Jun 302015

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  • Everyone (new and long-standing): We are planning to CHANGE the entire schedule of Periodicals! But as always in past years, I'd be glad to democratically incorporate YOUR FEEDBACK. That is if you have any feedback, for once? :mrgreen:
  • The plan: To help every new subscriber the best way IMMEDIATELY, those subscribers who enter all information on our Subscribe page, including but not limited to "What is your KEY interest area regarding GSDs?", would receive FIRST all the Periodicals that match their dog and interest!! Only thereafter the Periodicals that I deem important and educational to every German Shepherd owner.
  • Comments?

Now, again:

  • Comments on the plan for CHANGE? Anyone?

ENJOY your dog! Dog life is short and precious.



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    I have loved the periodicals and have really helped us steer Piper in the right direction. That being said she is still a puppy at 7 months old and we need to have all the patience in the world with her. Today was an awesome day as she actually swam.at the river!... It's just like a babies first steps... Haha...

    Thank you for all the wonderful information and help!


    When I was a new subscriber, with a new puppy, I didn't have a clue what I should know so what I listed as my key interest areas would have been limited. I think under the proposed scheme I would have missed out on a lot of things I really needed to know, but didn't know enough to ask about (if that makes sense?)


      Yes Mim, it does make a lot of sense. I see it the same way (although, I do see also the benefits of the suggested change).

      Few honestly mention what you wrote. Most dog owners believe they know what they don't know. While in reality, they know a lot more than they think, but they don't know the things they need to DO first. :-?


    Well not sure what to comment on except im not thrilled with my 7 mo fem gsd. Why? Cuz of many things if any one would like to read.... She stilll eats her poop. They are still loose most of time. Ive tried everything. Copraphagia pills. Metamucil. Pumpkin. Etc. nada. She still insists on digging holes around my yard even tho i have tried to discipline that plus cayenne pepper everywhere. Ive spent a lot of money on this dog. Best food. Vet bills. You name it. I get nothing but grief. I cant leave her alone outside when i go out do she has to go in her crate. If i sound like mean master or pack leader well
    Believe me she treats me meaner with all the Above. I willlll say i have trained her to heel. Listen. Stay etc. but sure wish she would make our relationship better by improving on the above. Not sure if this is the comment i shud write and in the right place. Sorry if its not!


      It is a good comment, unrelated, but good. I share your frustration often. But as you could have seen in the New Puppy Diary, if only we are consistent, confident, relaxed, benevolent, and a Partner to our dog (rather than a despot), then it will all work out.

      Some dogs (and puppies all the more) are more difficult to "get right" than others. Though, I found, in the end it all depends on US. Me. You.
      A puppy is a puppy. Anything we don't like about it, WE must change. It's a challenge at times, oh yes! But we become more complete as human beings when we try to improve our behavior.

      In any case: If we want the dog to behave different, first WE must behave different.

      Do you have the will?


      HI Carole. I had the same problem with loose stools while my GSD was a puppy. After numerous vet visits for all sorts of tests, I contacted the food manufacturer. I was fortunate enough to get connected with a lady was very knowledgeable about dogs and food. Long story short, my GSD is allergic to chicken. I immediately switched her to a lamb diet and no more loose stools! Hope this helps.


        Interesting, Robert! You know what our dog expert (Interview 4) who is a veterinary immunologist explained regarding this?
        Your dog has an immune system disorder! The (perceived) chicken allergy is just one (first) symptom. Now you need to identify the cause, in order to cure it. Or else your dog will show more and more symptoms, incl. more allergies, but not only that.

        You can't (well, shouldn't) keep your dog on a lamb diet. Any unbalanced diet makes immune system disorders only worse.


    I am a new subscriber and I did not have anything to post as I have a senior GSD for the first time. I really liked your last periodical but I guess because I am not a full member I did not have access to the whole article. If you want to cancel my periodicals that is up to you.

    Laura and Nikki



      Either you can't read, or you mean other things than you write.
      And no, your cancel would be up to you, not me. You subscribed. I didn't subscribe you. EVERY email has an unsubscribe link at the end. Use it. Thanks.


    Love, love this idea!! Thanks!


    I love your informative and encouraging periodicals. Please don't stop!
    Thank you, Karen


    Thank you so much for the info. I will try to get the free books as they come up. My puppy is 16 weeks old now and your stuff is very helpful


    That sounds fabulous! Is there any way that I can reregister and get in on that? I'm afraid I haven't been able to use this very much, because I can't seem to sign in properly. I'd love a chance to start over, especially if you would start me off with the stuff I need to know first!


      Yes Janelle, I forgot to mention your point in the post itself: "especially if you would start me off with the stuff I need to know first!" - How do you know what you need to know first?

      Time and time again I notice from questions and HELP! requests that particularly new dog owners (but some repeat dog owners too) focus on entirely unsuitable things, if they wish to build a great relationship.

      Thus, although I see the positives in the suggested change, my big worry is: Subscribers would FIRST get the information they seek, but FIRST they need something very different. And they won't do those other things, they won't even think about them, because they don't get that kind of information FIRST. :-?


    I believe this is a wonderful change and I vote FOR it. The periodicals I have received in the short time I have been a member have helped myself and my family in our relationship with our newest 10 week old family member HOLT. He is already showing amazing obedience, a great prey drive, and an awesome loyalty and protectiveness to us that we never thought we would see already. I am grateful for the wonderful information I receive.
    Thank you.


    Hi, I enjoy reading the articles and comments. As a new GSD owner this is very valuable information that I glean!! Thank you for allowing me to do so!


      Unfortunately pretty much all the new subscribers, say since mid last year, don't leave any comment at all.
      No feedback, no improvement.


    How can I become a site member?


      Have you tried clicking the link that bears the same words, "site member"?


    I really appreciate your information, Tim! I would like to receive periodicals on Saturdays instead of Sundays. What I am most interested in now is how to get my German Shepherd to play more gently with other dogs. Also, I wonder whether there are play groups for German Shepherds.


      They come on the day you subscribed, Catherine. I guess i must be possible to let you choose the day, but unfortunately we have already used up all 30 fields Mailchimp allows. So right now, I have no idea how to implement your wish.

      We have many Periodicals on dog play, which suggests that you would be in favor of the suggested change?


    Good idea! I just joined, but I'm looking forward to reading your periodicals. Love the detail!


    Do we have to subscribe again if we are already subscribers? Anyway, it sounds like a good plan. I, for one, am interested in everything you have to say. You have so much knowledge, and you always teach me something. So whatever you decide cant be bad!


    Seems fine to me!


    I love recieving the periodicals. Not only does it actually help with my relationship with Aslan, but it gives me ideas on other ways to entertain and interact with him. Keep up the good work.



    Tim, I think you have a good plan for the change. I like it. You will be able to immediately help folks by giving them info specific to their key interest areas...which is why they sign up in the first place. Gives them more immediate value in knowledge/assistance with their dog. Avoids "shotgunning" info that people are not interested in.
    Please keep me as a regular recipient of your great newsletter...I think I just now provided the info you were looking for about my dog, but then it went into Mail Chimp and who knows....


      >Avoids "shotgunning" info that people are not interested in.
      Yes Virgel, I think so too. The only problem is: What people think they are interested in is not what I think helps them most. :idea:


    I only have positive feedback Tim! We bought 5 of your books via Amazon and have had Estela at home for 6 weeks, she is now 16 weeks old. We are constantly being complemented on the street for her behaviour - we have emphasized feeding time and "release" command when playing as we have a 6 year old daughter. She will now "release" even when playing with my daughters friends :) House breaking has been difficult as she is alone for 9 hours a day and it's impossible for her not to pee, but she does it strictly on her newspaper now which has calmed the OH down as she was peeing everywhere and anywhere for 2 weeks. She is a calm, submissive dog that loves play time, and generally just being aroung us. Collar freeze never worked for us, I even watched Doggy Dan's videos, but Estela didn't give a crap, she would wriggle, scream, bite and piss for minutes on end to no avail. Some old fashioned shouting and clapping of the hands worked wonders for her :) I love your periodicals and read all of them in detail, I hope you keep up the good job!


    I like the idea. To have more periodicals unlocked for those taking the time and making an effort to complete the forms is great. As like me many people may subscribe close to getting their gsd and wish they had of months sooner. I also think that the feeding routine is great but should be at the start but this is just my opinion as its stopped all of Loki's digging and his begging whilst we eat.


      >as its stopped all of Loki’s digging and his begging whilst we eat
      Great! Sounds like others could learn from your feedback, because several others complained about dog behaviors.


        Posted more feed back on the feeding page. I do think the proposed change is a great idea but agree with others. How will people know what they don't know? As appossed to what they want to know? Also would the books become free to members already?


        Todd, do you mean the free book promotions? Yes, free to everyone.

        Or do you mean any of the other books free (on Apple etc)? Yes, as a membership extra ;-) to Dog Expert Interview and Review bookings.


    Sounds like a great idea, I'm a relatively new subscriber myself. One thing though, under key areas of interest you can only pick one topic. So I picked building a relationship as I thought it works best encompass what I wanted. But I'm also interested in training, health, diet and many other areas. Any chance a subscriber could pick more than one area of interest.


      Great suggestion Jennifer! I need to look into it if Mailchimp allow multiple choice fields (Mailchimp sends to Periodical subscribers), we on the site certainly offer that opportunity to fill in more (for site members).


        You pretty much have me convinced to become a full time member. I've been following the periodical but eager for more. I am in the process of buying a house (GSD puppy to follow early next year). Once those costs and checks are out the way I will most likely become a paid member so I can be as prepared as I can for when I bring my new puppy home. I am very excited.


        My dear, house costs will never be out of the way. :-(
        Just prepare with all the free Periodicals and books, you have a lot of time if your pup comes only next year. :-)


    'only the periodicals that i deem important and educational to every GSD owner...'

    I thought they all were important!

    I look forward to every Tues. to see a new periodical in my email... Thank you!

    Is the schedule we receive them going to change or just the order...


      "Only thereafter the Periodicals that I deem important and educational to every German Shepherd owner." - that's what is says, does that make more sense then?
      What I meant is: First the ones the subscribers deem important to their current situation, then the ones I deem important even though they think they aren't. :mrgreen:

      The order would change, yes. If we do it. Based on present feedback not sure at all.



    I think the planned change is good! Focusing on the issues owners are having is such a great way for the subscriber to get the immdiate help they came to your site seeking. One more reason your website is the only one I get advice from and the only site I recommend to my friends even if they don't own a GSD. I applaud you! Training GSD owners has to be exhausting and frustrating at times. :-)
    Thank you!!


      "Training GSD owners has to be exhausting and frustrating at times"

      You name it! The worst are those who can't READ. You wanna see for example the long list of EMAILS coming in aka "I forgot my password, I can't login anymore!!!"

      Well, what does it say on the subscribe page? What does it say on EVERY other page?

      Merry are those who can READ


    I think the change sounds very reasonable and agreeable. I enjoy your newsletters and have learned a lot about the german shepherd breed and my sweet River. I have more than once wanted to leave a comment on your site to thank you or ask a question but side tracked and never did. Sorry about that :/
    You put so much info out to us and I really appreciate it. Thank you!


      Thanks Holly. Yeah, I get sidetracked too. All the time. No idea how I managed to publish so many Periodicals. I just did. ;-)


    I love the stream of info pertaining to GSD issues. However, still too many GSD ending up in shelters. I think an emergency hotline might be good. New GSD owners might become overwhelmed with the challenge of training a pup that needs obedience, training and challenges for their bright minds. I would volunteer to be on an email "hotline" for those struggling with their pups. My own very alpha working lines pup was a challenge, even for me, and I have 35 years experience. I would like to see a system that allows a new GSD owner to talk it out before turning the pup over to a shelter.


      There is such "system" Lisa. Only, you can't force people. But whoever wants can get all the help they need. Even before they get the dog. And even free. Here at least. They only need to subscribe early. But they don't. And you can't force them.

      "New GSD owners might become overwhelmed with the challenge of training a pup" - no more Lisa! :-) Seen My New Puppy Diary?

      Again, you can't force people. Some want. Others don't.


    Tim, I love getting your periodicals. I have a much better understanding of why my dog acts they way he does. We got a younger shepherd, and forgot how they are when young? But training and consistency are the key


    Love your articles. My GSD is doing great. The only problem which I currently face is his need to chew everything and his urge to dig every now and then.


    I think it's a great idea Tim! I also think that when some people sign up they can be overwhelmed, especially if they have a puppy, and not know exactly what they need or are interested in. I read all your periodicals and take a lot away even if it's something I thought I wasn't interested in. I thank you so much for all the helpful information and I'm enjoying my 14 week GSD more and more every day with your help. Thank you!


      Thanks Nancy!

      >especially if they have a puppy, and not know exactly what they need or are interested in.
      In that case, if it was me, I would get the New Puppy Diary. Already the name suggests that it has everything I might need and/or want to know if I have a puppy. Hm?


    Hi Tim: I was a first time GSD owner and love the information provided in your periodicals about training, behavior, stigmas of owning a "dangerous" breed (ha!). One thing I've seen on lots of GSD sites are owners that post pictures of ailments (cysts, rashes, allergies, hot spots, is this a tick...) that plague this breed and when it is important to see a vet as soon as possible. Otherwise, I love all the information provided on your website and have learned a great deal about this wonderful dog.

    Thank you for all your invaluable information.


      Thanks Heidi. I don't know how to control the spam in such case. It's insane already without that feature. But I would really love to have such "forum" integrated here too. Just don't know where to start, ha!

      If you've seen that on lots of other sites, we don't really need that here anyway, or do we?

      But there are MANY things that could be done with a "forum". So hopefully soon we start one. With the right things. :mrgreen:


    I don't really understand what the proposed change is. It might be that my caffeine hasn't quite kicked in this morning, or the fact that my Charlie has a serious case of annoying this morning, but either way, I read the proposal twice, and don't understand.

    I think you are telling me that if I help by commenting I periodicals with suggestions & feedback, I get give-aways? I'm all for that!

    I also think that you are going to change the periodicals to better grab new subscribers by giving them the most pertinent periodicals first? I like this! This is why I first came to your site. I have a fear aggressive GSD, AND he's my first, so I was at a complete loss. (No, I did not intentionally adopt a problem dog with no research. He was plopped on a warehouse doorstep, so he came to my house to wait until his home was found. Nobody claimed him, so he's up for adoption) Thanks to your articles and finding a good specialized trainer, he is doing much better, and can find his forever home now.


      Hm Sarah, I just read it again: under the proposed CHANGE, subscribers "would receive FIRST all the Periodicals that match their dog and interest!! Only thereafter the Periodicals that I deem important and educational to every German Shepherd owner."

      Which part isn't clear?
      I doubt the Periodicals are any clearer. Cause I can't think of a way to write it clearer. Can you?

      >by commenting I periodicals with suggestions & feedback, I get give-aways?
      You always got, and get yes. Every Periodical is a give-away. Plus free books are give-aways. For example ALL FIVE FREE BOOKS offered here are still available/obtainable because, guess what, NOT ONE PERSON has commented! :shock:
      Plus free site memberships are give-aways.

      In fact, I don't know ANY other website that gives away so much for free. - Maybe that's why others prosper, while we struggle to pay the bills. :-(


    Squire is almost 9 months old now and we have all benefited from the wealth of information in your periodicals....please don't change anything!


      Thanks Jack! Just why have you never posted under a single Periodical then?

      I can't understand why other sites get hundreds of "comments" on mediocre "news", while we get zero "comments" on some of the Periodicals, and nowhere near "enough" on any of them - considering that thousands, tens of thousands read them!


    Hi Tim, Stryker Thank's you for the Birthday wish ( 1y.o 6-9)! All of your Periodicals have been very useful in training Stryker. He's acting like a "teenager" now and won't stop growing!!(80lbs. now). Thank you for your FREE information since were in a $ hardship or I would pay for the other things you offer, I hope things get better soon so I can? Keep up the great work,and Thank you again, Jim&Stryker


      Thanks Jim.

      PS: No hardship is so hard that I can't comment on what I've read if it helped me (likewise if it didn't). Cause commenting is free :-D


    Hi Tim,
    I haven't left comment previously as I have thought the site & Periodicals have been informative or at least a good refresher. From an expat living in California with a 3 year old Shepherd, I would just like to say thank you.
    Sometimes no news (feedback) is good news.


      Sure, now multiply your "sometimes" by say 10,000.
      Is that still "good news" for you?

      You're facing one, I am facing a few ten thousand. Almost all the same thinking that you have. :roll:


    I love reading the periodicals I have a 20 month old shepherd and he is aggressive sometimes I try to teach him to bring the ball back and he does not drop it for me he will run and get it start to bring it and keeps it in his mouth. He use to get along with other dogs for the e 18 months and now he snaps at them he is a big dog at 120 pounds so I'm trying to be a good pack leader but not always working


    I enjoy reading the information sent to me. As the owner of a 3yo female with toy obsession I'm always looking for ways to help her overcome that "quirk". I don't see why I have to justify the fact that I don't comment on the periodical, but since I don't want to get a snarky response to this as so many other people here have received from you... I only access my email from work. I print off the periodical to read later when I have time, which can be days later since I work, have a family and a dog to take care of. What change do I want to see? You could start by changing your attitude. If you don't enjoy running this site, then don't do it. Secondly, as a first time GS owner I was interested in reading about the breed and "typical" behaviours, what they are bred for, illnesses to watch out for... basic breed information. Then I was interested in proper diet, mental and physical activity and training methods. Thanks again for all of the information you've provided for us. I personally am grateful for a site that is dedicated to this beautiful breed.


      I am shocked by your comment. Your first. Of course.
      My "attitude"? What attitude do you have to judge people who fulfil a role no one else fulfils? Who bear thousands of remarks from grotesk to impertinent and everything in between. You don't do that. And still you judge. You have any idea how many weirdoes you would attract if you built sth like this?
      But then you say you appreciate that role. You contradict yourself. Appreciation and insult don't match.

      Personally I am the most humorous adult I know. We employ staff (contractors) to help eg getting rid of all the SPAM and impertinence that hits large sites these days. I can't speak for them, and I don't need to.

      snarky response, so many people received? You should apply to court, you're an amazing judge. If you can't speak for yourself, leave others out.

      Now is this a snarky response? No way, it matches exactly the tone of the sender, you. As it always does here.
      I will never accept some rude judge to enjoy my humor, that's reserved for friendly people, grateful people, normal people. Spammers and idiots get back what they send out. As it should be.

      Unsubscribe. Now.


      Wow, Joanne,
      You have a strange way of showing appreciation! Do you have any idea how much time and effort these periodicals entail? Have you really read them? I cant see that you have, or you would realize how much research Tim has put into this site. You obviously also haven't much of a sense of humor or you would recognize it when you see it. You must be new to this site or you would know how much work Tim put into this even when he was very sick. I have seen some really stupid things said, and some really lame excuses for doing the wrong thing. I even held back from criticizing someone else on this periodical because I think she needs a stuffed dog instead of a real one, but you just show no appreciation at all and really don't know enough to criticize Tim. You owe him an apology for sure!


    Very new to the site. Discovered it looking for help with my GSD who has become a little over protective of me. I think the change would be great as I have not gotten in periodicals on relevant subject matter. I have started reading your books to speed up the process.


      Thanks, I've noted down your point for a future Periodical, over-protective GSD.

      There's still so much more I could feature in Periodicals! I just don't find the time anymore, now that I am out of bed.


    This is wonderful and so informative. As a new owner of a 9 week old GSD, I appreciate all the help I can get. Axel is a smart pup and your info has been so helpful to me. We have a long way to go, so please keep up the great work and advice!!!


    Btw .... Thanks so much for the free books ..... Have been fabulous and great info for me and my new puppy !!


      Good to hear, have you posted feedback under each you read?
      Please do so. Would help, give a bit in return.



    I think I'd like the new system. I got a new puppy and some of your periodicals were ones I couldn't use then (How to Care for the Senior GSD, for example, doesn't quite help with an 8-week old). This then, would mean periodicals suitable for the age of the dog, rather than just the interests of the owner.

    I especially enjoyed your puppy's diary.



      That's an interesting new suggestion, gives the whole thing a new spin, by age. If possible at all I don't know yet. Thanks!


    As a new GSD owner I find the periodicals to be very helpful and certainly appreciate them! The new format sounds fine. We love to to take our RV to campgrounds multiple times per year. Would love to hear comments and suggestions on traveling (short and long distance) as well as handling her in a campground. We haven't taken yet as she is only 10 months old, but was hoping to by this coming fall.


      Traveling we have, handling in a campground not. What is special about that?
      I haven't been to campgrounds, hence I don't know.


        Dogs have to be on a leash and quiet. The big challenge is the small amount of space in an RV. Our dog is crated at night, setting it up at night would be hard, wonder if they make one that easily collapses? Many campers bring dogs, ours is easily excited. And lastly how to handle her when we are just sitting at the campsite? Crate outside? Tie her with a leash? She's not one just to sit at your feet for very long!


        - on-leash all the time: unsuitable for GSDs
        - quiet: no problem, with training
        - crated/you mean kenneled at night? space confinement produces stress for the whole next day!
        - collapsable crate? Yes, see this, but every extra hour in it is one too much!
        - Think how many hours you would feel comfy crated - no different for a dog
        - crated outside? No, and never in the sun.

        I would only choose campgrounds where the dog does not have to be leashed. GSDs are not made for the leash, you know that. But then, already my new puppy is so controllable that he would stay in our RV perimeter no matter what. Of course to keep it that way for an entire weekend he would need to be exercised a lot. Exercise in a small space? Tail teaser is ideal.


    I really enjoy this periodical. I find a lot of helpful tips. I am a new shepherd owner. He brings us much joy. My only issue is does anyone know the best way to get a puppy to improve his bite inhibition? He is so smart. In the 5 weeks we have had him, he has learned to sit, stay, play fetch, shake, etc., bit he can't seem to grasp the concept that I am not a chew toy. And his bites hurt! Also, at what age can we take him camping? My son is a cub scout and we go camping at least twice a year. I would love to bring him along.


    Love the format, and all info is beneficial.

    Rhayden and I thank you!


    Hi Tim,

    I just signed up about a month ago after we brought home our first GSD (puppy). I would be completely ignorant and lost (in many ways I still am) had it not been for your periodicals. So firstly, thank you for your knowledge, time and sacrifice. As for your proposed new changes, I am in agreement. I also have to second the suggestion given by @KJ Dante regarding age appropriate periodicals that are more relevant to our dog's current growth cycle. Nevertheless, I haven't clicked on a link yet where I haven't received some beneficial or practical information from you. So once again, thank you! Woof (that was our 3-month-old Princess saying thanks as well). :)


      Most welcome, Robert, helpful feedback!

      Sacrifices, yes, my new puppy is suffering from neglect. :-?


    When I first got my GSD it was my first time ever having a puppy. I was kind of clueless. I found this site and started reading all the articles I could, and they helped so much. Getting the emails with the links to the current articles was always so ironic because most of the time what the topic was, was exactly what was going on with my GSD Remi. The articles have been so helpful! Keep up the great work!


      Thanks for feedback Tiara!
      Oddly, what you say there, "Getting the emails with the links to the current articles was always so ironic because most of the time what the topic was, was exactly what was going on with my GSD", I've heard a few times - nice coincidence, because I can't know what you or someone else needs at the time, right? Great! :-)


    The proposed way sounds good. However, even though I had had multiple dogs before finding your site (not gsd) I still didn't know how ignorant I was about gsd until AFTER reading your books and periodicals. So not sure if a newbie would know what to check and what they needed to know.

    Can't say thanks enough for all of the help you gave us with Raja when a puppy. Our aggressive puppy is now a well behaved, calm 2 yr old. We rescued an 11 month old female from the pound in Jan. She was incredibly well trained inside--outside she had some issues. But we have gone back over your info and she too is turning into a very well behaved teenager--although hyper, hyper, hyper!

    Your site definitely saved my sanity and made two gsd much happier!


      Thanks for writing in Launa! :-)

      A lot of respondents say sth along the line "How would I have known before I got it that I need it" yet they like the suggested change.

      So now I am between two chairs. It seems implementing a combination would suit most readers.


    Your periodicals have helped me so much with my rescue 21mth old GSD, she has really come along well. You have helped me understand her better and I appreciate all your advice and hard work you put in to give us all this fantastic info. Thank you :)


    Lady JoZ and I read all you write we are concerned with health, food, good manners ,. Thank you for the time and effort you put in.

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