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How much money makes a Kindle Author?

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Dec 092015

Catchy headline, isn't it? So why am I posting this? Good guessers to the front row!

I am posting this to - hopefully once and for all - quieten the mischievous(?) FREE(!) subscribers who - right after their Periodical subscription... - send hate messages aka "You only want to sell your books!"

Hey those folks, listen up: Even I with my tiny $-brain know of MUCH easier and quicker ways to "sell books" than to waste my lifetime producing THOUSANDS of Periodical pages.

Ahem, for FREE, in case you forgot!

So how much does a Kindle book author like myself make?


What a misleading word!

Good guessers to the front row please?

Well, everyone sit tight now so that you don't fall backwards of your chair: With 13(!) books we are now down to $77 in total over the last 30 days.

I am sure that figure didn't easily sink in, so let me repeat it for the severely stubborn: With 13(!) books we are now down to $77 in total over the last 30 days.

EDIT: For December 2015 we hit a new "record" - $49.01 for ALL 13 books. However, add £3.17 for the UK!

EDIT 2: For November 2018 we hit a new "record" - $18.57 for ALL 13 books. And nothing for the UK, no.

Do you understand now why it feels nauseating to even only think of writing another book?

"You only want to sell your books!" - Guess what, if THAT were the goal with this site then I'd send out daily short marketing shots, and certainly I would NOT research new subjects so long and intense that I can write another 30, 50, or 80 pages long Periodical.

Ahem, for FREE, in case you forgot.

Instead, I would publish all this new content as ... BOOKS! Because with 1000 books instead of 13 ... I'd be scheduled to "make" $18.57 / 13 * 1000 = $1,428!

While that of course still isn't great for SUCH AN AMOUNT OF WORK, you need to remember here:

I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT AMOUNT OF WORK. - Just that I have published it all for FREE for you! But it's easily 1000 books.

You got it now. Good.

Edit 3: Just having written the "Edit 2" now in December 2018 I realized: "Hey, that's what I need to do!" - I gonna put all my intellectual property in book format, and publish 1000 or more books! Then I can live (EAT!) finally: $1,428 is enough to get food on the table, for once.

Otherwise, as you see here, publishing BOOKS is a total waste of precious lifetime! In my case at least.

Some Periodicals I could turn one-to-one into BOOKS: Take for example this book on Flea Control from Mia Bell, who has been selling a few hundred books while our site has been offering Best Flea Treatment for Dogs and Best Flea Control for Dogs for FREE.

I actually bought Mrs. Bell's book to find out what is so great in it that she SELLS it while we offer the Periodical for FREE, and - not to criticize, but you will admit - the book is thin.

Our Periodical has MUCH more tips - or dare I say?, better tips!

So why then are my books referenced at the bottom of every email, as the next round of mischievous people's hate emails rightfully point out? Guess what, because some subscribers don't want to wait for my (countless) free book promotions to free subscribers: They don't mind at all buying the books immediately (hey, my books don't exactly cost the world anyway).

They appreciate that everything I ever write gets linked, so that they (and you) don't have to waste time searching for it if ever they (or you) want it!

This out of the way, some readers here may be wondering "Why do THIRTEEN BOOKS not "make" more money to support the site?" (because that's what they were supposed to do!) Maybe you are wondering too? Is BIG Amazon cheating on Tim Carter, or is the world no longer round(ish), or what? be continued when I have an answer. 😕

I am glad you enjoyed reading the truth about How much money makes a Kindle Author. Dog business is for the dogs, not for writers. Or maybe I am just a bad writer. Rather though, I have a feeling, I am simply a bad marketer. Publishing an 80 pages long MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL on the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs and Best Flea Control for Dogs for FREE while say Mia Bell has been selling a few hundred books of less helpful content (I read it!), that's proof enough.

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