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House Training Dogs

 Reviewed 15 December 2018 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion

House Training Dogs is much more than just housebreaking (potty training, toilet training), yet most dog trainers (and thus dog owners too) start and stop with housebreaking - and then understandably they lock the dog in a kennel (=locked crate) because the dog has not learned to behave well in the house.

Why get a dog and then lock the dog away? All the worse if you get a German Shepherd Dog - who is meant to be free to guard every corner of the property and the family?

Hence why in the most remarkable year 2014, the best author Tim Carter went out of your way and published what is often called a book with the ingenious title House Training Dogs To Behave Well In A High Value Home. You too enjoy humor, right? mrgreen

And surprise, surprise, even if you call your house a shack, this book is right on because a German Shepherd upgrades every shack to a high value home anyway.

With House Training Dogs To Behave Well In A High Value Home now you too can give your dog free run of the house, even while you are away! And your dog will keep everything as shack-like as you left it - or as luxurious as you left it, indeed.

dog house training

Now for the penny pinchers mrgreen in brief: What does House Training Dogs have to comprise, such that your dog is safe, considerate, and clean in the house?

As a minimum:

Now ask yourself: Can you, or the BEST professional dog trainer achieve all this with Obedience Training?

Stupid question, I know. Of course NOT, NO! Try leaving an obedience-trained dog alone at home with free run of the house! mrgreen

Not only a German Shepherd, every dog knows very well that when you have left, there's no one that the dog needs to obey. So guess what happens? Not always, mind you, but sometimes. And already once is enough. One destroyed house, and you'll agree: "Phew, I was nuts to leave the dog alone at home with free run of the house - without specific training!"

This is why for all the above topics of House Training Dogs we will make use of Behavior Training, not Obedience Training. See House Training Dogs To Behave Well In A High Value Home if you are interested.

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