Nov 232013

Are you sometimes struggling with your dog or puppy? Not grappling no, but somewhat frustrated because your dog doesn't do as you want? Or you know your friends and fellow dog owners are struggling?

Make friends with your friends and gift them these books at a bargain:

Prices totally slashed at the start, then gradually increase to the end of each promotion
Sorry, these new "Kindle Countdown Deals" yet only work on and
Kick-off before Black Friday! Leading through to New Year!
New Puppy Checklist: f f 27 Nov 8am - 29 Nov 8pm
Adult Dog Training IN A NUTSHELL: f f 27 Nov 8am - 29 Nov 8pm
Puppy Training IN A NUTSHELL: f f 30 Nov 8am -  2 Dec 8pm
New Dog Checklist: f f 30 Nov 8am -  2 Dec 8pm
Puppy Love Bundle: f f 12 Dec 8am - 15 Dec 8pm
Leash Training Guide: f f 12 Dec 8am - 15 Dec 8pm
House Training Guide: f f 19 Dec 8am - 24 Dec 8pm
Puppy Development Guide: f f 19 Dec 8am - 24 Dec 8pm
Dog Training Toolkit: f f 25 Dec 8am - 31 Dec 8pm
(All times PST/GMT)

How the new "Kindle Countdown Deals" work:

kindle countdown deal

On and Amazon is now able to display a count-down clock right next to the original book price! In the other locales this feature will follow later. This gives customers the chance to buy Kindle books during promotions at a heavily discounted price. And with price guarantee: Publishers cannot change the book price in the month before or after the promotion.

Well thought out, and beneficial for everyone: customers, publishers, and Amazon! And much better than the "free" deals where all too often pure freebie seekers mutated to spammers, leaving imaginary and harmful "reviews" on the pages of the books they downloaded for FREE! Out of boredom, cause spammers have nothing better to do with their life. Oh, what a universal waste of biomass!

This is why I, Tim Carter, have stopped the free kindle book deals long ago. Now finally Amazon have reacted too. Thank you.

Anyone who's genuinely interested in a topic (here dogs and puppies, dog health, dog training, dog care), is very much willing to pay at least 99 cent for something of much higher value to them! Hey, if they don't like it, they even can give it back and get a full refund! What more could a customer wish for?

Hence I decided to make use of this new feature straight away, so that you (yes YOU too) can surprise your friends and folks (or yourself) with a great book (or two or three) at a super price!

ENJOY your dog, and make friends with your friends. Gift them a suitable book! As dog lovers, they will thank you, be sure!


PS: A small note of warning though: It's still infant days for Kindle Countdown Deals. When setting these up, Amazon's server crashed 34 times. Hopefully by the time our deals go live it will all work smoothly :-)


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