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Dog Training Made SUPER-EASY!

 Reviewed 24 February 2019 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion

==> BEST dog training approach revealed:

Haptic and Audiovisual Dog Training

In 2011 I discovered what has become my favourite dog training recommendation.

Meanwhile though even "butterfly blogs" have copied myself, as always.

And so, before I share this BEST dog training recommendation with you let me first explain different training approaches altogether because the secret to the BEST DOG TRAINING lies right HERE!

You know, normally dog owners buy books and/or watch youtube videos to learn how to teach their dog the behavior they desire. All of these are more or less suitable for dog training in general and German Shepherd training in particular.

However, although all of this has its justification, often you'll not be happy with your own or your dog's training success, either content-wise or time-wise, mostly both.

And right so! Because you expect that when you BUY dog training that it will actually change your dog's behavior the way you desire - and fast.


What was lacking yet

There hasn't really been a resource that gives dog owners their own personal dog trainer - I mean as much as this is possible without the real thing, ie without booking and paying a dog trainer!

Also, there hasn't been a resource that allows us to copy HOW the trainer would HANDLE SPECIFIC ISSUES, rather than giving us basic to advanced dog training tips.

Different Training Approaches and their Outcome

starThe least effective training is AUDIO Training (audio only). For this very reason there is the saying: "This goes in at one ear and out at the other". Humans and animals alike don't LISTEN very well (although dogs HEAR very well).

starBetter, but still not great, is VISUAL Training (visual only). An indicative saying is: "What you see is what you get" (what you understand). Indeed this existed long before the computer-adaptation "What you see is what will be reproduced".

starEven better, but not yet most effective, is AUDIOVISUAL Training (narrated visual training), because it combines TWO senses: What we HEAR AND SEE.

starAlmost the best training is where we WRITE DOWN CATCHWORDS of the training content we heard and/or saw EARLIER. Because now our brain has to RECALL the training content (as opposed to RECOGNIZE it in a given list) and our fingers perform physical movement to write it down.

starHowever, the MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING of any kind (not just dog training but our personal training too) is HAPTIC Training. Haptic means that we can TOUCH training-related content and FEEL it. Another word for this is TACTILE. With haptic or tactile training we are always PHYSICALLY INVOLVED in the training content.

There also is a difference between UNDERSTANDING and REMEMBERING training content, but this would stray too far away from the purpose of this Periodical.

BEST Dog Training

The most effective dog training is HAPTIC Training (see above). Meaning, a dog trainer walks our German Shepherd AND US, and shows us LIVE - HOW - he trains OUR OWN DOG.

Note that WE HOLD the leash, WE PAT, and WE PRAISE our dog. We PHYSICALLY walk our dog - while the dog trainer is with us, every step of the way.

Needless to say, most of us don't have access to a personal dog trainer in our neighborhood, and even if there is one, we can't AFFORD to pay him everytime and all the time!

So, what's the second best thing to sliced bread?

The bread!


This means, we SEE AND HEAR the professional dog trainer HOW he trains another real dog. COMPLETE and LIVE in a VIDEO, not in a post-production narrated slide show (which seems to always leave out exactly the bits and pieces that we seek to find out...).

After watching the VIDEO (as often as we like!) we can even RECALL the training content and write down catchwords if we want (this would further improve the training, see above).

However, the best bit now comes if we immediately take our German Shepherd and APPLY what we just saw and heard in the VIDEO: We COPY the dog trainer's behavior and voice, while we TOUCH and FEEL our own dog and/or the leash, and while we SEE and HEAR our own dog's response.

This ensures what is called the transfer of learning. We are able to APPLY what we learned, and it yields the outcome we expect!

WAIT, we can even get one more step closer to the real thing, the PAID professional dog trainer:

If we have a smart phone or an i-Pad or other tablet computer, we can take it with us (even outside) and - with our own GSD next to us - we can WATCH and HEAR what the dog trainer is doing, and we immediately COPY it!

We can even "ask our own professional dog trainer" to show us the SAME thing again and again: We simply click 'Play', while we are with our own dog!

We can even modulate his voice and imitate volume, intonation, tone etc - because we know that often a small nuance can make the difference between failure and training success.

We can even EXACTLY IMITATE the smallest gesture, as well as how we stand with our feet, our body posture, our facial expression,... EVERYTHING! Because we know that it is our body language that tells our dog most of what we want our dog to do!

This is the BEST Dog Training

Because it's MOST effective

This is Dog Training Made SUPER-EASY

And AFFORDABLE for everyone!

This is why we LOVE this kind of dog training - and more than the real thing, the PAID dog trainer - because they won't repeat a specific sequence for us multiple times, and day after day until we get the same success with our own dog (unless we PAY them extra everytime)!

More so, a live PAID dog trainer CANNOT repeat a specific sequence for us multiple times, because the dog trainer is not a machine: Everytime we ask him for repetition he will show us some things slightly different - which will confuse us even more (and often ends up in those familiar situations: "But you just showed it different!" - "No, I didn't" - "Yes, you DID!"....).

This is why we LOVE this kind of dog training more than the real thing, the PAID dog trainer.

Does this exist?

Does such COMPLETE and LIVE VIDEO dog training course exist?

Yes, finally!

It has been created by the professional dog trainer Dan Abdelnoor, or "Doggy Dan" as he calls himself.

So, not by some youtube wannabe dog trainer who merely experiment on their own dog their own ideas about dog training.

No, this "Doggy Dan" has a real long-standing dog training business in his hometown near Auckland. He visits real people like you and me, waiting with their dogs, to give them real and live dog training advice. If the dog owner wants, Dan takes his own dogs with him in the van, if not he comes alone.

Now Dan created a massive website with OVER 250 COMPLETE AND LIVE VIDEOS, full of all kinds of dog training situations. His videos show a unique approach to teach your dog without force, fear or aggression. Very much like our own training approach here at MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG!

Dan's dog training approach is so calm and gentle that the SPCA have fully endorsed his dog training (and only his) on their own website - not even the much more famous Cesar Millan got that kind of recognition!

And Dan's dog training approach is so successful that he has already been featured on TV with his dog training successes - not for his crowd entertainment skill (like certain more famous 'dog trainers'...).

So I wanted to test just how successful Doggy Dan's dog training really is, and thus I became a member of his site myself. I watched the videos on the topics that interested me most at each point in time (where I felt I needed improvement), and what I learned I APPLIED to our own dogs and the rescue dogs.

The results were stunning. I can confirm that Doggy Dan's dog training approach is as much unique as it is effective!

And the price?

Being a top notch professional dog trainer, Dan currently charges $440 for a 3 hour+ consultation in Auckland, New Zealand. Of course no one of us can afford this amount AND travel to New Zealand for ONE 3 hour dog training consultation!

A Bargain!

Here's the great thing: Doggy Dan is currently giving full access to his COMPLETE DOG TRAINING VIDEO SITE "The Online Dog Trainer" for just $37 a month! Compare that to what just an average local dog trainer charges for a mere hour!! Unbelievable.

For as many lessons as we want! And for as long as we want, full access! I know Dan will become ever more successful, and I wanted to lock in this bargain price. Too good to miss really.

Here's Dan's site: The Online Dog Trainer.

I suggest that you check this out right now and lock in this bargain price too. Lift the relationship with your German Shepherd to a new level of pleasure! Learn from this professional dog training made super-easy with complete and live videos!

Here's my tip: Once you have site access,

  • Navigate to the most-pressing issue that you want to resolve with your German Shepherd, or the training goal that you want to achieve with your German Shepherd right now.
  • Then WATCH THE VIDEOS for this training goal, to get a first idea HOW the professional dog trainer Doggy Dan is mastering it. You may take notes (see above why), but you don't have to.
  • Next, take your GSD and immediately APPLY what you just learned. Use the same behavior, the same body posture and gestics, and the same tone of voice (where relevant).
  • Repeat this with as many dog training issues and training goals you have. And one after another, solve and achieve all your objectives with ease!
  • Then please do send us your feedback what exactly you did with your GSD, and how quickly you got the result you wanted. Ideally, if you can, also send us a video if you have someone who can record while you teach your GSD?
  • We would be ever so grateful, and if you want we will feature your story and video on MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG under German Shepherd Training!

Here's Dan's site again, The Online Dog Trainer. Click, subscribe, APPLY, and be amazed.



  • The BEST dog training is HAPTIC AND AUDIOVISUAL dog training.
  • This has now become AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE.
  • In form of COMPLETE AND LIVE VIDEOS showing all dog training situations.
  • Immediately APPLY to your own GSD what you SEE AND HEAR, while YOU FEEL your own dog.
  • Repeat for ALL TRAINING GOALS you have, whenever they arise!
  • Doggy Dan's site: The Online Dog Trainer.

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Dwayne: I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!

Penny: Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it's nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.

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