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Dantero - Waseemah German Shepherds
1921 Westbury Avenue, Abbotsford, BC V2S 1B9
Phone: (604) 340-9320


Bullinger Shepherds
25655 12th Ave, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2J7
Phone: 604-856-8536


Snowy Creeks Shepherds
3383 53rd Street, South Cranbrook, BC V1C 7A3
Phone: (250) 426-4981


Shalakaus Shepherds
1623 Connel Road, Creston, BC V0B 1G3
Phone: (250) 428 2252


Thunderstorm Kennel
100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0
Phone: 250-397-0102


Broomeacres German Shepherds
1575 Hillvies Rd, Merville, BC V0R 2M0
Phone: (250) 337-8253


K-9 Angels
25981 Mollice Lake Road, Southbank, BC V0J 2P0
Phone: 250-694-3766


Fonseca German Shepherds
Surrey, BC
Phone: 604-513-1609


Guardian German Shepherds
4620 Eagle Way, Tsawwassen, BC V4M 4G4
Phone: (778) 836-4048

Vancouver Island

Edelberg Farms
Vancouver Island
Phone: 250-474-0145

Vancouver Island - Victoria

Kohlein German Shepherd Dogs
Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC
Phone: (250) 478-9877


Seeku Shepherds
PO Box 731, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0
Phone: 250-567-4678


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    Have a German Shepherd female; quality European stock, 3-4 years old; has not had a litter yet.


    I have a wonderful CKC registered, 4 years old, female named Tina. Her parents are Luke and Laity from McCoaches Meadows in Maple Ridge . Although her father has been in shows and used by police for narcotics detection, Tina is just our family dog. Her hips and elbows have been x-rayed and are good. I'm looking for a CKC registered stud for her. Thank you for help.


      I have a 6 year old handsome CKC registered shepherd who is originally from Ontario. His father was a champion show dog but he is just my pet. I have not yet had his hips and elbows certified but willing to do so if I get serious interest. Let me know if you are interested in talking further and we can go from there.


      Hello - I know this post os older but
      Pls email me of you are still interested in a stud for your girl.


    Hello my name is mike I have a male shepard stud with OFA done all good to ex and looking to put him up for stud he is working class .please cobtact me at 2502180633


    looking for a female solid black straight back German Shepherd, 6 months old to 2 yrs. we do not want a show dog, want a working dog


    Hello Susan. I have a 2yr old black female out of a Canadian police breeding program. She was abused unfortunately and we rescued her from a bad end. She is very high energy with a pleasurable disposition, she is always smiling. If this dog sounds like she might work for you, please contact me.


      If you still have her, give me a call at 2509020685


      I have a male german shepherd he has his ofa Done all good to ex .as well he has great drive and comes from great lines .parents level 3 schutzund and he is level 2 as well he has 2 siblings also 2
      Good colors please call for pictures and more info


    I am looking for a German Shapherd


    I am looking for one male and one female german shephered . Please let me know from where I can get them.



    Looking for a German Shepherd 1 year or older ..


    I purchased a beautiful female 13 years ago she is still with me, I love her so much, she is just so special I wish it could last forever, but, that is not reality unfortunately. I am disabled but not physically, therefore my budget is tight, I was wondering if there is a breeder out there that would be willing to donate a puppy or young dog to me. I guarantee that dog will never want for a better home and it would mean so much to be able to form a connection and companionship when the inevitable happens. Thank you.


    I'm trying to make contact with Alan Milhousen or his daughter of Alfaro Shepherds in Hornby, Ontario. My husband and I purchased a fabulous shepherd 7 years ago from them. My husband has passed away and Dakota is my best friend and "confidant" (!). He goes to the office with me every day and is the most mellow, wonderful fellow. I want them to know my gratitude and to keep contact for the future. Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you. Ginger


    I am looking for a male or female GSD around one year to three years old. I will pay top dollar for a good looking, pure bred GSD who has the right attitude and drive. I am a SAR helicopter pilot and want to train another GSD as a SAR dog. Please contact me at 250-852-2451. Thanks!


      Hi there,
      Have you found a dog yet?
      We are looking to re-home our purebred German Shepard. She is 3.5 years old and is full of energy. Very sweet loving girl. She is spayed and we have all her papers.


    My wife and I have been trying to find a beautiful red & black german shepherd pup for about 6 months and have had no luck. All the pups we see have so much black in their faces, and although I'm sure they are likely wonderful dogs, we couldn't give a black-faced GSD the love it deserves. We're looking for "the classic police dog" look, for a companion, friend and protector. We'll love 'em like crazy if we can find the look we love. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Brian.


    I am retired and looking for a light tan and black purbred shep puppy.more tan than black.guarenteed hips etc.not a show dog. need alarge dog.stand up ears friendly dog.


    Looking for a purebred GSD. Age and sex don't matter - not looking for a show dog and not interested in breeding stock. I work from home and want a go everywhere and do everything with me companion dog. One that's happy to go running in the mornings and hiking on weekends. Any leads please let me know.

    I would prefer a GSD that has the classic black and tan look or sable, and the bigger the ears the better.


    we are looking for a German Shepherd puppy to be part of our family (2 cats and older great dane) on Vancouver Island-fenced back yard, near trails. I am home all day every day so it wouldn't be left never be left alone. have ramp for our dane to get into vehicle so he can still enjoy running on the beach, or Rathtrevor, or wandering Englishman River. Would be happy to hear from anyone who may be able to point us into direction of a puppy (after a year of thinking and thinking, we are ready :). TIA


    I have a 15 month old male GS from Woodside Kennels in Aldergrove BC. We are looking to re-home him as he is fear aggressive. Having said that he is great with our family, is trained, listens well, very protective on his home turf. Beautiful looking, has been neutered.


      "We are looking to re-home him as he is fear aggressive." - That is no sensible reason, is it? Ever thought of starting the right training?

      Think of giving your child away because of her tantrums, you'd get huge trouble with the authorities for being unable to fulfil your parental duties. Everything is manageable.


        Tim, perhaps you can recommend a dog behaviourist. I'm in the same boat. I have a handicap and although I have done well in training my previous GSDs in obedience, I don't have the training/knowledge to proceed in over coming my dog's anxious attitude. I got him at a year old and his previous owners should never have gotten him. Now he's a problem and at this time is not to be trusted around kids and strangers.


        "Now he's a problem and at this time is not to be trusted around kids and strangers." - that's sad. Be aware that "dog behaviorists" are very costly. I would suggest to consider this as a final backup.

        "I don't have the training/knowledge to proceed" - No problem, no one has all their skills from birth :mrgreen: I'd suggest to be confident, and since you have the interest, I suggest learning it yourself. It's not hard at all. Top trainer Dan Abdelnoor actually has very low-priced videoed course material that really helps, I've found. Take a look and decide based on your impression?


    Hi, just recently found your site, we love it!

    We recently (April) lost our beloved (Flat-Back) German Shepherd (Nikki) less than one month before her 13th birthday.

    While we are having a rough time grieving her loss, we also plan on getting another in a year, or so. However, we are VERY dismayed at the current trend toward the breeding Roach-Backed GSDs, and even more so in trying to find a GSD breeder, specializing in Flat-Backed German Shepherds, anywhere in the Southeast USA.

    Additionally distressing is the utter lack of any breeder who is willing to display a side view photo of the Sire or Dam (I suspect not to dissuade people looking for a traditional Flat-back GSD.) We hoping your organization can help us find one who remembers Roaches are BUGS, not dogs!

    Since Nikki, was affected by Degenerative Myelopathy (albeit it not well advanced before she died) we also want a breeder who can provide proof of Genetic testing of both parents showing them (N/N) free of the DM Abnormality (N/A or A/A). Any help here would also be greatly appreciated.


      Fully agree, such "breeders" should be maimed like they maim DOGS! Disseminate this to help. Finding a real GSD these days takes some effort, happy searching :roll:


    Hi, I have a registered female. She is just a family pet, and I would like to breed her this summer. I am looking for a stud for her. Thank you


      "I would like to breed her this summer" - Why? That's what you must ask yourself first, Cora. Why exactly do you want to breed your dog?

      Maybe "because I love my dog"?
      Not good enough: if you love your dog, you do not want to put her through pregnancy.

      Or "because I just want puppies from her"?
      Not good enough, the fundamental principle is this: Do NOT breed a dog if you aren't SURE that
      1The dog is in TOP health, ie NO defect, NO disorder, NO disease. And never had one.
      2The dog has TOP temperament, ie calm and balanced, confident and controlled, and no tendency to aggression. Ever.
      3All the puppies (might well be 10!) are sought-after, ie none will end up in a shelter.

      The first two conditions ensure that the offspring is health- and behavior-wise desirable, and the third condition ensures that every puppy is desired.

      Can you guarantee all three conditions are met?
      Because if not, breeding the dog will contribute to animal suffering and euthanasia, have no illusions. Sorry to be so clear, as always.

      These conditions equally apply to every breeder, whether "professional" or "backyard".


    Hi, such a great site! So glad I found it:) I have recently adopted a 3 year old GSD with her papers and all shots up to date. She came from a farm but what the previous owners had not mentioned until several weeks later was that she had been trained since birth to kill fend off coyotes and any animal except sheep. She is a beautiful girl, smart, fast and unfortunately doesn't listen to anything. When she sees another animal, whatever it may be, she is locked in and will do anything to get to them. This is proving to be very difficult but I know she can be untrained of this but I cannot do it sadly. I am I'm my 70's and live alone. This girl deserves a chance she's never been fixed or had any puppies. I have booked her an appointment to have a hysterectomy as the vet said that's what they do now to prevent infection. But I am not sure what would be best for this girl. I would like her to go to a home where she will get the best life possible. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Vancouver Island BC. Thank you


      "with her papers and all shots up to date" NO! PLEASE READ Dog Vaccinations and Puppy Vaccinations!


        Thank you for your advice. Definately an interesting way to make someone feel good about asking for help when you don't know what to do what's best for a great dog. Much aporeciated, thanks again. Have a great day.


        Okay great. Because critical is that your dog stays healthy, and that you don't waste money on sickness, needless vet treatments and vaccinations etc.

        Now that you have studied the linked topic, what do you feel were the key takeaway points of the vaccination research results that benefit your dog and your wallet?


    years ago i had the oppertunity to rescue a very large longhaired male shepherd, the person that abused it could not handle it after tormenting it and the dog revolted against him.the dog was brought to a show as a companion during a flight and the person somehow purchased it,i became this dogs intamate friend taking it every where and allowing it free rein in my helped raise my son and was extremely dedicated to please my entire family,unfortunately age played its part and i lost him. when he passed his wieght was 84 kilos and the vet that did the service noted his upper fangs were extra large being 3 and 3/4 inches long from gum to tip he assumed wolf inbreeding yet i wouldnt know.i often checked kennels for even a semblance of his size and demeanor to no availe in north america compares.just wondering if europeon breeds are of larger stature than ours? could this be true? i would give my soul to again have the dedicated companion of that gentle giant by my side again., if anyone knows of a breeder that haslonghaired pure black with yellow eyed dogsplease let me know.thank you all very much..

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