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My New Puppy Diary 32


During the next day, the puppy doesn't want to walk at all, and he hasn't made a single sound since the day before. Today, his health however seems to be improving slowly: Late in the afternoon, he's making the first sounds again: his typical whining when I start stirring his meal in the bowl, and his typical barking when I am going to the main door and open it. In the evening he's even a bit playful.

Suddenly around 10 pm, the situation makes a turnaround: First my puppy starts to breathe heavily while he's napping, then around 11 pm this turns into fast and heavy breathing while he's awake. He looks and behaves like being stressed from pain. I am taking his rectal body temperature: 40.3 C / 104.5 F - fever!

After 10 min I am taking it again: no change. I am calling the local vet's mobile number. The vet highlights the following generally helpful points:

  • If the fever reaches 41 C / 105.8 F, take him to a clinic (I'd say: if you're close - else at 40 C / 104 F)
  • Fever spikes - it's "okay" to suddenly go up even though the dog is sleeping
  • To try to bring down the fever, keep the pup's paws cool
  • Try to get the dog to drink water

feverish puppyI am doing just that: Cooling his paws with kitchen paper towel wetted with cold tap water, and motivating him to drink cold tap water (must not be ice-cold, that would be the wrong approach, namely shock).

  • breath rate rest: 98
  • heart rate rest: 110

30 min later, next temperature check: 40.4 C / 104.7 F - worsening! Refreshing the paw-cooling kitchen paper towels, giving him more water to drink!

Now the pup is getting increasingly anxious. I am thinking "maybe it's because he needs to pee after all he's been drinking recently", and so I decide to carry the puppy downstairs. However, everytime I grab under his belly, he's getting angry. He clearly has pain there. Okay, I am not carrying him, he is willingly going down with me all by himself. Outside: relieving.

Back inside: Next temperature check. This time, the puppy is unruly, he doesn't want anything to enter his anus, not even the tiny thermometer end. After 5 interrupted measurements I am finally able to keep the thermometer in his anus until it beeps. The display shows: 40.2 C / 104.4 F - either slight improvement or wrong measurement, I am wondering?

Let's not stress him more at the moment. Indeed, shortly thereafter he is lying down relatively calm. Fast breathing continues, but no more heavy breathing. Good: He's still stressed, but pain (or discomfort from the fever) is decreasing. I am letting him doze - he isn't sleeping, he's opening his eyes at times. Rest is the best upon infection.

By now (00:35) I myself am so tired that my eyes are falling asleep - only my fingers are still typing - this.

Suddenly my fingers also sto


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