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Chew Proof Dog Toys?

 Reviewed 12 October 2018 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion dogphoto

This is something that always strikes me when I read it: Dog owners complaining that this or that dog toy is "not chew-proof", and their dog would be proof of that "fact".

Naturally, on Amazon with its ingenious customer review system, you find a LOT of these. So I thought, let's officially address on MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG this dog owner concern when they get their dog or puppy a TOY.

You have already learned the key points to be aware of when considering toys for your dog or puppy, unless you are new here. So let's now address specifically the issue of too much dog chewing on toys.

Have a guess, what is the difference between dog owners like these:

untrained puppy

untrained dog

and dog owners like these:

trained dog

untrained dog

Be aware that all of them refer to the very same toy, the amazing Chuckit Flying Squirrel f, the only apparent difference between these dog owners is their dog. But do Malinois and GSDs chew less than a Chihuahua mix and other dogs?

As for Chihuahua I am sure Mark could relate his own Chihuahua's experience here, and directly compare that to the chewing intensity of his GSD. From my end I can contribute: No, the dog breed or mix has no relevance at all when it comes to chewing on toys.

I'll say what you guessed: The first two dog owners above haven't trained their dog, the last two have.

This would be a good opportunity to show you a video how I train dogs to keep toys intact. Unfortunately, you may remember, all three of my cameras (one DSLR, and two simple point-and-shoot) disappeared around the time when our tiny truck house still had no walls but tarp:

tarp tiny house on wheels

because stupid selfless me embarked on the foolish adventure to help dog owners with their dog, which over the years has made me poor.

My advice today: NEVER waste your lifeTIME without securing an income source from it (unless maybe you are Rockefeller, but then you wouldn't do it anyway), because MOST people are 100% selfish. That's the lesson I learned, unfortunately too late, no one warned me.

So yes, no camera to film how I train dogs to keep toys intact, or anything else. Pity.

Therefore here are some numbered still shots from my old Samsung phone instead. I tried to make the key training stages clear:

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Training: this toy is not for chewing

Because if you leave a toy that is not labeled and reviewed as quality chew toy with your dog after play time, then given enough boredom or stress any dog will wreck the toy. Like any small boy will wreck a toy then too.

leashed boy like leashed dogWhen adults are totally bored or extremely stressed, they involuntarily find themselves something that occupies their mind or something that releases their stress.

But dogs and small boys don't have this freedom: Typically they get restrained, kenneled or leashed.

If you have nothing else at arm's length than the toy, then guess what you attend to? And since dogs don't have the dexterity of hands, they use the dexterity of their mouth. And small boys too.

All common sense, isn't it?

Well, not for many dog owners, it seems. There are tens of thousands of these reviews on Amazon alone. And for all kinds of dog toys:

untrained dog

untrained dog

  • from the popular Hide-a-squirrel plush toy f, where you would think it's obvious that a plush toy is not a chew toy doh!
  • to the Kong Extreme Ball f, which isn't labeled and reviewed as chew toy either: The package label says: "Fun to chase & catch" and "Toughest natural rubber". And "Dogs need to play", yes razz

Note here that the vendor rarely is the manufacturer, indeed these days it may be just an individual selling on Amazon's marketplace. So, do not just look at the sales page prose, always look at the product package label! Only this is binding.

For example, on this Kong Extreme Ball sales page the vendor tries to sell it as "Perfect for games of fetch or for chew sessions":

untrained puppy

So, suddenly the ball is for chewing too. Okay. At least the vendor is clear: Chew sessions, mark that.

A "session" here is a short word for controlled play. NOT for leaving the toy with the dog:

Reviewer: "So my Max has had it for 17 days. And today is the day we have to take it away from him because he's worn it down to the point that he can eat it".

You can send all these reviewers to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG to learn how to behave well with their dog. mrgreen

So you, please, set a good example: Never leave a review that your dog chewed through a toy, it's embarassing, isn't it?

Show you are MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG trained, show you know how to behave well with a dog:

  • how to play with a puppy and an adult dog
  • how to socialize a puppy and an adult dog
  • how to train a puppy and an adult dog
  • how to care for a puppy and an adult dog
  • how to feed a puppy and an adult dog
  • and how to keep healthy the puppy and the adult dog, yes.

Speaking of it, I only noticed NOW that big amazon now allows "community video uploads", as seen on the page of the Kong Extreme Ball. What?? Phew, I don't know if they have to be coming from pages like "eHow"(?), but I know we could do better than that. mrgreen

Well, no, she can: She isn't long in this "business": she still can buy a camera to make her videos. I can't. Pity.

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As .ORG we depend on your (rare!) donations: however small it helps, THANKS SO MUCH!


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