Rice With Fries

2Diced-Ham Veggie-Pasta With Chicken Broth Or Tuna

1Pork Chunks Under Veggie-Risotto

#1 is #1 because no meal is easier to make than this, of all I know. See the "recipes" below.

Here are the recipes of my three favorite homemade meals for your dog:

onepork chunks under veggie risottoPork Chunks Under Veggie-Risotto - the quickest of all dog meals. You may just name it differently?


  1. Two packages of pork cuts. Not lean but visible fat, tendons etc - which are the cheaper ones anyway. Although meat actually isn't as great a choice as you think, these pork chunks are clearly quality-controlled people food, and indeed people eat them. I personally just don't share these often with My German Shepherd because I am not a meat eater. So, get those pork chunks or whatever meat is cheap at your discounter. The packages here are 600g each, thus 1.2kg or 2.6lb.
  2. Four packages of frozen mixed veggies. Whichever are in yours, the ones here hold carrots, peas, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, butternut squash, sweetcorn etc, a bit of "everything under the sun" as I say. These are 450g each, thus 1.8kg or 4lb.
  3. Gluten-free rice. Watch out with this one: Almost all rice being sold these days outside Asia is loaded with gluten! Gluten is an allergen to both dogs and people. Don't feed allergens. Get the gluten-free rice: 800g or 1.76lb dry weight. So much, yes.

do thisNote: If you belong to those millions who wrongly fall for the "no-grain" fad - or for the "feed raw" fad for that matter!?? - then make sure you now study our Dog Expert Interview Series with Reviews, f i n a l l y. Here Interview & Review #4. All together cost less than ONE sickness of your dog with associated vet bills! Phew, where else can you save money so fast?!

Mark my words when you pay the next vet visit or prescription, will you? :idea: Marking is easy here too, just highlight the advice here and bang! it pops up sth like this:
personal notebook feature on mygermanshepherd.org

steam cooking for dog and usMeal preparation

  • If you still don't have it although we've been suggesting this here for years for good reasons, get a large steamer, or large slow cooker, then you can cook all these foods at once, even while you are at work, yes! I've done that myself, you see my (old) two steam cookers in action here on the photo. With a GSD in the family, you need a large steamer or slow cooker, get the largest you can find, you will be glad. And obviously get the ones with auto-shutoff.
  • With a slow cooker however, which always come with a closed pot, first put the rice in, then the frozen veggies on top, then the meat on top. The order is important. Using a slow cooker, add no more than 1l water (33.8oz), because the water won't evaporate but be absorbed by the rice and meat only. While when using a steamer, with this amount of foods, add 2l water (67.6oz), but note that every steamer needs its own small adjustments here.
  • This way, all food will be "done" automagically, either cooked per steamer, or not cooked but safe to eat per slow cooker because a mere 75C or 167F for 20min or more is considered safe to kill off pathogens in the food that we buy in stores.
  • And also, this way the meat flavor will nicely be absorbed throughout all meal ingredients - which even makes the rice tempting to dogs. Note that otherwise many dogs will not like to eat the rice, or the veggies for that matter. There's no pleasure in eating dry rice, right? And if your rice is sticky in any way, you bought Gluten rice! Or you didn't use a steamer. You've got to keep it tasty if you've got to keep it cheap. :idea:

Remember here that I always add at least half an apple or pear and at least half a kefir to every dog meal (the other half is for me). Sometimes half a tuna tin, or primarily the oil, or the dog gets a boiled egg or cheese or ham or a cooked or baked treat extra in addition to two meals, or he gets three meals right away, the lunch beeing smaller in our case.

Meal yield

  • The above gives a total of 4.6kg or 10.1lb food (subject to how much liquid your rice absorbed), plus the mentioned fruit, fermented dairy, and treats during the day.
  • This lasts us for the entire week (fridged). From ONE cooking. While you were at work. You didn't actually cook at all: the steamer or slow cooker did all, automagically! Not bad, eh?

Meal cost

  • All the meat, veg, and rice cost $9.20 or €7.78 at this time.
  • That's under $2 a day. Add the fruit and kefir, and the occasional tuna tin or whatever, still super cheap and yet 100% healthy for your dog. Just like for mine ever since.
  • And no vet cost for treatments, no nothing! Your spouse will like that. Just say where you got the recipe and explanations. :mrgreen:


twodiced ham veggie pasta dog mealDiced-Ham Veggie-Pasta With Chicken Broth Or Tuna


  1. One package spaghetti (the quality you can afford). The packages here are 1kg or 2.2lb. Add the same volume of water.
  2. Six packages veggies, as described above. Here, 2.7kg or just under 6lb.
  3. Two packages of diced ham. That's 200g each, thus 400g or 14.1oz.
  4. Six small cubes chicken broth in 1.2l or 40.6oz water. Here they come in packages of ten.

Alternatively, 4 small tins of tuna on this amount of food. Tuna in oil is great. Dogs don't need meat every day, no. Some dogs in Asia are nurtured entirely without meat.

pasta and chicken brothMeal preparation

  • Steam or cook the pasta separate, because they get "done" in under 5min.
  • If you are not confined to the size of a solar cooker (and sunshine!) like we are now, then you can easily cook all the other parts at once, together. If I use your kitchen, I will use whatever you have.
  • Just stir the diced ham with the pasta in the water with chicken broth cubes. Then steam or slow cook the whole meal while you are at work. Easy.

Meal yield

  • The above gives a total of 5.3kg food (with broth). Plus the mentioned fruit, fermented dairy, and treats during the day.
  • This lasts us for three days (fridged). You know, pasta and these veggies aren't very filling! Either way, again this is from ONE cooking. While you were at work. Not bad, eh?
  • I however now have to use the solar cooker every day, because it doesn't fit that much food inside. A second evacuated glass tube just for boiling liquids would be great: You've got to make use of the sun while it shines. Well, I do. Or else I have to use up battery power, more on this another time.

Meal cost

  • The pasta, veg, diced ham, and chicken broth cost $9.52 or €8.09 at this time.
  • Add the fruit and kefir, and the occasional tuna tin or whatever, and it costs a bit more. Still very cheap for healthy REAL food dog meals. You won't feed your dog every day on pasta with ham anyway.
  • And remember I eat from it too, thus the cost for your GSD is less.


threeEgg bacon tarts under veggie rice with friesEgg-Bacon Tarts Under Veggie-Rice With Fries

These "tarts"(?) can be a treat as well as make a meal. I always make some as treat or lunch.


  1. 12 eggs. Personally, I only choose "free-run eggs", never from cage hens.
  2. One package diced ham, or let's call it "bacon" because I gonna bake it. :grin: That's 200g or 7oz.
  3. Sometimes I throw a bit of cheese in the cups as well, or cut cherry tomatoes, or whatever. I have also tried with fruit but I didn't like the mushy outcome. In your kitchen though, I'd do whatever you like.
  4. Six packages veggies, as described above. That's 2.7kg or just under 6lb.
  5. 400g or 0.9lb dry weight gluten-free rice.
  6. 500g or 1.1lb fries.

egg bacon tartsMeal preparation

  • The egg bacon tarts have to be done separate. I break one egg with some diced ham in each cup like you see on the photo. They get beautifully done in the solar cooker! We love these.
  • Again, the veg and rice can be done together, I've done that myself. In fact, this is the only way to not end up with dry rice for the dog (which dogs won't eat, nor do I). Else you can add chicken broth again, that's always an easy and quick appetizer to soften up any dry parts like rice.
  • Also, I always serve the tarts under the veggie rice and fries. This way the dog has to "eat up to reach them". :-)

Meal yield

  • The above gives over 5kg or over 11lb food (subject to egg size). Plus the mentioned fruit, fermented dairy, and treats during the day.
  • This lasts us for three days (fridged). Eggs are more filling and more nutritious than pasta, even the fries are more filling than pasta.

Meal cost

  • The eggs, ham or "bacon", rice, fries, and veg cost $9.95 or €8.45 at this time.
  • Add the fruit and kefir, and the occasional tuna tin or whatever, and it costs a bit more. Still cheap though for healthy REAL food for three days. Right?

Have you tried my favorite meals for your dog? While you were at work? Easy, hm?



For easy, cheap, healthy, tasty and filling meals, frequently consider these favorites:

1Pork Chunks Under Veggie-Risotto

2Diced-Ham Veggie-Pasta With Chicken Broth Or Tuna

3Egg-Bacon Tarts Under Veggie-Rice With Fries


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