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My New Puppy Diary 92


puppy beach poopLast time on the beach I noticed that Miguel seemed to be ingesting a lot of sand, either coincidentally when taking sticks or whatever in his mouth, or possibly eating the sand? Afterwards I forgot to check the poop, but this time I did: Yesterday we went to the beach again (nothing new to report there), and this morning this is Miguel's poop (see the pic). I was already about to bag it when I thought: "You've got to keep this in the diary for posterity!"

So there you have it. Proof that this puppy still ingests "tons" of sand! sad

beach pathI won't make him wear the muzzle though when we go to the beach: Far too much exercise, excitement, and panting to limit the pup's breathing in any way! He would get a heat stroke. And when he's in the water, he might drown. So certainly no muzzle for us on the beach.

Not even on the way to the beach (a couple of kilometers on wooden piers and sand paths, as you see on the photo here). I really hate the muzzle anyway: Just the thought of the muzzle being dunked in poop and all sorts of other stuff (I've seen it countless times, I've rinsed off the muzzle countless times!) makes me shudder. Therefore I will not risk that Miguel touches me with that thing on a beach day! The muzzle serves its purpose, no doubt. But I won't let it spoil my day. Strangely, other people don't mind to be touched by the dog's muzzle, they even touch the muzzle as lovingly as they touch the dog. rolleyes

puppy in isolationAfter the beach trip I always take the puppy to the water tap at the play court that you've seen before, to rinse off the salt before we even get back indoors. And last night he was SO difficult - it was almost impossible to get him to stand for a second under the tap - that I sent him straight into isolation when we got home!

What was cool about that: I only had to open the door to the isolation room and point my hand in there, and Miguel understood from this body language and from the overall atmosphere that he has to go in isolation. And so he did! He walked in there and lay down. mrgreen

Does your puppy know when to go in isolation, and goes there?

Now that shows a degree of conscience that surprises me. Normally Miguel hides his German Shepherd intelligence so well that I got to think of him as being a Retard, but now he makes such a BIG mistake! Maybe secretly he is very smart, he just doesn't want to reveal it so that I have no high expectations?

kong for puppyToday is a new day, and Miguel again behaved super-well during the night with free run of the house and terrace except the kitchen. Around 11 am while in the kitchen on a whim I decide to prepare a tightly stuffed Kong for the puppy. Frankly, I also seek some peace from his permanent attention-seeking - the problem when you work from home: the dog thinks "Hey, my Pack buddy is sitting there and is probably bored as well, let's have some fun together!" - rather than having fun on its own. sad

stuffed KongOn the photo you see just how much I am stuffing into the Kong Extreme. After all we have to live up to its name, right? And so I am tightly stuffing 7 different items in the Kong. If it wasn't made of the most durable rubber, it would burst under the load.

I don't know how dogs manage to do it, but 15 minutes later Miguel is seeking my attention again, I check the Kong, and indeed it is EMPTY! Be aware that dogs have nothing but their tongue to get all the food out through a hole of just 3.2 cm / 1.26 in diameter (I just measured it). Pure magic.

Speaking of Kong: In the footage below you see how I proceed to safely take away food from a dog:

  • First I ASK and then WAIT to see if the dog stays calm when I come close to his food possession
  • Then I have my ARM in front of the dog's eyes when my hand takes away his food possession

Polite and cautious, just to be sure!

puppy teatimeAnd speaking of treats in general: Here you see Miguel's teatime today. We brought this lovely habit with us from the UK, a "small meal" around 5-ish, not just for myself but also for the puppy of course. Inconsistent as I am regarding feeding times, we vary it between 3 to 5 pm though. Today it is:

  • 7 chunks of chicken
  • 1 pear
  • 8 strawberries
  • and cornflakes (uncounted, sorry - I still love to hear him crunching them)

Now, isn't this a tasty and healthy puppy treat? Sure it is! Note that it's a TREAT, like the beach afternoon above. Miguel is still getting tons of food treats throughout the day, but never as response or as expectation for behavior. The word itself makes clear that treats are not meant to be for good behavior: When you treat your spouse or friend to something, you don't do it as an exchange of value either (hopefully), right?

The pup's lunch you see on the left, the pup's dinner you see on the right:

puppy lunchpuppy dinner

puppy lunchAnd as we are at it, this is tonight's moonshine meal. In the prior week I wrote: "now we are (finally) down to regularly four meals a day (plus treats)" - well, I am not so sure about that: Because I am (unfortunately) still feeding this puppy at varying times throughout the day and night, I noticed that sometimes I've been unsure how many meals he got. eek

Then I serve the puppy another meal, just in case he hasn't had enough. So, at times Miguel is still getting five meals a day, plus treats. He's certainly never getting less than four meals a day: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and moonshine meal.

As you will clearly notice, all of todays meals (breakfast too) are from the same lot of prepared food. Variety doesn't mean all meals in a day have to be different. No. Keep it simple. Do it quick. smile

puppy getting carrotsCarrots: I steam them also, but the ends that I cut off Miguel gets raw. The beginnings, where they grow, I throw away because that's where any pesticidies will accumulate if used - which is likely. He clearly isn't as eager for carrots though as he is eager for meat and poultry. Yet, he always eats what I give him.

This puppy has never shrugged off any food that I've given him. If your puppy or adult dog does, (s)he could be unwell, yes, or (s)he really may not like the food (if it's horrible what you feed?), however most of the time this behavior indicates that the dog experiences a conflict in the Pack, (s)he has not accepted you as Pack leader. As you may know, dogs show this by demonstratively walking away from food that you have put down (they don't walk away from other food).

Also, this puppy knows from our established night routine that I may be filling his moonshine meal bowl early - here even on the floor(!) because I am washing up and can't use the sink counter - and he may watch me doing this, but he may not storm towards the bowl. Instead he has to wait calmly until after our midnight walk to relieve. And he does:

puppy poop slipI don't have a video of what comes next, because it's one of those things that happen out of the blue: Today we can return to the play court, after the break that we had to take when Miguel injured himself. Sometimes we play a bit of hide-and-seek around this area, like you saw already here, and so we do today.

So, I am hiding behind the staircase that you can make out on the photo here. Then Miguel comes running, and he is so fast that he doesn't see and doesn't avoid some soft dog poop that I didn't notice either because I went into hiding from the other side.

I literally see Miguel slipping on that soft poop and losing balance for a second - like we people do! It looks hilarious, and I may say so because dogs with their four paws can balance amazingly well, such that nothing happens. So today is the first time ever that I see a DOG slipping on DOG poop! Makes me miss the video. mrgreen

There is no way I let this puppy back indoors with this! For a moment I am thinking of giving this dirty dog to a shelter, but I just about manage to refrain from doing so. wink

The pup gets washed his feet under the court's water tap, he has to walk on grass, and back at the house I am using THREE Pawtizers to make sure his feet are properly disinfected.

Speaking of poop: I have not yet been able to get my new puppy to poop straight into the bag that I lay out for him:

puppy misspuppy missNo, that was a joke. I actually only just got this idea when I saw these photos: I should teach the dog to poop right in the bag - and then take the bag to a bin!

But hey, I am not a dog trainer, let them achieve this first. I need to ask a TOP trainer like Doggy Dan if his dogs can do this.

Can your dog do this? mrgreen


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