==> You NEED this if you are facing any problems with your Adult GSD:

You can print this out and stick it on your fridge

Adult GSD Training Essentials Survival Guide

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

When I compiled the Puppy Training Survival Guide for a handful of readers who had told me of their problems with their GSD puppy, it became clear that I had to compile another one for adult GSD owners. Because it appears that even many long-time GSD owners are still facing some of the common "dog problems"?

You need to get your relationship with your GSD right. There's no compromise here! If a GSD isn't trained the right way, then a) the GSD has no good life, b) you have no fun either, and c) the GSD can even be dangerous!

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

If you are facing any behavior of your German Shepherd that you perceive as a "dog problem", then feel free to download this high-value Adult GSD Training Essentials Survival Guide:

Adult GSD Training Essentials Survival Guide

This is a concise guide - but it did require two pages, so sorry.

You can print this out and stick it on your fridge for all the family to see and to observe (these paw print magnets should be able to attract you to frequently LOOK at it). This surely will go a LOOOOONG way in helping you to have the BEST relationship with your German Shepherd.


Edit: Okay, I came back to this now. Please note that I prepared both 'Training Survival Guides' some years ago and haven't looked at them anymore, because both of them exist meanwhile as books/booklets, and the books have received several updates already. However, the books are of course longer than two pages, ie you cannot stick them on your fridge. :-?

So, if you seek "as short as possible" then just download the above 'Survival Guide' only. Conversely, if you seek more explanations (or just my latest insights) then you may prefer the book form: Adult Dog Training In A Nutshell. You choose.


==> In our next edition: The Right Dog Crate <==


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    We are having pretty serious aggression problems with our 2 year old male that have been getting progressively worse. My husband found your website and we have been trying very hard to use your methods to correct the problem. We have purchased one of your books for Kindle and have used items connected to your website such as the medical book and weekly newsletter e-mails.

    The problem is that all of a sudden a few weeks ago, we were no longer able to access your website of anything connected to it. We were no longer receiving the weekly newsletters either. I'm writing from my computer at work because the only problem is with our computer at home and only with your website.

    Has this happened with anyone else? I'm hoping someone knows how to correct this because I have spent 4 hours on the phone with Microsoft techs and the only solution they have left for us will cost us $164.00.

    My husband registered as Bill [deleted] - our dog's name is Trooper and our home e-mail is [deleted] - my work e-mail is [deleted].

    For some reason this e-mail came through when the weekly newsletters would not but when I tried to download the "Adult Training Essentials" it said "This Page Can't Be Displayed" just like every time we try to access your website. I forwarded it to my work e-mail so I could get the download and contact you.

    If anyone else has had this problem or knows how to correct it please let me know - we need to get Trooper's aggression under control before he hurts someone.


      Gail, sorry to hear of your connection and aggression problems.
      ad 1) Presumably, the connection problems should be history, no? Yes, a few weeks ago some mischievious idiot attacked the site (again) such that it was offline for a day, but the hoster fixed it long ago and we are implementing further safety measures against such strange people. Sorry for them.
      (if not history, then our server would be blocking your particular ip range - usually we do this when an ip range heavily attacks our site, meaning the ip you use is shared with hacker idiots among your internet provider, doh! If so, email me your ip and we check it.)

      The missed emails are probably in your spam folder; always check that folder when missing an email. Upon subscription we ask for an extra (3rd!) confirmation email directly from your email account to mine, the reason being: Then your email provider will not route my email replies into your spam folder...

      ad 2) The aggression sounds serious. If you only got the 12 min short training summary reference guide, then this will not be enough to deal with your issue (it's a summary! 12 pages!). But I want to help. I send an email (with the training essentials document), but here's the lowdown for everyone in a similar situation:

      1) You MUST strictly follow the puppy and (now) adult dog TRAINING ESSENTIALS, in particular:
      - Feeding Routine!! (although it "seems" to be irrelevant here, I know!)
      - The Leash training / Preparation to go for a walk routine!
      - The Attention Seeking advice!

      Anyone who adhered to these three areas consistently turned their dog around! I've never come across a dog that couldn't be turned into a calm, relaxed, docile dog. Even traumatized dogs could! So, be consistent in following OUR advice, don't mix it with the widely popularised "whisper nonsense" from certain well-known entertainers. Then it WON'T work. We know because we've tried, for longer than the 90 min of a TV show!

      2) In your situation, pay particular attention to any signs of increased energy level of your dog (cause that's the herald of aggression). Address the energy level (eg with my Sedative-Tools), then you also solve the aggression. Make liberal use of Collar Freeze and Isolation (in this order).

      3) If you notice any specific situations or environments that make your dog aggressive, then desensitize him specifically for that stimulus (too much here, is in the books and some Periodicals).

      Do keep me updated, so that I can help if necessary.

      By the way, we don't do "newsletters" as there are no news as such (for us). We produce heavy-content Periodicals instead. Anything worth announcing is announced on the blog page or in personal emails to our members.


    HI my content is locked how do i open it up


      By clicking any of the 3 buttons to share it - like the "MUST-READ email" three weeks ago explained, and like the image says: "Care - Share - Open up"


    Hi Tim, Its me again :) I have a question about feeding Tia. In the training essentials it says to have specific feeding times. I can understand why that is important. When I got Tia she was very skinny. I just left food out for her all the time because that is what I do for my little dog Sam. She is not a gluten and only eats when she is hungry. She is gaining weight and I can barley see her ribs now. Is it okay just leave food out for them all the time or am I unwittingly creating a problem?
    Thank you for your help.


      Estella, the key benefits of very regular, consistent feeding times are:

      1) After some weeks, the dog subconsciously knows that she will get another meal, and before she gets hungry. The result: The dog is now much less likely to scavenge - which, indoors and outdoors, always is a significant health risk, especially for the sensitive digestive system of the German Shepherd dog.

      2) Consistent feeding times also help to establish yourself as accepted Pack leader - who, in a dog pack too, always controls the food. Thus it reduces the conflict the dog is experiencing in the Pack. Hence it reduces stress. Hence it avoids stress-related aggression, illnesses, and a shortened life. (It all feeds into each other, yes)

      3) Consistent feeding times also allow the entire metabolism (particularly endocrine system, lymphatic system, and digestive system) to adapt to the feeding times. It balances the body (so to say, the body relaxes). Thus regular feeding is much healthier for dogs.

      Therefore, if you leave the food out all day for her to eat whenever she wants, I would say yes, you create at least three problems.
      However, if Tia doesn't show any behavior or health issues, then you needn't worry too much.
      But the problem: If you face issues later, and you then start our recommended Feeding Routine, then it will be much harder for her to (suddenly) have to comply. Makes sense?


    Thanks for the survival guide! It will be on our fridge. I still can't believe how fast Luna's behavior has turned around since I first asked you for help. I'm glad I found your site before it was too late! In the future if you decide to start the site up again I would be a paying customer. Thanks again Tim!


    Thanks again for the invaluable insights!

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