Jan 102016

The title sounds a bit like geographical coordinates or travel directions, doesn't it?

But no, Sunday, 10 January 2016 was the first full day since MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG transfers all data to you, and receives all data from you, using SSL data encryption (Secure Socket Layer)! So from today you may visit https://mygermanshepherd.org, instead of https://mygermanshepherd.org. The small letter s at the front makes a huge difference, safety-wise.

The move from http to https was a lot of work, and it started out with worries because on 9 January 2016 initially the move took the site down. Here's the "photo story":

First you may have seen something like this:

http to https move problems

Then you may have seen this:

http to https move problems

Then your browser may have shown something like this:

http to https move problems

... or maybe this:

http to https move problems

At this point our web admin got a LOT of work to iron out smaller and bigger problems.

But now the result is: MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG is safe!

https for MyGermanShepherd.org

The SSL data encryption fits very well to our new website design and functionality. :-D

So how does MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG now compare with BIG AMAZON?

Amazon SSL security report

As you can see:

  • Certificate quality: the same
  • Protocol support quality: the same
  • Key exchange quality: the same
  • Cipher Strength: MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG better than BIG AMAZON!

Nice. :-D


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    It all sounds like a bunch of gobble-d-gook but its working and that's all I care about!! What I know about computers you could fit in a teaspoon! I do know that the s means secure so I am happy about that, and happy you are up and running. Good job.


    My dear you must have a good reason for creating this new site. Believe me we had been very happy with the old site .
    Due to personal and family health problems I did not have the opportunity to respond. Hope you forgive me. Besides,I've been having problems with my beloved Bandit as he keeps getting ear infections....wish I knew why... His doctor won't put him on antibiotics unless I detect puss in his ear, which,luckily, he does not get.Poor big baby.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear!


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