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Drayton Valley

Howlin' Good Times
Box 6272, Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1R7
Phone: 780-542-6318


Raven Ice Kennels
RR 1, Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1T6
Phone: 403-746-2965

Sylvan Lake

Janzhaus German Shepherds
Site 9, Comp 6, RR#1 Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1X6
Phone: 403-597-4046


Engeroff German Shepherds
Box 2238, Whitecourt, Alberta T7S 1W2
Phone: 780 648 2048


Wakita German Shepherds
Box 211, Wildwood Alberta T0E 2M0
Phone: (780) 325-2251


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    I have an ad on your site and have moved so would like to change my address and phone number. How do I do that?


      You do not have an ad on our site, because we haven't received any money from you, ever. :-(
      What we do have on our site is what it clearly says: User-submitted directories.

      You may of course correct any entry, just like everyone else. Simply give your new details, or request deletion.


    Hi. I am looking for a dog trainer for a pure bred german shepherd, age 1-1/2 years old.

    Do you know of any trainers specific to the german shepherd in or around the Lloydminster area? Or, do you have any suggestions of where else I might look. I ask because the dog is most beautiful but lacks training, therefore, his life is restricted. He deserves the best, so that he can live a happy and long life.

    If you could respond to my inquiry, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


      Dorothy, if you look on the right pages (trainers, not breeders), you'll find what you need. We recommend him because we've never found or heard of anything/anyone better!


    Hi Tim,

    My parents used to buy their GSDs from a breeder outside of Calgary. I don't remember the kennel name, but I remember the name Danko. I have done some searches, but in vain. Therefore, my questions are 1) Have you heard of this breeder in the past? 2) If so, do they still exist under another name, i.e., passed on in the family?




      Joan, I don't know. Can you ask other relatives or friends of your parents, maybe they were told the name? If too many years ago, likely the breeders have stopped.


        Hi Tim,

        Thanks for the idea, unfortunately I don't have any relatives. I think the name of the breeders were Henriksen. I was just hoping their kids had maybe carried on their breeding tradition.

        Thanks again!



    I need help. I lost my German Shepherd 1 1/2 years ago to uncontrolled epilepsy at one week short of his 3rd birthday.. My German Shepherd before him had all sorts of health issues, mainly tummy and food allergies. I am on my own and would so much LOVE to get another Shepherd but am terrified to get one from a breeder unless I can find someone who can recommend one. I have two friends with German Shepherds and both at the age 1 1-2 years have developed food allergies.

    Is there anyone out there I can talk to who has had a good track record for HEALTHY German Shepherds. My last boy cost me over $6,000 in vet bills and meds.


      Debbie, there are two points to note in your posted question:
      1) The fact that all your own GSDs and all your friends' GSDs suffered and suffer immune disorders may or may not suggest that the majority of GSDs from professional breeders in Alberta (or even in Canada?) these days are of poor health and so should not be acquired thus that they will not be bred. Buyers do have the ultimate power to initiate improvements at professional breeders. Be aware that "professional" just means "making money with it", it does not suggest any quality, often misunderstood.

      The immediate solution for you would be to get a GSD from a GSD rescue center (all these should be visible in a widget on the right side on this page for your locality, and in addition our own list is visible through the menu, just linked), or from a "backyard breeder", ie a more coincidental breeding venture of local dogs with other local dogs.

      While in both these cases you likely will not be able to review the dog's parents in order to assess your dog's future health right away (this is the key benefit of seeing a dog at "professional" breeders: reviewing the parents!), the dog's health in both these cases is outright more likely: ordinarily rescue centers take great care of dog health, and the dogs bred in "backyards" typically don't suffer the genetic disorders caused by inbreeding. This almost certainly was the case with all your own dogs, and still is the case with all your friends' dogs.

      Much more relevant help to find the right dog you find (of course) via the menu: much is linked in Dog Sources.

      2) The other key point in your post is how to take great care of the dog's health once you have a dog. "My last boy cost me over $6,000 in vet bills and meds" suggests that you went down the (very) wrong route alltogether. I have more proof than I need that if only we feed REAL FOOD from the start then even a dog that started out with a genetic disposition to allergies typically lives a long, healthy, allergy-free life. And thus the owner has no vet costs at all, other than for routine visits (NOT shots!).

      If dog owners were more educated from the start to find the right veterinarian, and had more confidence because of this education - so as to resist a vet's calls for shots, antibiotics, and steroids! - then this will never happen: "My last boy cost me over $6,000 in vet bills and meds".

      We never had a dog living with allergies (food allergies or otherwise): even where a dog started out with allergies when we got teh dog, the first thing we did was to take care of the underlying CAUSE: the immune system disorder.

      Please report back here how it goes, that's why I spent so much time on this.

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