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German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario

This is the Dog Breeder Directory of German Shepherd Breeders Ontario or respectively German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, courtesy of MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG. We made it very easy for you to contribute your own knowledge of a GSD breeder! See at the end of the existing entries.

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Shebland German Shepherds
832 John Kennedy Way, Almonte, Ontario K0A 1A0
Phone: (613) 256-1570


A. Glen Saxon Kennels
1854 Trinity Road, Ancaster, Ontario L9G 3L1
Phone: 905-648-6955

Apple Hill

Stalworth Kennels
RR 1, Apple Hill, Ontario K0C 1B0
Phone: (613)528-1019


Lindenhof Shepherds
804 Stewartville Rd, Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3G8
Phone: (613) 622-5599


AnFarra German Shepherds
Bailieboro Ontario
Phone: 705 939 1999


Raylex German Shepherds
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: (705) 717-7428

Moda German Shepherds
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: 416-564-3805


Woodsview German Shepherds
Binbrook, Ontario
Phone: (905)531-5755


Braeside, Ontario K0A 1G0
Phone: 613-623-7275


Carmspack German Shepherd Dogs
Brooklin, Ontario
Phone: 905-655-3833


Breakaway German Shepherds
Brinston, Ontario K0E
Phone: (613) 652-4185


Clarot's German Shepherds
9492 Castlederg Side Rd, Caledon, Ontario L7E 0S2
Phone: 905-857-2297


Timberline German Shepherds
Caledonia, Ontario N3W 2C2
Phone: 905-765-6071


Divon Kennels
1511 Dranoel Rd, Cavan, Ontario L0A 1C0
Phone: 705-277-9644


Holterbren German Shepherds
Cochenour, Ontario P0V 1L0
Phone: (807) 662-6591


Haus Roko
Dashwood, Ontario N0M 1N0
Phone: 519-294-6149


Inverness German Shepherds
6 Eganville, Ontario K0J 1T0
Phone: 613-625-1364


Grandview Kennels
5063 Clark Path, Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0
Phone: (905) 873-0798


Lucescu Kennels - Committed to Canine
72199 Regional Road 27, RR 1, Fenwick, Ontario L0S 1C0
Phone: (905) 386-6993


Marvel German Shepherds
Flamborough, Ontario
Phone: (905)659-7800

Huntsville - Muskoka

Heatherhaus Shepherds
4 Macks Rd, Huntsville, Ontario P0B 1L0
Phone: 705-769-3589


Bluemist Kennels
14734 Neville Rd, Ingleside, Ontario K0C 1M0
Phone: (613)984-0482

Iron Bridge

Hinesonhaus Reg'd German Shepherds
P.O. Box 64, Hwy 17, Iron Bridge, Ontario P0R 1H0
Phone: 705-943-8060


Loretto Kennels
2829 Concession Road 5 Loretto, Ontario L0G 1L0
Phone: 905-729-2117

Carissima Kennels
Airport Rd and Highway #89 Mulmur, Ontario L0N1M0
Phone: 519 940 5049


Summerview German Shepherds
453 Valley View Cres, Milton, Ontario L9T 3L3
Phone: (905) 875-0351

Dei Precision Shepherds
Milton, Ontario
Phone: 905-336-3678


von Trostberg German Shepherds
Mississauga, Ontario
Phone: (289) 997-5365


Questbest Reg'd German Shepherds
10110 John St. Road, Murillo, Ontario P0T 2G0
Phone: (807) 935-2183


Heartcove German Shepherds
Nepean Ontario
Phone: none provided

Northern Ontario (unknown)

Medallion German Shepherds
Northern Ontario
Phone: 705-679-5242

North York

Sanhedrin German Shepherds
2 Longwood Drive, North York, Ontario M3B 1T7
Phone: 416-441-3724


Good Shepherd Kennels
RR 2, Norwood, Ontario
Phone: 705-639-1546

Oil Springs

Black Gold Shepherds - Zavitz Kennels
Oil Springs, Ontario N0N 1P0
Phone: 519-834-2569


1224 Erie Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 7W3
Phone: (613) 731-4851


Chambo's German Shepherds
810 Canal Road, Peterborough, Ontario K9L 1A1
Phone: 705-742-0110

Port Hope

Jacqueline & Chuck Welsh
7300 Ridgeview Road, Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3V5
Phone: (905) 797 1051

Richmond Hill

Kiefernwald GSD
206 Cedar Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 2B2
Phone: 905-884-7863


Alpenhof German Shepherds
Ridgeville, Ontario L0S 1M0
Phone: (905) 892-8140

Smith Falls - Lanark County

221 Cuckoo's Nest Rd, Smiths Falls, Lanark County, Ontario K7A 4S7
Phone: (613) 283-6538


Destiny German Shepherds
Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0
Phone: (613) 258-0758


Safice German Shepherds
5819 Calvert Dr, Strathroy, Ontario N7G 3H5
Phone: 519-246-1248


Tersha Kennels
20170 Fairview Rd, RR 2, Thorndale, Ontario N0M 2P0
Phone: (519) 461-1909

Thunder Bay

Copper Cliff Kennels
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Phone: 807-964-1801


Von Lousar Shepherds
2 Doyle Road, Box 243, Timmins, Ontario P4N 7E2
Phone: 705 262 5611

Boom Lake's German Shepherds
Lot 2, Boom Lake, Timmins, Ontario P4N 7C9
Phone: 705-268-9017

Vickers Heights

Lindau German Shepherds Reg'd
Vickers Heights, Ontario P0T 2Z0
Phone: 807-577-2890

White Lake

Stylistic Kennels
White Lake, Ontario K0A 3L0
Phone: (613) 623-0252


Appleridge Kennels
PO Box 1572, Woodstock, Ontario N4S 0A7
Phone: 423-457-3808


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    How do I add my kennel to this site?


    I'm interested in purchasing a German Shepherd Dog for my family.
    We love dogs, adore GSDs, but haven't owned one before, thus we would prefer to buy a dog that already got some basic training.


      Better don't leave your contact details just on any website, I deleted them so that you don't get post and calls from spammers!

      If you are interested in purchasing a GSD, I strongly suggest you first become a member here immediately, so that you learn about GSDs as much as possible BEFORE you even get the dog. We have loads of members who said "I wish I'd found this site years ago, I would have been so much better prepared!" - Indeed!

      But one point now: If you get an adult dog or even an older puppy, the dog is likely to have received such "basic training" you desire. A 1 - 2 year old GSD would be great here.
      However, if it's just about the training, then certainly you can learn yourself how to train the dog, and possibly much better than an unknown prior owner - certainly if you become a member here asap.



    I've been looking at German Sheperd breeders in Ontario and am looking for the best ones! I would like to know more about them before considering this idea!

    How would I go about that?


    I am living in GTA area, looking to find GSD puppy
    wich kennel is is good, for quality, price & location



    Please don't E-me..Now here is the question ..I had GSD,s my whole life I'm 43 I lost mine to old age (13yrs). I'm looking to find a dog that were like all my others. I absolutely want one that is a guard dog again. I live up on the shores of Lake Huron so their is lots of space to run, my propery is also fully fenced off from anyone. Do you know of a good breeder that has nice large more aggresive dogs than the ones that they have breed for families ?


      >Please don’t E-me
      Please don't Erik-me??
      Not use your name? Why not?

      Anyway: A guard dog, E., is NOT an aggressive dog. Totally the opposite. I would suggest you study our Periodicals first, to correct your GSD and dog perceptions, before you buy/destroy a GSD, because your writing suggests you aim to do the best for the dog, no?


    hey I have a 7month german shepherd she is agirl akc, I want her to have puppies but I cant find her a boyfriend


      hey she is a puppy herself, wait at least two years, then you may also look into online dating


      for my interiest who is the the best breeder in ontario for shepherds? (working class, no show). But still black and tan?


    Looking for a breeder named Linda from Brighton Ontario. Urgent message for her.


    Hello my family and I recently had a GSD his name was Diesal he was five years old. He was the love of our lives....


      Jenn, you confirmed with the button you clicked that your post FITS THE PAGE, so why doesn't it?

      I m not allowed to approve your comment (or rather question) here (which is clear), if you'd like to post it again on a page where it fits the content (so that others can find it!) please do.

      I m only responding because you make clear that you'd like to get a reply later.


    Hello! I'd just like to notify all the German Shepard breeders in Thunder Bay that if a woman by the name of Wendy Ligate tries to buy a dog do NOT sell to her! She doesn't take care of her animals and is NOT a fit household!

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