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May 072018

Mastering Webpage Speed

Having finally finished our big website speed improvement project (sort of, Google's madness never ends really, and I have a lot ideas what to do more, but who has the time?), I thought it will help one or the other visitor that we share the current outcome in another cute image. grin

That's a blink of an eye! So to say. Here's more detail of all the stuff that this site offers its users in terms of conveniences. SO MUCH indeed.

The process to get there was fascinating. Not always easy but with dedication achievable for anyone!

Remember, this site started out with load times of up to (and indeed over) 20 seconds for the "book type" articles, like say this beast - ticks indeed are a beast as you would learn there. Update: That book length of a page incl the 211 images etc now loads in... sit tight... 437ms. Yep! Need proof? Okay, attached below.

We have done all the work, now the hosting company has to do a little. Well, more than a little: Taking a full two seconds just to notice "Oh! Someone's visiting MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG", that's no achievement in our modern times, is it?


Update: After some "server optimization" they tried, this web host now takes a full three seconds just to notice "Oh! Someone's visiting MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG" - let's turn on the server... mrgreen


Oh, here's the speed test result promised in the newer update earlier above:

adult GSDWill you give back a bit today?

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