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In June 2015 in an admin email to all free MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL subscribers you were asked: "Would you like that we change the schedule of Periodicals such that you FIRST receive all the Periodicals that match your dog and interest?" - The feedback was inconclusive, there are Pros and Cons for both approaches, after all what you want first may not be what you need first.

If you, like many free Periodical subscribers, answered during your subscription: "What is your KEY interest area regarding GSDs?", then we know what content you would like to receive FIRST. - If you haven't answered that, we can't know.

Now that the work on My New Puppy Diary is complete (yay!), I took time out to analyze what topics most free subscribers are interested in. Here's the result of this analysis:

key GSD interest

  • The KEY interest of 35.7% of our Periodical subscribers is Dog Training
  • Next comes Relationship Building, but that's already "only" 24% of our free Periodical subscribers
  • And the only other double-digit percentage got GSD as Family Companion at 12.7%
  • Then at 9.3% Dog Health and Care
  • Another BIG gap to GSD as Protection Dog at just 3.8%
  • Another BIG gap, then we have GSD Psychology at 1.9%
  • Dog Nuisance Behaviors 1.8%
  • And only 1.7% of our subscribers seek more FUN with the dog
  • Dog and children and Dog Food both got 1.3%
  • The remaining 14 interest areas together received only 6.4% of the votes from our subscribers

Interesting, huh? And of all subscribers with KEY interest Dog Training, when asked "Have you ever had a PROFESSIONAL dog trainer?", surprisingly 13.4% responded: "Yes, my GSD received PROFESSIONAL dog training". Yet, their KEY interest still is Dog Training. :idea:

And chosen #2 is Relationship Building, yet 3 of 4 of these respondents currently lock their dog in a kennel overnight. And of those subscribers who chose #3 GSD as Family Companion as their KEY interest, even 84% lock their dog away overnight. :shock:

Please share your comments below. Any important topic missing? What's your key interest, and why? Let us know.

Now, "to change the schedule of Periodicals such that you FIRST receive all the Periodicals that match your dog and interest" is HUGE workload, even if only done for the Top 12 topics - or indeed, only for the Top 3 topics! However, while looking at the above pie chart results I've given this a bit more thought and I realized that certain topics actually have a lot of content in common (they "overlap", they are "interdependent"). In particular:

  • Relationship Building with the dog (our mission at MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG) includes Dog Training (1), GSD as Family Companion (3), Dog Health and Care (4), GSD as Protection Dog (5), GSD Psychology (6), Dog Nuisance Behaviors (7), FUN with my Dog (8), Dog and Children (9), Dog Food (10), and You Ask - We Answer (12)
  • In fact, Relationship Building even includes GSD with other Pets (14), Multiple GSDs in the House (15), Dog Rescue (17), GSD as Guide Dog (19), Traveling with my Dog (20), and GSD as Show Dog (21)
  • Indeed, the relationship between Relationship Building and all of these topics is even stronger than say between Dog Training and GSD as Protection Dog, or between Dog Health and Care and Dog Food, or between GSD as Family Companion and Dog and Children!

In short: our mission To help you build the best Relationship with your German Shepherd Dog (see the top of any page) was well chosen. :lol: No, what I wanted to say: If we "change the schedule of Periodicals such that you FIRST receive all the Periodicals that" cover the numerous aspects of Relationship Building then actually you FIRST receive all the Periodicals that match your dog and interest!

As before, this may not always be what you communicated that you want it, but it would always be what you need in order to build the best relationship with your dog. Or am I mistaken?

Please share your views below.


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    I am a free subscriber and think your work is amazing. I now feel guilty for not posting commemts, but as a free subscriber I didn't think it was appropriate- or had a right to that privilege. Thank you for all your hard work. German Shepherds are hard work and your help is priceless.

    BTW: anyone who keeps their shepherd in a kennel when they are home should not have a dog!!! They are family!!!


    I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and hard work. Mostly I've learned that we have not put enough energy into having fun with our dog. But I now do take her on more frequent walks which at both our advanced ages is about as much fun as we can handle and she really does enjoy them


    My key interest is training because you are always training your dog. Yes?? I try to teach Jordan something new every week. It doesn't have to be hard, or complicated. It just has to be different. Like the difference between a soccer ball and a basketball. It keeps her mind sharp, it already helps build the relationship, and it keeps her from being bored with the same old games. Although, she never gets tired of playing ball! I even took her to a sheep herding trial to see if she could do it. She was great. She had never seen a sheep before, and yet she took to it like she was born on the farm! What fun we had at that, and Jordan is all about fun!~


      I wish I knew of sheep herding trials here...

      ...though this present dog wouldn't know what to do, I bet. Am puzzled every day what the breeder must have done to this offspring, or to his parents!


        Its an instinct Tim. I was sure that Jordan would have no idea, but she went right at it! You should google sheep herding at wherever it is you live and see what comes up. I think you might be surprised. And even if he doesn't know what to do, it will be fun!


        I certainly will heed your tip, thanks.
        Yet this particular dog that I was speaking about (who looks like the real thing, the original German Shepherd) does not have much instinct associated with dogs, let alone with this breed. I could tell of situations (indeed I videoed some), you and others would close your eyes in disbelief (aka, how "dumb" a GSD can be)! Now instinct has little to do with brains, I agree, still I fear this particular GSD will not surprise me (as in, impress me). :roll:

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