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Thanks - and Thanks

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Thanks for your donation

THANKS for reading, THANKS for applying what you find here to benefit your dog, THANKS for being there for your dog, THANKS for being you.

donate-for-dogsAnd if something you learned here helped you with your dog more than you thought you can expect, THANK YOU for giving back a bit.

Even just a tiny bit. Better than nothing.

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  1. supportive

    Although Thanksgiving Day is a US holiday, I would like to tell you, Tim, how thankful I am for you and your tenacious spirit, your fine sense of humor and all you do for the GSDs and owners. Thank you! - Pippilotta (and Binny)

    • supportive

      Thank you so much for still thinking of us grin
      That's how Binny looks today? Wow, time flies! Incredible, isn't it?

      I love this new attach-photo convenience! Makes going through the pages so much nicer. grin
      Seems apart from you and Mark no one else even noticed though. FB has made people different in recent years IMHO...

      I am half American Pippilotta only that my mind is "global" and Thanksgiving is for me every day (I imagine for a few others too), which is why my earlier humor has taken a beating too...

      Did you know, I opened a linkedin account and quora account? mrgreen
      No time yet to learn how to connect on linkedin but quora's Q&A style is great for me, I am using it already.

      Oh Pippilotta, just noticing now: May I say, don't give Binny those "supermarket bones" (looks like one?), if it is what they sell here too (everywhere really) then it is toxic crap. Just sayin! wink

  2. mosquito-passing

    This sees a really caring site. I will certainly recommend it further and keep in touch.



    I hope you are well. I'm a content writer.

    I have recently been introduced to by my friend and appreciate the articles you have shared to your visitors. I would really love to contribute an article as a guest author.

    If you're interested, I can send over my article. I make sure that all of my work is completely unique, well-researched and high quality (no fluff pieces)!

    I don't need any money. All I need is one or two Dofollow link back to my site.

    Let me know your thoughts

    kind regards,

    • supportive

      No problem but you didn't say WHAT you write, no link no nothing. It must fit this site: benefiting dog owners and/or their dogs! No fx trading, pharma pills, and what not we have to bear everywhere.

  4. supportive

    Tim, thank you for the Smashword voucher to get me started reading Puppy Training 101. I downloaded immediately and am well into this amazing book. I intuitively raised my previous dog doing some of what you write about, not realizing it (I was always appalled at the idea of using food to “train”) - and to now have access to this specific and compassionate technique is incredible! Readers! If you need puppy knowledge, buy the eBook, then make a donation toward the real worth of this book : )

  5. mosquito-passing

    I am trying to donate by hitting the "donate" button and it doesn't work. It has "soon [fullstripe_payment form="donate"]. I'd guess that's why not many have donated? I tried it a few weeks ago, got the error and thought maybe you were still working on it. I still get the same message today, though. Let me know if there is a better way. Thanks!
    Kathy Shade

    • supportive

      Kathy, I regret to say the "plugin" developer is still working on it (hopefully), yes. I haven't heard back, and I am frustrated it isn't working, as I don't know how to pay the site bills.
      Thank you so much for your good will. smile

      Edit: Finally, donate is working now.


    This webssite is wonderful: it can speak the TRUTH AND INSIST ON THE TRUTH ONLY!

    The first time i saw a picture of the sloping back monsters they have bred, i was appalled. Then i reminded myself modern breeders are from a low social class today: most of them will do anything for money. And this is how they make money: By making a breed look so DIFFERENT it catches the eye of even the most stupid (but rich) buyer. This and only this is the reason why even dishonest and subaltern judges are not weeding out these dogs from the shows, they want to help the money making machines that corrupt breeders are, because they see themselves as part of the same community (animal exploiters rather than animal lovers). It is a shame! Please keep your efforts to save this grand breed from further ruin going! Cheers.


      I learn something new from your site every time I use it. Keep up the information I don’t have the funds to donate now but I would love to try your new app for my iPhone. I will test run it and report back to you as I go. Does that work?

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Jonathan: Thank you for your period advice. It is excellent! My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly.

Dwayne: I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!

Penny: Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it's nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.

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