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Global Visitors to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG as per 14 July 2012 - look at all these countries! We only installed this 'flag counter widget' on 19 September 2011. Within less than 10 months MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG reached over 62,000 German Shepherd loving unique visitors, from 169 nations!

Update: At the beginning of December 2012 we've now had over a quarter of a million visits to pages where the flagcounter tracks the nationality, and we've now had over 125,000 unique visitors to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG, from 176 nations!

Update: A few days short of two years since we installed the 'flag counter widget', we've now had over a quarter of a million unique visitors to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG. For quite some time that's been around 20,000 new unique visitors per month. While the majority are of course in the USA (the nation with the highest number of pet dogs), we clearly are the German Shepherd dog site with the largest global attraction too: from a total of 193 nations! This huge success in a rather short period of time is the best reflection of the outstanding quality of content this site offers its users. Thank you all so much! :-)

Update: As of April 2014 (thus within 30 months after installing the 'flag counter widget'), we now have over 35,000 unique visitors a month to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG, from 203 nations yet. That's quite something, hm? :-)

Update: As of 23 July 2014 (and so within less than 3 years since we installed the 'flag counter widget', eyes left) we've now had over 1,000,000 (OVER A MILLION) pageviews to those pages. From visitors of 210 nations. Nice! :-D

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This 'flagcounter' app is amazing, isn't it?

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    Thank you so much for all the information you provide!


    Im 61 yrs old live in USA in a small town in upstate NY-my boy Vito died 2 months ago due to a kidney infection that paralyzed his hind quarters -I took him home and tried to get him up--didnt happen--it was a nightmare I had to feed him by hand and water with a syringe--it wasn't a smart thing to do but I had to try--I also have a 7 yr old female beagle the house is crap without Vito as is my life --Vito was my 4th GS male dog since 1982 I'm lost with my GS guy in the house BUT Im starting a new business (pizzeria) so I cant get a new pup for at least for another 3-6mos and even then it would be hard-hen -im 7 mins away from work and I can split my days--4hrs-work 2hrs home-then back for 3-4 more hrs--I have a office at work also--my other pups I was home layed off from work or what ever to tend and train a pup-- 2 walks a day and lots of attention --my dogs are my pack/ family with my GS dog as my child and now I not only have tears everyday for Vito but fear that I might not have another GS dog for sometime makes me sick--my life sucks now --I cant feel good in my own house I miss Vito so much--


    I enjoy your site and now that Fudge is getting older and more hard headed I'm finding I need more assistance with her training.
    Her current problem is aggression/predatory drive towards my senior terrier/chi mix. both are spayed females but I'm afraid Fudge will hurt my little Pixie as she is quite the older lady.


    What country has the bigger German Shepard?


      The larger GSDs are primarily bred in the USA, we have an extra Periodical on that topic too.


    My shepherd seems to be affected by living environment, stress, anything different from a normal day that she has got used to. Diet , any changes, etc.. affect her. She is so alert to anything and just wants to be a protector and wants all to be OK.


    Thank you, Tim, for a great site full of great information.

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