Dec 122015

From 2016 we are going to use a completely NEW email template for sending out MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL notifications to our subscribers: YOU.

EDIT: We've now got a new website too: All new features explained here. :-D

The key benefit of the new email template: You can click through to specific sections of MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG which answer many questions and help solve many problems instantly. We even can easily drag and drop linked images to other sections based on your feedback, and to new topics that don't yet exist. In short, the new template is very flexible for you as the recipient:

MyGermanShepherd.Org Periodical email template

Conversely, with the old/original template most Periodical subscribers never even visited the website! They clicked the ONE link to the current Periodical, read that (maybe), and that was it for them. Often subscribers then asked questions to which clear answers have been accessible on the website for a long time, but many subscribers didn't see those answers as they could only click on the linked Periodical. Although the Periodical pages do/did always have links to the website, few subscribers seem to have noticed this.

Share your feedback below: Do you suggest a change? Or are you happy with the new template as is?


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    Happy with the new template and all you do for us "Freebies". Love reading this.


    Hi Tim
    Just wanted to say thankyou so much for such a wonderful and informational site. Becoming an new and proud owner of a wonderful GSD Cross called Zeus who is now 5 months old has been both an amazing and frustrating experience. I finally discovered your great site and have learned so much and looking forward to learning so much more. I have also bought 'House Training' and 'Dogs Unleashed' for which I am so grateful. Thankyou so very much for all your inspirational insights. I have also incorporated the 'Feeding Routine' which after 2 days Zeus has mastered it beautifully.

    In regard to your site - love it as is but then change is good.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very peaceful New Year with many blessings

    Kindest regards

    Elaine Somers


    looks good to me!


    Happy with the new template.


    I am not technologically minded and either the old or new periodical template is good. I find your discussions very helpful in dealing with my two gsd's and thank you for all the hours you put into the messages. Living in South Africa there is not so much informational places we can go to for help.
    Cheryl Strydom


    I think your one questioner meant "keen" on not "lean" on. Enjoy your stuff though you can be quite quircky.


      Ah, keen! :-)
      Marjo you cannot imagine how quirky rude and weird many visitors are (spammers?). Do this some years, and you adapt. But to run sth like this crazy place (just think of all the money I have to put in every year) you have to be "special" from the start.


    I love this site Tim. Its fun looking at attractive. Sure to make people want to investigate further! Its in very easily found sections, making it easier for people to go right to what they are most interested in first, and then they can browse the rest! Its always good to read it all as you never know what kind of knowledge will be imparted.

    Anyway I think its great, and it shows your hard work and dedication! I think your "specialness" is perfect. You are never boring, and you are fun and full of information! Jordan and I are forever grateful!!!


      I forgot to mention.... I did notice that you didn't address myself or Jordan this time around. Yes, I did notice, and no, it doesn't bother me. I figure it is easier for you this way and doesn't take up as much of your time having to address each subscriber by name. If its in my mailbox, I will assume you meant it for me!! Easy enough.


        Yeah, that's the problem with the new email template! - Though the only one I noticed so far, so it certainly is the best template of all we've had.

        Still, it would be nice to have an area to write a short text for the recipient once a while, no?

        We will try that later: Using the top image section (the standard image there is "What Dog Problem Have You Got?"), and replace the image with personal text.


    Like the new format Tim and have purchased three books so far, so together, Denzel's training is coming along fine. Patience required while a GSD puppy is growing and responding to training is something I have had to acquire quite quickly, but the love and affection is returned in bucketloads.
    Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the owners and their dogs and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours,


    Very User Friendly and could spend hours looking up and reading information and shopping

    Nice Job Tim!


    Great new template look. Thanks for all the wonderful information, I have learned a great deal about my GSD, but still so much more to learn. Keep the knowledge flowing.



    Love the new template. Love my GSD. Your periodicals are providing me with much insight.


    Looks great. Thanks for all the easy to access, great information.


    Yes I love the new template I love all the information that I've been receiving for the terrific and think you help me with my German Shepherd


    no lie but every time I get an email from you i get multiple links in one enail so I don't know what to press change it please.


      If your email provider maims emails, I'd change them, or at least click "display images".
      Regardless, each link and image clearly says what it is for. Getting choices normally is much appreciated, no?

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