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My New Puppy Diary - Index

 Reviewed 11 April 2019 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion dogphoto

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In addition, here's an extra Index page of My New Puppy Diary.

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9 reasons why a young puppy may be stressed
accepted Pack leader, ch25, ch38, ch65, ch78, ch92
adenovirus, ch37, ch39
adolescence, ch19, ch71, ch78, ch85
adoption age, ch4, ch5
agility, ch25, ch38, ch46
aggression, ch94, ch95
allergy, ch66, ch79, ch91
alone at home, ch95
anemia, ch28, ch34, ch37, ch39, ch41, ch44, ch46, ch51, ch96
anesthetics, ch28, ch51, ch53
anger management
antibiotics, ch34, ch36, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch46, ch50, ch52, ch53, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch79, ch87, ch88, ch91
antibody, ch68, ch96
anti-inflammatories, ch24, ch39, ch68
appeal to pay-it-forward
attention-seeking, ch21, ch55, ch82, ch85, ch92
audio, ch3, ch20, ch31, ch36, ch50, ch55, ch62, ch88
auscultation, ch22, ch52, ch71, ch93, ch95
awareness, ch85
bacteria, ch21, ch31, ch34, ch36, ch39, ch62, ch65, ch80, ch88
bad breath
barking, ch32, ch35, ch38, ch57, ch64, ch65, ch71, ch82, ch88, ch94, ch95
barrier, ch79, ch82
begging, ch66
behavior, ch15, ch17, ch21, ch22, ch23, ch25, ch30, ch31, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch36, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch43, ch44, ch48, ch49, ch50, ch51, ch55, ch56, ch57, ch60, ch61, ch65, ch76, ch78, ch79, ch81, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch85, ch86, ch89, ch90, ch94, ch95
behavior training, ch20, ch27, ch38, ch42, ch46, ch56, ch57, ch58, ch59, ch61, ch63, ch65, ch66, ch67, ch74, ch77, ch78, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch85, ch86, ch88, ch89, ch90, ch92, ch94, ch95
big amazon order, ch86
big destruction list and photo story
big dog toys and games video story
big food list
big food cost list
big house training list, ch66
big measurements chart
big puppy's daily food intake photo story
big stress list
big total cost analysis
biochemical analysis, ch43, ch96
bite inhibition training, ch4, ch27, ch29, ch30, ch43, ch66
biting, ch49, ch81, ch95
bleeding, ch10, ch24, ch31, ch34, ch44, ch53, ch68, ch85
bloat, ch19, ch41, ch50, ch63
blood disease, ch37, ch39, ch42, ch53
blood smear, ch39, ch65
blood test, ch21, ch25, ch27, ch28, ch33, ch34, ch36, ch37, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch51, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch87, ch96
blood type, ch21, ch96
blowing the coat
body language, ch26, ch38, ch43, ch48, ch78, ch79, ch81, ch82, ch84, ch85
body posture
body shape, ch73
body system, ch21, ch24, ch29, ch66, ch79, ch87, ch91, ch93
body temperature range
bone marrow
boredom, ch21, ch29, ch55, ch59, ch65, ch80, ch82, ch92, ch94
breathing, ch11, ch22, ch30, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch51, ch55, ch57, ch59, ch68, ch78, ch82, ch92, ch93, ch94, ch95
breed standard, ch69, ch73
breed standard organization
breeder, ch2, ch4, ch6, ch54, ch95
canine vital records sheet, ch75
carrying a puppy, ch32, ch33, ch34
catheter, ch33
chained, ch70, ch73
chewing, ch6, ch38, ch39, ch44, ch45, ch55, ch56, ch60, ch64, ch65, ch66, ch70, ch71, ch78, ch80, ch82, ch89, ch90, ch95
city walk, ch82
cleaning, ch5, ch6, ch17, ch22, ch23, ch27, ch30, ch33, ch47, ch48, ch50, ch51, ch58, ch60, ch65, ch69, ch73, ch74, ch80, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch95, ch96
coat, ch42, ch50, ch85, ch87, ch91
collar, ch46, ch47, ch48, ch49, ch51, ch52, ch55, ch61, ch70, ch74, ch79
collar freeze, ch26, ch69
command training, ch57, ch63, ch65, ch66, ch67, ch73, ch75, ch76, ch79, ch82, ch83, ch84
confidence, ch81, ch94, ch95
conjunctivitis, ch88
consciousness, ch9, ch10, ch21, ch22, ch25, ch26, ch37, ch56, ch61, ch72, ch73
consistency, ch8, ch10, ch16, ch25, ch38, ch52, ch55, ch56, ch63, ch65, ch66, ch69, ch78, ch84, ch92, ch95
cooking, ch4, ch50, ch62, ch66, ch86, ch95
coproculture, ch65, ch96
coproparasite test, ch65
coronavirus, ch33
cost, ch7, ch9, ch36, ch37, ch42, ch45, ch46, ch51, ch52, ch56, ch58, ch60, ch62, ch64, ch65, ch66, ch72, ch79, ch86, ch88, ch91, ch96
couch, ch8, ch9, ch17, ch27, ch30, ch30, ch33, ch34, ch39, ch40, ch46, ch51, ch60, ch83
crate, ch9, ch27, ch54
crate building
crate training, ch66
curiosity, ch16, ch46
dairies, ch62
dangerous dog, ch30, ch44, ch47, ch51, ch72, ch85, ch90, ch94
dehydration, ch23, ch30, ch32, ch38, ch50, ch78
destruction, ch57, ch62, ch66, ch80
deworming, ch54, ch60, ch70, ch74, ch88, ch96
diarrhea, ch31, ch33, ch34, ch61
diatomaceous earth
diet, ch14, ch16, ch19, ch21, ch26, ch35, ch37, ch39, ch41, ch42, ch56, ch64, ch89, ch91
digestion, ch13, ch14, ch23, ch56, ch57, ch64, ch75, ch77, ch89
dipylidium caninum, ch46, ch46, ch65
disinfection, ch65
distemper virus, ch28, ch40, ch42, ch44, ch49, ch51, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch96
distinguishing feature
distraction, ch67, ch76, ch77, ch82, ch83, ch86
dog show, ch80
dog talk
dog trainer, ch30, ch38, ch46, ch57, ch59, ch84, ch95
doxycycline, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch46, ch50, ch53, ch90
drinking, ch4, ch14, ch23, ch29, ch32, ch33, ch35, ch40, ch47, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch54, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch65, ch71, ch73, ch78, ch82, ch83, ch84
drontal, ch46, ch61
drooling, ch47, ch65
ear care, ch14, ch18, ch22, ch55, ch57, ch67, ch74, ch75, ch86
ears upright
ectropion, ch40, ch42, ch45
electricity, ch59
emergency potty, ch61, ch82
emergency stop
energy, ch33, ch37, ch67, ch68
esophagus, ch14, ch37, ch63
exercise, ch6, ch24, ch34, ch50, ch52, ch63, ch65, ch67, ch76, ch78, ch80, ch82, ch83, ch87, ch94
exhaustion, ch5, ch8, ch21, ch22, ch31, ch43, ch44, ch50, ch53, ch55, ch65, ch68, ch74, ch80, ch81, ch82, ch92
extrinsic motivation
eye care, ch69, ch73, ch88
eyes, ch13, ch22, ch29, ch32, ch33, ch37, ch40, ch42, ch45, ch49, ch56, ch60, ch67, ch68, ch69, ch73, ch88
farting, ch30, ch35, ch60
fear, ch87, ch94, ch95
fecal flotation, ch65
fecal smear, ch61
feeding routine, ch17, ch19, ch26, ch27, ch30, ch37, ch52, ch56, ch57, ch65, ch69, ch92
feeding suggestion
feeding times, ch14, ch16, ch21, ch26, ch27, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch51, ch56, ch59, ch63, ch65, ch71, ch82, ch83, ch86, ch89, ch91, ch92, ch95
fetch, ch80, ch83, ch89, ch90
fever, ch30, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch39, ch48, ch50, ch60
filling out, ch91, ch93
first autonomous walking
first ball play
first bark at other dogs
first bite inhibition training
first car trip
first coat change
first controlled play
first day
first deworming
first diarrhea
first drinking from water tap, hose or similar
first free run of the house
first harness walk
first hot spot
first humping
first isolation
first leaving alone at home
first leaving alone in car
first male pee posture
first meal
first measurements
first nail cutting (dew claws only)
first night
first pawing hind feet after defecating
first scavenging
first shedding
first shower
first sickness
first slobber
first socialization
first swimming
first teeth
first teething
first tick
first titer
first traveling
first vaccination
first vet visit
first vomiting / full-blown vomit
first x-ray
fleas, ch61, ch96
fluid therapy, ch33, ch34
flumethrin, ch57
food, ch3, ch4, ch6, ch7, ch8, ch14, ch16, ch17, ch19, ch21, ch23, ch26, ch29, ch34, ch35, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch41, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch54, ch56, ch59, ch60, ch62, ch63, ch64, ch69, ch70, ch73, ch74, ch75, ch79, ch80, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch86, ch87, ch88, ch89, ch91, ch92, ch95, ch96
food preferences, ch6, ch52
food standards
food supplements
food weights breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus treats
free run of the house, ch9, ch27, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch66, ch70, ch71, ch73, ch82, ch83, ch85, ch86, ch89, ch92, ch95
freeze, ch58, ch65, ch66, ch88
frustration, ch5, ch42, ch47, ch52, ch80
fun, ch7, ch38, ch39, ch42, ch44, ch51, ch52, ch54, ch55, ch57, ch59, ch64, ch67, ch68, ch73, ch74, ch75, ch76, ch78, ch80, ch81, ch84, ch85, ch89, ch90, ch92, ch96
fungal, ch36
gait, ch48, ch52, ch91
games, ch39, ch52, ch55, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch62, ch75, ch78, ch80, ch92, ch94, ch96
gastric torsion, ch19, ch41, ch56, ch63
general exam, ch36
gesture-eating, ch56
giardia, ch35, ch46, ch46, ch60, ch65, ch70
go-cheap-but-real feeding suggestion
go training
grooming, ch29, ch30, ch38, ch45, ch48, ch67, ch74
growth, ch29, ch35, ch39, ch41, ch44, ch49, ch55, ch56, ch59, ch60, ch62, ch63, ch64, ch69, ch73, ch75, ch76, ch78, ch85, ch87, ch91, ch93
guide dog, ch70
hair, ch42, ch49, ch74
hair clipping
hair loss, ch52
harness, ch76
health, ch8, ch10, ch11, ch12, ch13, ch14, ch15, ch16, ch18, ch19, ch21, ch22, ch23, ch25, ch27, ch28, ch30, ch31, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch36, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch41, ch45, ch47, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch53, ch54, ch55, ch56, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch63, ch64, ch65, ch66, ch67, ch69, ch70, ch71, ch74, ch78, ch79, ch82, ch84, ch85, ch87, ch88, ch91, ch95, ch96
heart rate, ch11, ch22, ch30, ch32, ch37, ch38, ch52, ch57, ch78, ch82, ch93, ch95
heartworm, ch65, ch74, ch94
heat stroke, ch92
hemobartonella canis, ch39, ch46
hemogram, ch21, ch25, ch27, ch28, ch33, ch34, ch36, ch37, ch39, ch42, ch51, ch96
hemoparasites, ch37, ch39
hemotropic mycoplasmosis
hepatitis, ch28, ch34, ch37, ch96
hind leg weakness
hip dysplasia, ch53, ch54, ch90
holistic vet, ch29, ch30, ch31, ch36
homeopathic vet, ch17, ch21, ch25, ch28, ch29, ch30, ch31
hormonal issue, ch59
horner syndrome
hospital, ch34, ch35, ch36, ch37, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch44, ch45, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch53, ch54, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch65, ch66, ch68, ch70, ch88, ch90, ch96
hot spot, ch52, ch91
housebreaking, ch9, ch27, ch50, ch60, ch66, ch90, ch95
house training, ch6, ch8, ch21, ch27, ch48, ch50, ch55, ch57, ch58, ch61, ch66, ch71, ch73, ch86, ch94
how much to feed a puppy
humping, ch16, ch38, ch59
hungry puppy, ch16, ch17, ch26, ch34, ch37, ch40, ch41, ch50, ch51, ch56, ch62, ch64, ch65
imidacloprid, ch57
immune system, ch24, ch28, ch33, ch34, ch36, ch39, ch44, ch46, ch49, ch51, ch54, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch79, ch87, ch91, ch93
immune system disorder, ch46, ch66, ch79, ch91, ch95
infection, ch24, ch32, ch33, ch38, ch39, ch46, ch60, ch69, ch70, ch87, ch88, ch91, ch93
infestation, ch39, ch46, ch65
inflammation, ch24, ch31, ch51, ch52
injury, ch52, ch53, ch68, ch86, ch89, ch90
intestinal, ch25, ch31, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch54, ch56, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch65, ch70, ch74, ch89, ch94
intrinsic motivation
ionogram, ch96
isolation, ch4, ch6, ch7, ch29, ch58, ch65, ch69, ch82, ch92
jumping, ch66, ch90
kennel, ch9, ch35, ch61, ch73
kibble, ch2, ch4, ch6, ch7, ch8, ch13, ch14, ch16, ch17, ch21, ch30, ch34, ch41, ch50, ch52, ch57, ch70, ch79, ch80, ch88
kitchen paper towel, ch22, ch26, ch32, ch33, ch45, ch49, ch80
large breed German Shepherd
leash training, ch66, ch74, ch76
leash walking, ch47, ch51, ch59, ch74, ch76, ch79, ch85
lethargy, ch40, ch42, ch46, ch49, ch60, ch70
liability insurance
limping, ch42, ch86
long line, ch59, ch76
macrocyclic lactones
MDR1 gene, ch96
measurements at 5w, 8w, 9w & 10w, 11w, 12w, 13w, 14w, 15w, 16w, 17w, 18w, 19w, 20w, 21w, 22w, 23w, 24w, 25w, 26w, 27w, 28w, 29w, 30w, 31w, 32w, 33w, 34w, 35w, 36w, 37w, 38w, 39w, 40w, 41w, 42w, 43w, 44w, 45w
medication, ch25, ch31, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch37, ch38, ch40, ch42, ch46, ch50, ch53, ch54, ch56, ch57, ch61, ch65, ch70, ch74, ch79, ch87, ch88, ch90, ch91, ch94, ch96
microchipping, ch54, ch75, ch79
microwave, ch40, ch54
milbemax, ch54, ch57, ch61, ch65, ch70, ch74, ch88, ch94
morning routine
mosquito, ch96
mounting, ch38, ch60
muzzle, ch22, ch33, ch38, ch40, ch42, ch43, ch47, ch48, ch54, ch55, ch56, ch57, ch61, ch70, ch76, ch83, ch85, ch87, ch92
mycoplasma hemocanis, ch37, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch46, ch51, ch90, ch96
nails, ch42, ch53
natural immunity, ch68
negative reinforcement
neurotoxins, ch48, ch52, ch57, ch61, ch64
neutering, ch27, ch28, ch51, ch53, ch59, ch79, ch84, ch87, ch96
night routine, ch71, ch89, ch92, ch94
nipping, ch4
nutrient absorption, ch19, ch21, ch56, ch64, ch91
NSAIDs, ch24, ch39
obedience training, ch20, ch38, ch42, ch57, ch61, ch70, ch78, ch84, ch88, ch94, ch95
obesity, ch46, ch52, ch57
off-leash walk, ch15, ch38, ch42, ch47, ch57, ch61, ch63, ch65, ch67, ch73, ch76, ch77, ch79, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch85, ch86, ch87, ch90, ch94
outdoor training, ch67, ch68, ch76, ch82, ch94
pack conflict
pain, ch22, ch23, ch31, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch40, ch51, ch54, ch55, ch60, ch68, ch86, ch90, ch93
panting, ch22, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch37, ch38, ch51, ch55, ch56, ch57, ch85, ch92
panting while asleep, ch32, ch39, ch57
pantry, ch29, ch35, ch54
paralysis, ch40, ch42, ch46, ch48, ch90
parasites, ch31, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch36, ch37, ch39, ch45, ch54, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch65
parvovirus, ch18, ch20, ch28, ch31, ch33, ch44, ch49, ch51, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch96
pet passport, ch96
paw care, ch20, ch52, ch53, ch56, ch83, ch90, ch92, ch95
pedigree, ch37
pee signal, ch8, ch22, ch27, ch33, ch82
peeing stimulus, ch22, ch27, ch30, ch36, ch49, ch83, ch87
penis protruding
pet food package label explanation
pica, ch25, ch51
play, ch6, ch9, ch14, ch19, ch22, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch44, ch47, ch50, ch52, ch53, ch54, ch55, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch67, ch68, ch70, ch73, ch74, ch75, ch78, ch80, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch86, ch88, ch90, ch92, ch94
play - controlled play, ch14, ch21, ch80
play style, ch80
poisoning, ch34, ch77
poop, ch5, ch10, ch13, ch22, ch25, ch30, ch31, ch34, ch35, ch38, ch42, ch50, ch56, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch63, ch65, ch70, ch72, ch77, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch87, ch88, ch89, ch92
poop signal, ch8, ch33, ch90
positive reinforcement
preventive cue
probiotic, ch60
protection, ch60
protozoan, ch35, ch36, ch37
puppy care, ch45, ch56, ch67, ch69, ch74, ch76, ch81, ch83, ch84, ch86, ch95, ch96
rabies virus, ch49, ch54, ch66, ch96
recall, ch42, ch57, ch59, ch66, ch67, ch70, ch76, ch79
red blood cells
registration, ch79
relationship building, ch75, ch78, ch80
release, ch78, ch83
relieving, ch8, ch9, ch30, ch32, ch33, ch37, ch40, ch40, ch50, ch54, ch56, ch60, ch61, ch65, ch66, ch70, ch71, ch72, ch77, ch82, ch83, ch87, ch88, ch92, ch94
rendering plant, ch16, ch19, ch50, ch52, ch59, ch70, ch79, ch91
repellent, ch46, ch48, ch57, ch61
rescue dog, ch70, ch87
responsible dog owner, ch76, ch82
retrieve, ch80, ch83, ch89, ch90
reward, ch95
routine, ch21, ch35, ch36, ch38, ch50, ch59, ch65, ch94
saliva, ch47, ch51, ch61
scanning the environment, ch81, ch82, ch85, ch90
scared puppy, ch86
scavenging, ch15, ch17, ch21, ch26, ch33, ch38, ch42, ch43, ch46, ch51, ch54, ch56, ch57, ch58, ch60, ch61, ch65, ch66, ch76, ch77, ch83, ch84, ch87
scratching, ch53, ch66
screaming, ch34, ch86, ch90
seizure, ch40
sensory awareness, ch63, ch73, ch81
separation anxiety, ch55, ch66, ch81, ch86, ch95
seresto, ch46, ch48, ch49, ch52, ch57, ch60, ch61, ch64, ch90
shake off, ch95
shake the paw
shedding, ch58, ch60, ch74, ch83, ch84
shelter, ch95
showering, ch2, ch29, ch42, ch51, ch69, ch72
sickness, ch19, ch21, ch22, ch23, ch30, ch31, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch36, ch39, ch40, ch49, ch50, ch51, ch54, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch65, ch66, ch70, ch79, ch91, ch93, ch95, ch96
skin, ch79, ch87, ch91
sleeping, ch2, ch4, ch5, ch6, ch8, ch9, ch49, ch59, ch60, ch70, ch82, ch85, ch89, ch94, ch95
slobber, ch47, ch50, ch57, ch60, ch65, ch66, ch73, ch78, ch84, ch90
socializing, ch6, ch7, ch12, ch13, ch14, ch19, ch29, ch38, ch40, ch43, ch46, ch50, ch55, ch57, ch58, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch64, ch67, ch68, ch76, ch78, ch82, ch85, ch87, ch89, ch94, ch95
solitaire play, ch80
solution for everything
spasm, ch37
SSCD, ch66, ch76
steaming, ch50, ch52, ch56, ch62, ch70, ch86
steroids, ch24, ch39, ch52, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch79, ch87, ch91
stones, ch22, ch23, ch25
stool sample, ch21, ch31, ch33, ch35, ch61, ch62, ch65, ch88
stop training
stray dog, ch17, ch54, ch57, ch67, ch72, ch76, ch77, ch79, ch81, ch84, ch85, ch87, ch88, ch90
stressed dog, ch23, ch32, ch38, ch51, ch55, ch57, ch61, ch65, ch71, ch88, ch89, ch90, ch93, ch94
stressed dog owner, ch30, ch38, ch42, ch47, ch55, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch65, ch68, ch69, ch72, ch73, ch74, ch77, ch82, ch84, ch88, ch89, ch94, ch96
stuffing a Kong
sunglasses, ch76, ch88
surgery, ch53
swimming, ch64, ch75, ch89
taking away food safely
teething, ch44, ch55
temperature, ch23, ch25, ch30, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch37, ch39, ch40, ch49, ch55, ch56, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch65, ch71, ch73, ch74, ch75, ch76, ch78, ch83, ch85, ch87, ch93
terrible four
tick, ch28, ch34, ch36, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch45, ch46, ch48, ch51, ch53, ch57, ch61, ch64, ch90, ch96
titer, ch39, ch50, ch65, ch66, ch68, ch96
together-time, ch80
tomatoes, ch14, ch57
toothbrushing, ch30, ch38, ch74
toxocara, ch62, ch65
toxoplasma, ch39
toys, ch9, ch16, ch20, ch22, ch30, ch35, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch44, ch50, ch55, ch57, ch61, ch62, ch63, ch65, ch66, ch67, ch68, ch74, ch78, ch80, ch83, ch85, ch86, ch90, ch94, ch96
toys at night, ch30, ch35
traffic training, ch25, ch43, ch63, ch66, ch68, ch76, ch77, ch79, ch82, ch84, ch94
training repetition, ch25, ch57, ch58, ch65, ch95
training (other), ch38, ch52, ch55, ch56, ch57, ch60, ch61, ch64, ch66, ch67, ch68, ch70, ch71, ch73, ch75, ch77, ch78, ch83, ch84, ch90, ch94, ch95
traveling, ch6, ch57
treasure hunt, ch41, ch60
treat, ch22, ch39, ch40, ch41, ch44, ch46, ch52, ch59, ch60, ch62, ch75, ch80, ch83, ch85, ch87, ch89, ch90, ch92, ch96
treat training, ch59
tremor, ch90
trick training
urine sample
vacci-check, ch28
vaccination, ch18, ch27, ch28, ch39, ch42, ch44, ch49, ch51, ch54, ch56, ch66, ch68, ch79, ch87, ch91, ch96
veterinarian, ch12, ch17, ch18, ch21, ch22, ch23, ch24, ch27, ch33, ch39, ch51, ch53, ch54, ch60, ch61, ch62, ch65, ch66, ch68, ch70, ch79, ch87, ch88, ch90, ch91, ch93, ch95, ch96
video, ch6, ch12, ch18, ch22, ch25, ch26, ch27, ch28, ch29, ch32, ch33, ch34, ch35, ch37, ch38, ch39, ch40, ch42, ch43, ch44, ch45, ch47, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch53, ch54, ch56, ch57, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch63, ch64, ch65, ch67, ch68, ch69, ch70, ch72, ch73, ch74, ch75, ch76, ch77, ch78, ch79, ch80, ch81, ch82, ch83, ch84, ch85, ch86, ch87, ch88, ch89, ch90, ch92, ch94, ch95
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whining, ch32, ch58, ch65, ch71
whining at night
worms, ch46, ch60, ch61, ch65, ch70, ch74, ch88
x-ray, ch39, ch53, ch96

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