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Only site members can log in, and FREE Periodical subscribers have no reason to log in.

The MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL is world-renowned for good reason.

Yet did you know that we can offer you even more dog expertise, and straight from the Top Dog Experts in the world?

Indeed, the following extras make site login very worthwhile. Plus, you help The Cynology Hub MyGermanShepherd.Org to survive.

Simply choose your desired site membership level here:

1Dog Expert Interviews with REVIEWS - limited to 4!

2MULTIMEDIA New Puppy Diary

My New Puppy Diary is the only multimedia and live puppy diary, and it's PACKED with everything a puppy owner needs to know to avoid all the puppy and adult dog problems later that other dog owners are struggling with every day!

Our Dog Expert Interviews with Expert Reviews give you the key insights of the world's TOP Dog Experts, so that YOU won't make all the mistakes that make other dog owners frustrated and poor from paying out needlessly to the wrong vets and trainers!

Only with Tim Carter's Expert Reviews you can get the combined wisdom of all the experts Tim has ever spoken with - not only the hand-picked four that made it into this series.

Nothing else can come close to getting this combined dog expertise to stop your daily dog problems NOW, and for such a tiny nominal fee.

As if the above were not enough (it is), with every selection you further get:
star Membership login credentials for full Periodical views even without social share
star All scheduled Periodicals - not limited to those for free Periodical subscribers
star And Surprise Membership Extras!

ENJOY your dog, life is precious.

P.S.: Some membership levels even include My New Puppy Diary as free extra benefit, so they would be the wisest choice. wink

Hm, just seeing Adult Dog Plus is only $34.50 but gives you savings of $44.78! Where we are foolish, you can be smart.


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  41 Site Comments, ZERO SPAM: the spam spam-free oasis on the web grin Add one


    Love the site & info. I am logged in but still can’t get past the day 5 in the my new puppy diary. I had downloaded a pdf when I first joined but the online version is better. Also note than on the first 5 days there are links that don’t bring up the video or audio clips

    • supportive

      Hey Dana, thank you! How's Alfa at 18m? Health, behavior, you?

      Sorry you're facing trouble ahead of day 5. Never heard of such issue before. Do you mean,
      - when logged in
      - when at
      - clicking Continue reading
      - you cannot reach

      I spelled out both links so that you can now try them from here as well, please do. What now?

      And to save back and forth, in case you still cannot reach Diary 6 despite that you reached Diary 5,
      would you mind trying to reach or Diary 8?

      When you reply, please DO INCLUDE your device name, because then it must be a device issue. Indeed this suggests it is a device issue: "Also note than on the first 5 days there are links that don’t bring up the video or audio clips".
      Maybe right away you'd like to try from a different device?

      We gotta nail it down! And we will mrgreen

      "I had downloaded a pdf when I first joined but the online version is better." - Please email me that! kiss-me
      Because I cannot remember to have ever published a pdf version of the New Puppy Diary...! I NEED your copy to nail down the illegal content scrapers = criminals. exclaim
      These days we can all end up downloading things without knowing the source, happens to myself too 🙁

      PS: I'd then also have specific advice for you with Alfa. If you appreciate personal advice...?


    Straight back or slant ??

  3. mosquito-passing

    Excellent site for the worlds greatest dogs !

  4. supportive

    Fumble fingers me or sneaky fingers of my kids trying to get out of my email to play
    Never mind.
    Resubscribing now

  5. supportive

    I paid for access to the puppy diaries earlier this month which is easy to access for me now.
    However I have only recieved 2 periodical emails even though I subscribed to them earlier in December.
    I thought I read they were weekly?
    Does paying for puppy diaries remove periodical emails?
    Or are they more random in arrival than I thought?
    Do not want to miss a thing!

    • supportive

      Huh, then they landed in your spam folder of your email service provider, Michelle. The Periodicals are of course not withheld, lol, they come every week and are more punctual than the subway, airplane, bus etc.* In fact the New Puppy Diary links to many Periodicals outright, so that you can "jump ahead" as much as you like. smile

      * More precise, the Periodicals only start not coming punctually every week from the time when I was hospitalized (about 7 months later if I remember correctly). In year two they come every two weeks (they are more difficult to prepare), in year three only every month or so, lol. I always wanted to reorganize the send schedule, but haven't because thousands of subscribers would be totally upset "getting the same twice", "being left out getting some", etc... (it's hard to explain) rolleyes

      Anyway, please check your spam folder, and make sure you replied to that very first email from that reads sth like "Reply to this email or your service provider may be putting all emails in your spam folder": When you replied to that, they put our email address in your "contacts" list or sth.

      • supportive

        I replied to the email.
        There is nothing in my "junk" folder older than a week.
        I will try getting on my laptop to figure out my email settings to keep "junk" longer.
        So frustrating. Too busy reading your books to notice earlier lol

      • supportive

        "There is nothing in my "junk" folder older than a week." Hmm, another idea, did you subscribe with different emails? Just asking because some people did, and didn't remember, and so didn't look at their other email account they subscribed with. mrgreen

        I thought I just look, and uups!, I see you accidentally hit one of the three UNsubscribe links we have in every email:
        "This person unsubscribed on Dec 30, 2016 2:50 am
        After receiving "Day3_Top Toys" Reason: Unspecified"

        Before you ask, I cannot resubscribe you, no. But the good point is: You won't get anything double other than the very first Periodical on criteria etc for toys, because that's the only one you got. Would you mind doing that Michelle? Any problem, let me know, thanks again. smile

        (in case Mailchimp don't let you resubscribe with the same email(?) please choose another)

  6. newbie

    Sad to say that I lost my Anna Schoen Fraulein 3 months ago. Happy to say that I got a new German Shepherd puppy, Greta Schotzi Schoen. HELP!!!
    She has all the bad habits that my Anna did not have. Digging large holes in my yard, obsessed with eating mud and chewing rocks and flowers. Even the mud and plants in my house. Yikes! Please tell me where to start. I definitely understand that it's i that needs the training not puppy.
    She is very social with other dogs that's about it much as I can say. Have looked into several puppy classes but read that you disagree with that. Please enlighten me. For now that's all I have time to write . Have had Greta in a crate for a few weeks then hoping she would be okay gave her freedom of having two rooms in the house, kitchen and bathroom. She chewed up my kitchen rug and got my mail off of a chair and chewed up. So I'm back to Crate keeping while at work. We walk at least once a day for an hour. Totally trust your advice. I´m solely a German Shepherd dog lover!
    Thank you I look forward to hearing from you and any books or knowledge you can give me,

    • supportive

      How sad about Anna! How great you're happy with Greta! (apart from the few issues)
      Digging into problems challenges that I don't have a full picture of is not my style as that leads to all that inadequate "advice" found online, you see?

      Could you please give the details needed, see here, then I'll try to dig in! smile

      "I definitely understand that it's i that needs the training not puppy." - Puppy, aha! Yep, then WE need the training, indeed. To train the puppy right. And more. If you go through here you'll get a very clear picture what needs to be done. Isn't that a great decision tree? smile


    LOVE my new book on puppy development. Worth every penny!!!!! Where do I find advice for managing the relationship with our older pet (8 year old Italian greyhound-Delilah) I assumed it would work like it did when we introduced Delilah as a puppy to our previous German Shepherd mix when he was 7. I now realize I didn't properly estimate the rate of growth for our new puppy-Samson (German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix) At 12 weeks old he is already bigger than Delilah and very jealous/possessive. Samson is responding well to all training, but he just doesn't know when enough is enough with her. The techniques I have learned from the book I received today are already making a difference, but I need more guidance on that specifically, please. If you have the time I would so appreciate it. Just point me in the right direction:)

    • supportive

      Hi Stephanie, just help me to understand your problem, I am confused because you mix up book feedback with dog-dog problem. So you have two dogs or what? Older Greyhound and GSD/Blue Heeler puppy? And GSD/Blue Heeler puppy is too rough with Greyhound? Can't read her body language? Is it that?

      You don't need to become a supporting site member, I always help PDG book owners, just pl in future post any problem straight on a page where it fits the content, so that others can find it too. idea
      The book feedback kindly post as review where you bought it, is that okay?

  8. supportive

    I am confused by your answer to Margaret, Social Worker, NC. It is now 2015. The cost per-quarter is the same as when you answered her. If I sign up, will I be paying extra for the video content? (I am picking up my new GSD, Kara, the first of May, once she's reached 8 weeks.)

    Thanks for unconfusing me.


      I am confused what you mean with "Margaret, Social Worker, NC" - Tim is not available: puppy is hospitalised! understandable, no time now. No price has increased, no, Tim doesn't do such thing, the early-bird privileges are gone, no-one now would be "early-bird", women bear a child in 9 months lol. What the interview series includes say these pages, I have access and I am thrilled what I learned (dog owner too), totally worth every dollar yes. I can also access his new puppy diary, I am sure you can too, he is very generous always. More I don't know, sorry, I hope this 'unconfused' you.

      • supportive

        Sorry, I am now more confused than ever. What in the world does bearing a child have to do with anything? Perhaps when his dog is better and he can respond he can make sense of this for me. Until then, I probably should just read the periodicals, to which I am subscribed.

      • supportive

        What in the world does bearing a child have to do with anything?
        Is that a serious question? Okay. It has to do with evrything. You would not even exist if not. lol
        It usually takes 9 months. Early-bird site members got invited 9 months ago. Now no early-bird. That is all I said. Simple, in my opinion.

  9. mosquito-passing

    I signed yesterday. Very in structional. I like it and hope to get the ggerman shepherd soon.

    • supportive

      Fine, welcome Oreste! If you expect to get a new GSD, the first Interview and Review indeed will be critical preparation. I can't even imagine how new GSD owners can get on without that. I am sure the Interviews and Reviews will help you enormously. If you have any question or problem pre- or post getting a GSD, just let me know and I'll try to help as best I can.

      My New Puppy Diary, accessable through your "My Dog's Hub" page, will be particularly interesting in case you get a puppy.


    I am so happy to have found you! I have a 3 month old puppy. I got her in Peru, so her name is Inka! I already bought you puppy 101 books (used the links). I see I am doing 2 things wrong already, her food and her bed. I am eager to learn as much as possible.

    Thank you and have a fantastic 2015!


    can I get a contact number please?
    Thanks Bob


    Great site! I intend to become a member as soon as I can.

  13. mosquito-passing

    I signed up awhile back and I think it sent the membership to an old email that I don't use anymore. If that could be corrected so I can use the membership that would be great!

    It's the old address and
    It's the one I currently use


    • supportive

      Yes Rachel, I see that CB send a message that the first address signed up (you must have purchased using the old address), but I never saw you registering on the site. I am pretty sure that you can simply register on the site with any email you want anyway. If there's a problem, let me know. I suggest that you urgently listen to the first interview, for the benefit of Rogue Crow. wink
      But for CB, you better inform them of your change, or you'll never receive their payment notifications.
      I also checked Mailchimp, and there you used your new email, so Periodical emails you should be getting just fine.

      (I deleted your email adresses in your comment, or you'd get spammed like we here)

  14. mosquito-passing

    I received the "Site update and free book" email and although I love the periodicals I receive and save them all to refer back to but I have never really understood your site. As I said I do receive the periodicals in my email but when I go to your site "" and try to sign in at the membership login with my email address it says my email address is not registered. I had gone through the registration with all of my GSD info and my emails always have my dogs name so I assume the registration went through (it has been this way since about January). When I click on register to be a member it takes me to this options page which I have tried clicking on everything but sadly give up because after all I like and already receive emails.

    • supportive

      Kari, sorry but I don't understand what you're talking about: eg "I have tried clicking on everything", "and try to sign in at the membership login with my email address it says my email address is not registered", etc.
      Either you're making fun of me, or I'm just not getting it.
      THIS VERY PAGE where you wrote that shows clearly your "Membership Options", which at the moment is this:

      • Tim's Dog Expert Interview Series with Expert Reviews
      • Membership login credentials for full Periodicals even w/o social share
      • Booked for ALL Periodicals - free subscribers not

      There is ONE link to click to see and decide if you'd like to have the Interview Series with my one-of-a-kind Reviews. And then the same link again in:
      Try it out. Be amazed. Or money back. - But you can keep the dog.

      You have clicked neither of them, or you would KNOW how to become a member &*^%&%

      At the moment, you are a free Periodical subscriber. You subscribed here to it, and it most clearly says so. Thus, you CANNOT login.
      Only paying MEMBERS can log in. It clearly says so, no? What else could I possibly do?

      This is the long-discussed(!) and "agreed-upon" way forward: No one needs to "donate", instead everyone can get VALUE for money if they want it. Pure freebie-seekers don't want it, and that's okay with me. That's why those who pay a little bit get tremendous extra value.
      Anyone with a bit of life experience knows that many things in life are free, and some things cost money. No different here.

      Edit: Oh, and re/ "I love the periodicals I receive" - great, could you start posting your comments under each of them then? Thanks a lot. smile

  15. supportive

    Hi Tim! I'm so glad to see that you have everything up and can't wait to see what my adult membership gets me 🙂 I hope I can eventually upgrade but for now my finances will only allow me to stick to this one. I also wanted to say congratulations on finding an answer to your problems and I hope that everything works out well for you. I know I am so grateful for your advice and information that you have given me. Vincent is sooo much more well behaved and seems happier now that I have been following your advice. Vincent, Roxy, and I thank you so much!

  16. supportive

    Looks like a great plan! Something for everyone. You may not look like Cesar (having never seen you I cant argue), but methinks that you know more, and care more about the dogs themselves. Your methods never hurt, or confuse, or intimidate in order to work. My dog is happy,happy,happy! And so am I! Finding this site was absolutely the best thing that has happened to me and my dog. A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU TIM!

    • supportive

      Thanks Maureen. Btw, you see me (small) everytime you open a Periodical. But once I have time I'll place a GSD instead. Ian Dunbar said sth interesting about fame wink

  17. supportive

    Best is probably to answer some expected questions right on this page underneath. So here it goes:

    Q: Do I have to get paid add-ons, or can I continue to get the Periodical for free?
    A: You can remain a genuine freebie-seeker, no problem (on many sites I just look at the free things too). Similar to everywhere else, you will then be limited to what is determined to be free (only that here, it seems, already the free stuff is MUCH more than elsewhere). Hence, start free, and see if you like it, like more, or like it quicker?

    Q: You say to get access to all Periodicals requires paid membership. Which Periodicals do free subscribers not get?
    A: I can't answer that now, we will have to decide that on a whim. No seriously: If you've been a free subscriber for years, you will have noticed that the Periodicals become progressively more "demanding" (like it should be: starting easy, and learning ever more; I do too). Thus, what I consider to be part of essential basic dog owner skill everyone shall get for free (note that what I consider essential basic stuff, other sites don't even have for you if you wanted to pay them). And what I feel may only interest true dog lovers, why give that to the masses who are not, or who have no time for it anyway?

    Q: Is the Interview Series the only paid add-on I can choose?
    A: Noyes. No if you consider that there is actually much more selectable with this Interview Series (to see it, go through the options). Yes if you meant "Can I choose an add-on without getting the interviews?" Then this is currently the only (=first) offer to choose from. IF I can finance it, I will create more products though. The concepts for them I have already in my head, no worries. The technical abilities the site finally has now too.

    Q: What do you mean with technical abilities? I am not very technical.
    A: Right. That's why the site needs to be all the more advanced. Example: With interview audios (and this will apply to videos too), not everyone can download the HUGE files that multimedia entails. Thus we have a surprise for you in this regard too (so fast and so flexible that our new site almost calls for a video product too)...

    Q: Why do you have these upsells in there?
    A: There is no way to put all the content for all seven products on one page (the Interview Series are 7 products). And, being a critical consumer myself, I can say it's nice for a change(!) to see all choices before I even click the buy button. I wish more sites had it like that! Don't you?

    Q: What means only members can log in, but subscribers not?
    A: The Periodical subscribe page very clearly lays out what the free Periodical subscription includes. There's nowhere mentioned that Periodical subscribers have to "log in" or that they can "log in". Thus it always strikes me with surprise when I see complaints "I can't log in!". My answer: If you can't read the subscribe page, you can't read the Periodicals (they are more demanding), thus don't subscribe at all, anywhere. wink
    Another reason is that it's the freebie seekers who leave SPAM. And we do not accept ANY SPAM on the inside of our site. For the benefit of our site members!

    Q: What SPAM?
    A: There is little more annoying on other sites than the vast amount of SPAM. I am sure our site members will agree: We don't want that on MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG. If you've been a free Periodical subscriber for years, have you ever felt disturbed by SPAM comments here? No. - Why not? Because we maintain one of the strictest anti-spam concepts. Although preventing SPAM is almost impossible to achieve when you allow every runaway free site visitor to leave comments - as we do on most pages - it seems we have achieved a pretty spam-free oasis.
    The other reason is fairness: Paying site members should get what they paid for (they don't pay for SPAM!), while freebie seekers are happy with anything, including SPAM.

    Q: When I log in, will I still have the social share box timeout and "subscribe" popup?
    A: No. In case you still see it, leave a comment below and someone will check why.

    Q: The site still looks the same, has anything changed at all, or are you making it all up?
    A: My educated guess is: About half of the site has internally changed, if not more. What you mean are optical things. MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG has never put much effort in "beauty contest eligibility", I give you that. We should get a more modern look & feel in 2014, yes! Maybe soon. It's always a question of funding. I focus more on quality content, rather than beauty. Maybe because I don't look as good as Cesar Millan. smile

    Q: Will the site become as much multimedia as Doggy Dan's site?
    A: Nope. I don't think I could ever build sth like Dan's video training site, given that just one video takes me as long as an entire Periodical (which is, between 3 to 12 days). In the past, almost everything here was text-based (easier for me, I could type in my bed). But as you will notice once you log in, the new site now allows for fast and flexible multimedia content, the Interview Series gives a sneak peek of that. So, over the years site members will definitely benefit from much more multimedia here. If you've consciously studied the Periodicals in Year Two, you know what products I am likely to develop (if I can), sth that starts with B, then T, and sth that starts with F (and ends with D). smile

    Q: On the Interview Series offer pages it says, non-paying members will no longer get answers to their questions. Are you serious?
    A: We will not have non-paying members, only free subscribers and paying members. We (you and I, and everyone interested) cannot move the site forward, improve it, offer more information and more help etc if I waste my days with answering the same questions of everyone who finally found MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG! I understand that they can't know that I have answered their question already long ago (because they can't use "Search"), thus I expect that they understand that I won't answer it again. Doesn't make sense, my lifetime is limited. So yes, I am serious, regardless how "harsh" it may seem since you were used to get all my time for free(!), with today's size of the site that idea is a dead-end road!
    Some may complain, but then they shall unsubscribe from the free Periodicals as well, huh?
    The plan though is, I'd like to create some form of "intelligent" Q&A system when I find the time. If it's "intelligent" enough, it will send the inquirer to the right page, Periodical, book, audio, or video. But that system isn't ready yet, I haven't even started. No time. sad
    EDIT: Meanwhile that's up, see our unique Dog Solution Decision Tree! Starts here smile

    Q: I noticed that the emails now say "Support Staff". Why's that?
    A: The email account is now shared and outsourced. Meaning, cheap online contractors from developing countries will help out. The email account is not confidential, you can no longer expect that I, and only I, will see your email (likely I won't, but others will). I shouldn't need to reply to any of the "support" emails: Upon free Periodical subscription everyone confirms where to post questions - namely on the site on a relevant page. So, stick to that, for the benefit of everyone, yourself included. Then the "Fetch" button will bring up the most relevant pages for you (and for everyone).
    For more, pl see "spam prevention" above. I hate to wade through SPAM, whether emailed or on-site, to locate a genuine dog lover's genuine concern. It makes me feel so cheap, so useless. Almost like the spammer himself must feel. wink Cheap online contractors don't mind (of course they do, they are all human too! - but they get paid for it, I don't).

    Q: Why can't you say who is in the Interview Series?! Maybe I don't like them.
    A: I've written on the Interview Series offer pages why, pl see there.

    Q: What happens if I cancel? And can I refund?
    A: No, this is a totalitarian regime, and we will get you naked!
    Ha, seriously now: Sure you can cancel or refund, anytime if you want, what a question! Clickbank is the guarantor for 60 days, in case you don't trust me or our site (but then I wouldn't like to see you becoming a site member anyway, to make that clear). So, you are welcome to cancel the Interview Series (and we may too). If you refund it means Clickbank will pay your quarterly site support back to you (every penny of it, they are honest too).
    Just note that, obviously, when you cancel you lose the Interviews and Membership credentials (doh!), but it just means you won't get more interviews (and add-ons if booked). While if you refund, you ask for the past to change, and messing with history can be problematic as we know from Startrek. Here: Our Post Office "Mailchimp" will in that case totally UNsubscribe you ("delete you"), meaning you won't get more Periodicals either. Ouch! rolleyes

    Q: Can I not just re-subscribe then, to get the free Periodicals?
    A: Sure you can, and you will then get those Periodicals that are determined to be free at that time. Just remember that you'll then receive the Periodicals programmatically as when you signed up the first time. Thus, you'll start with the very first Periodical again. There is no other way to handle it, because upon a refund Mailchimp deletes all your data.

    Q: I entered my dog's details into the GSD research database. Now I am wondering, when I become a site member, will my dog's details sync with my earlier input?
    A: The process works like this:

    • You click your favorite final buy button
    • you pay at Clickbank
    • you return to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG to register as site member
    • you enter just a few details upon registration, not all dog details again
    • now, if you enter the same email address as before then your site registration input will sync with all your earlier input, yes
    • but if you use a different email address then obviously the details cannot sync
    • Either way, as site member you will then have the chance to update your dog's details straight on the site (look in My Dog's Hub)
    • What doesn't work yet (no funds for it) is the other direction: Your dog's details that you (hopefully!) entered upon free Periodical subscription are held at Mailchimp (because you weren't a site member), and those entries do not get transferred to your My Dog's Hub
    • Makes sense: As site member, you'll want that you can manage everything from within your account. That's why we shall call it My Dog's Hub. smile

    Did I forget a question?

1. To go live any bark must be relevant to this page idea
2. Be polite, discuss what you found, DON'T introduce yourself with what you want question
3. To fight SPAM anything with a link lands in SPAM. Also don't use: qf ??? \ * { } | [ ] because spammers do
"Published barks will be on-topic, helpful, and further the discussion" ok

 Say it


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Jonathan: Thank you for your period advice. It is excellent! My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly.

Dwayne: I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!

Penny: Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it's nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.

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