==> You NEED this if you are facing any problems with your Puppy:

You can print this out and stick it on your fridge! :-D

GSD Puppy Training Essentials Survival Guide

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

I am shocked to hear from some visitors and new subscribers that they struggle with ... EVERYTHING... up to and including a BITING German Shepherd!

If it's mere nipping, you have to teach your puppy with controlled play-fighting sessions what is when acceptable, and what is not. If it's BITING, you may need to get a doctor. And then you may really want to get the Puppy Development Guide - Puppy 101 ASAP to prevent repetition. :-|

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

In either case, there is clearly going a lot wrong in the relationship with your dog! So we need to make sure that every dog owner knows at least the ESSENTIALS how to treat their puppy and adult dog right.

Therefore, over the weekend, I have quickly compiled this concise GSD Puppy Training Essentials Survival Guide for you:

GSD Puppy Training Essentials Survival Guide

Just click to DOWNLOAD this high-value pdf if you are facing any problems with your puppy. I am sure this is the best on two pages you can get anywhere! I know because I have searched myself to see what others have to offer.

This is a concise guide - but it did require two pages, so sorry.

You can print this out and stick it on your fridge for all the family to see and to observe (these paw print magnets should be able to attract you to frequently LOOK at it). This surely will go a LOOOOONG way in helping you to have the BEST relationship with your German Shepherd.


Edit: Okay, I came back to this now. Please note that I prepared both 'Training Survival Guides' some years ago and haven't looked at them anymore, because both of them exist meanwhile as books/booklets, and the books have received several updates already! However, the books are of course longer than two pages, ie you cannot stick them on your fridge. At least, not on my fridge. :-?

So, if you seek "as short as possible" then just download the above 'Survival Guide' only. Conversely, if you seek more explanations (or just my latest insights) then you may prefer the book form: Puppy Training In A Nutshell. You choose.


==> In our next edition: Adult Dog Training Essentials <==


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    I am a newer subscriber and I haven't been able to download any of the free books you speak about. I might be a little too late on receiving them because I signed up for this site too late...
    I do enjoy reading your emails and your recent downloads. They are very informative and greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading more.


    Thank you for this great tool. It will be nice to have instant reference. My boy is 6 months old and we are still having a few issues with biting during walks. He jumps on me and bites my hands toward the end of the walk. He will then lay down and refuse to go in the house. He is not like that every time, only once in a while. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice.
    Thank you,


      Sherri, you got them. DO exactly as it says here, and you'll be fine.
      Digress, and you won't. Cause your writing makes clear:
      - You are NOT his accepted Pack leader.
      - You don't start the walk as you should.
      - You give him attention when he requests it.
      - You don't know how to handle his biting.

      = In short, so far, you don't do anything of what you know you should do! Why? ;-)


    I click to download the puppy training essentials, and nothing happens. It says waiting for a response and then nothing. Anyone else having this problem?


      Some web browsers require you to click, others to RIGHT-click and then to choose the download option.


    My GSD is 2 months and always aggressive and keeps biting my feet and hands. He refuse to walk when I take him out for a walk or jog. Please help me out


    My biggest complaint with Max, my 1 yr old GSD,
    is keeping him off the counter......grrrr
    By the way, love this site , Tim....very, very helpful!!
    Happy New year!!!


      Thanks, for you too Trish!
      Max: See the "Keep dog out of the kitchen" training, using the barrier. Let me know.


    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the all the advice. It helps to have advice so specific to German Shepherds.
    I am a fairly new subscriber and trying to download your Puppy Essentials but when I do, it says the pdf file is damaged and can't be repaired. Could I get it by email please?


      Megan, the file is in mint condition. But SOME email providers are "crap": they modify everything you download! Better change your provider to avoid problems in general (incl. data privacy!) :-(


    Probably because this is 2015, but the Paw Print Magnets are not currently available at Amazon and they don't know whether they ever will be.

    The PDF file is full of marvelous information. The most important piece, to me, is to always be calm and patient. That could be in bold type, maybe blinking wildly. It is also the hardest to follow.

    Thank you for the cheat sheet, Tim.


    hi.first i really like your website.thank you very much.its my first cmment in any dogs related site sir.we brought our 7th gsd female pupp at 3 months old about a week ago.in my area it is a village.and a open place ,fields.she likes to eat everything stones,wood,leaves,plastic bags and other bad things.she does not stop every time i take her out for a walk.and she eats other animal shit.sorry for bad english.what should i do to make her stop?and bitting and playing too much.she broke her two teeth first day.thank you sir.


      Usama, I've been having the same challenge with my new puppy over the past weeks (all visible for Site Members in the free add-on My New Puppy Diary).
      In short, if your pup "eats everything", she currently has the behavior disorder called pica, and although I know of more elaborate ways to stop that - shown in various Periodicals - the quickest solution I found is I have this puppy now wear a muzzle on dog walks. Within ca. 10 - 15 walks he got used to it (ie stopped rubbing it on the ground), and the muzzle has made our walks so much more relaxed and pleasurable!

      (In our case the vet urged for it: The pup was seriously sick, partly due to ingesting crap)

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