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Top Dog Authority Site

With way over TWO MILLION dog lovers from all over the world The Cynology Hub MyGermanShepherd.Org manifests its position as the TOP DOG AUTHORITY SITE for all:

  • from Dog Health
  • to Dog Training
  • to Dog Care.

Because it's all interrelated!

Naturally MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG is the shepherd leading the herd... as it should be. Always ahead in each topic: We bring brains to the dog world. wink

Finally someone! bow

And here, the menu is your friend. Really:

Top Dog Authority Site

At MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG we put immense effort into having:

  1. 100% truly helpful and unique content!
  2. Clearly labeled and structured menu to find what you need!
  3. And zero spam: neither spammy comments, nor spammy ads, nor popups, "exit screens", and all that ... garbage IMHO!

Or what's your opinion?

Each of these points markedly distinguishes us from all those "dog blogs" out there: full of rehashed outdated copies of what others taught decades ago...

what-dog-blogs-doAnd did you notice?

Those copies make only 15% of their page content: 85% of their pages are ads and affiliate offers... rolleyes

We need a little bit of that as well to keep the lights on, no doubt. And you need a lot more quality than they can offer.


So here, all this is for your benefit.

Enjoy. Benefit. Even at times when you don't notice it.

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  1. mosquito-passing

    Loving this site and its advise!


    i enjoy your site. Just saw the pic of the poisoning. Horrible
    I have removed kibble.
    Thank you.
    From America


    Unfortunately IMHO the website is very disorganized and hard to follow.

    • supportive

      Are you missing advertisements?

      In that place we have a menu, shorter than in a restaurant, the key entries are:
      dog health
      dog care
      dog training.

      Very disorganized, yes thanks.
      If ever you have constructive criticism let us all know:
      - what precisely is not to your liking
      - and what precisely you'd like instead.

  4. newbie

    Hey Tim
    Our new puppy is now 6 is months old and we may have heard him bark just about 10 times so far. He is well socialized also.With this young friendly with everyone stranger or not person or other animal puppy our problem is exactly the opposite: how to make him more aggressive, more protective of his home and territory. When a stranger approaches he is just lickking his or her hands. Or he is just calmy staring at all passers by.
    How to make him more protective /aggressive or is he not yet at the right age?

  5. mosquito-passing

    Hey Tim
    Im having trouble with my 6 mo gsd female around other dogs. She does t know how hard she is playing. We tey to socialize her as much as possible. Most of the socialization is with my wife's parents dog. She just wont let up around other dogs. Sometimes she gets a little aggressive towards other dogs. I want her to be able to be around other dogs and not have to worry that a fight is going to break out. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi I am new to this sight and I just got a GSD puppy I am wanting to get some protection training but I would like to do it myself my as my local trainers are quite expensive. also what's a good way to crate train? I have had a GSD in the past but he was a love bug no agression at all but I don't want the same for her I need a protector/companion for me and my family.

  7. newbie

    I have a 5 week old puppy who bites me. He has done so from the day we brought him home (4 weeks). We have tried everything to get him to stop. I have done the sharp "yelp" and it worked for a day, but stopped the next day and it was almost as if it was a sign for him to bite more. I can not get my hand around to the scruff of his next because he goes for my hands anytime I am near his face.He originally started biting just my hands and arms, but it has turned into snapping at my face and legs. Any advice? I have been working at this from Day 1 and here we are. He is getting older and bigger so I know he has got to be stopped very soon.He is just 40 days biting everyone in home


    If i am subscribed to for the free periodical am i then a member of the site or do i need to regester.If i must regester why cant i regester the site just refresh everytime.Please help I love this site.

  9. supportive

    Hi Tim,
    I initially subscribed to your periodical back in April of this year because my partner and I were discussing wanting to get a GSD puppy and I thought "well, let me get ready for this" (typical maternal instinct) however, I'll admit that I haven't read every single periodical as faithfully as time passed, perhaps because of the lapse in time from when we originally talked about it to now. We went to America to visit my family so obviously getting a puppy before leaving the country was out of the question then we got busy back in the real world with our work and responsibilities. I purchased the puppy love bundle and have the new puppy checklist. My biggest concern is the snap biting. I had a friend get a GSD pup when I was living with her in 2012 and it was like a baby alligator. We could not get it to stop biting and man did it hurt. She has 3 kids so there was lots of tears and lots of them yelling at the poor dog which regardless of trying the "right techniques" didn't stop the problem. Thankfully my partner and I are in different situation to hers as we don't have kids yet but that is definitely in the future and I would love to have a loving GSD for my kids to grow up with as it was one of my fondest memories of growing up, although my parents were the alphas so not too much training happened from us kids. Long winded post to just ask....what else do I need to read? We get our new family member in 8-9 weeks (he was born 2 days ago).

    • supportive

      Hi Brenda, I would say it's not so much about how much you read, it's rather about whether you immerse in the right training techniques ("right" meaning, suitable for a GSD pup)!

      Example: Your friend in 2012 with 3 kids, all of whom tried varies techniques, but none of them could stop the pup's nipping (GSD pups are pretty much the world champion in this discipline).

      Now today in 2014, are you aware what your friend and her 3 kids didn't read or didn't understand - and thus certainly didn't apply?
      The ONE technique that's the right technique to control the pup's nipping. You got that in week 8 of your free MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL subscription: The most fundamental technique to become the dog's accepted Pack leader - this is exactly what your friend and her three kids failed to be! And why they suffered all the problems!!

      I just noticed that you will get much more insight now because you booked the Interview Series. A wise choice!

      However, like with your earlier "I'll admit that I haven't read every single periodical", here again you failed to get the full benefit: Note that whenever we only do a bit, we only get a bit of the results! sad

      In other words: Earlier you missed to study the free Periodicals that would guarantee that YOU (and all your kids in future too!) are the dog's accepted Pack leader (and hence the puppy behaves the way you want, and your kids are safe and happy!). And now you missed to book the essential Interview REVIEWS too. Think about it: Why would I put in OVER A MONTH of work into each Review(!) if I didn't think the Review is absolutely crucial for every dog owner?!?

      Because of your situation, and because you asked so friendly, I may upgrade your site membership for free so that you get what you absolutely need to know and apply with your new puppy. Upgrade for free, yes. grin

      But for your future (not just dog-related), I found that a much better strategy to follow in life (than your "a bit of everything" strategy) is this: Consciously go for ONE approach you feel is right, and then go all the way. Read it all, hear it all, watch it all, study it all, apply it all. Whatever it is, be consistent. - To get all the results. smile

      You say you have the Puppy Love Bundle? Damn, I would fully immerse in it, each week anew! In terms of written advice, you can't have any better! USE IT. wink

      Going forward, can you pl make sure to post on a page that fits your topic? Pl don't post on a general/any page, it will then NOT go live. No reply, nothing. Thanks for your understanding.

  10. mosquito-passing

    Tim, could you please contact me. I have my kennel up on your site but the information (address and phone number) have changed. I cannot remember my information to go in and change it. Seems the old phone number is now attached to someone else and they are upset they are getting calls. Thanks.


    Hello. I am finding many answers to my question. I really would like the best right one. I have a 7 y/o GSD. He is healthy happy and very aggressive. He bit already once and now I feel lost as to how to address his aggression. He is the only dog here and has been through all training through adult. What did I do wrong to make him snap and bite and just be barking aggressively every truck ride and door knock. Could it be his diet Iiams? What is the best food for him? He had super sensitivity to people food causing diarrhea. Thank you for this site and your help.
    Debra and Ty

    • supportive

      Hi Debra, I am a bit confused (so much to do here) didn't you ask that already some weeks ago and I replied?

      I think I replied sth along these lines (just better worded and more comprehensive, it's late here, I am tired):
      - Dogs that only received Obedience Training almost always give problems as adult dogs later, your case is not unique, rather typical
      - Please adopt the minimum features of Behavior Training
      - Start with our Adult Dog Training Essentials today
      - Do everything in there, and report back to me how well your GSD responds (we have more after that, but they are the essential basics!)
      - No, diet alone is not the culprit for aggression (unless you fed neurotoxins or such!)
      - Rather, I feel he's likely extremely stressed (Pack conflict, prime secret about dogs,...)
      - For other factors I need more background (only dog, only pet, children, who trains, shared, what training done, where sleeps, what fed, how much drink, what exercise, allergies, diseases, last vet results, weight and height, ...?)
      - what means his diet liams?
      - best food for GSD: lamb with brown rice (but not every day) + veg and fruits, no food treats, no scavenging, plenty of water!
      - yes, many GSDs have super sensitive GI tract (problem of excessive overbreeding/inbreeding of stupid breeders, sorry)

      Let me know how he improves per the above, okay?

  12. mosquito-passing

    I am reading your puppy deleopement guide at this time. On Oct1 a puppy which we believe to be a fawn colored GSD was dropped off in our neighborhood. It picked our house to come to. The vet placed the age at about 8 weeks since baby teath were actively coming in. We are keeping her. Our first dog.. I am hopeful we have not bitten off more then we can chew. We know nothing about her breeding or who the owners were.
    She is in good health!!! She is 10 weeks now and has had her first set of shots. She seems to be testing her boundaries already. We were totally unprepared for this so i hope we havent made mistakes we will regret. We are getting up to speed as fast as we can. Do you have any suggestions?

    • supportive

      Hey Darren, this seems to happen only in some states of the USA, it always strikes me with surprise that someone would just "drop off" a German Shepherd puppy! And all the more: a healthy one! I havent' heard that from anywhere else - but quite some times from the States.
      I am glad the pup picked your house as you say! Cause you immediately took her to the vet, gave shots, got a comprehensive puppy introduction (my book), and found this site. All very good! Obviously I'd urgently subscribe so that you learn over time much more, but better would have been a year ago. smile
      If you miss ANYTHING in the Puppy Development Guide, do let me know here, and I'll add it and send you the updated edition! But since you got edition 8, it's VERY comprehensive anyway. Read it twice or more wink Seriously! Then if any question whatsoever, contact me.
      Make sure you don't miss the narrow window of opportunity for spaying: For her that's in 2 weeks to 6 weeks the LATEST! You'll later see why.
      Don't vaccinate against diseases uncommon in your area, and by all means don't wait with Socialization until "she got all shots" - what so many people are doing (wrong!).
      Challenge her mentally, start proper training immediately (Behavior Training plus basic Obedience Training).
      But all that is in the Puppy 101 too.
      ENJOY your GSD!!

  13. newbie

    I have a female GSD & a male blue heeler/dingo mix.... Yesterday a female GSD was wondering up the road and almost got hit by a car & I got her to come to me after a few minutes... my guestion is how is the best way for them to meet? Boy dog is doing OK till he trays to sniff her back side, she just jumps away from him. But she wants to play. My girl gsd wants to bark and grawl and the other gsd sort of freaks out and runs away. Is there something I can do to get my GSD to stop being aggressive?

  14. supportive

    Sure, with me no problem Jason! Am just about to upload 7th edition though cause I am launching the Dog Training Toolkit book at the same time. So gimme a few days and I'll let you know the day I make it free.

  15. mosquito-passing

    This not a comment but a question about your book Puppy Development Guide.
    My name is Jason Shuffield and I'm the Product Manager here at Dogwise. I was wondering if we could get a review copy of your book. If this would be possible let me know and I will get you the address to send it to. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks for your time
    Jason Shuffield

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Jonathan: Thank you for your period advice. It is excellent! My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly.

Dwayne: I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!

Penny: Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it's nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.

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