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What you need to know before you look for a rescue dog

one or more rescue dogs?The best dog rescue centers look well after their dogs, and so they make use of all viable funding sources to raise the money they need: They benefit from our own rescue center support and our Adoption Starter Pack from MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG, they have Amazon wish lists and associate accounts, they raise sweepstakes and monetary and physical donations from a wide variety of companies, etc - but not crappy kibble from the more than willing pet "food" sponsors. The best rescues aim to keep the dogs healthy.

In fact, when you adopt a dog from one of the best rescue centers, you can be confident that the rescue dog is both health-wise and behavior-wise in a better state than the average non-rescue dog: The rescues organized regular veterinary health checks and treatment where necessary, they had the dog altered to prevent diseases, disorders, and pet overpopulation, they avoid foolish blanket treatments with antibiotics and steroids, they work with the right vet, and they regularly let the dogs socialize in a pen.

The more money we help them to raise, the better they can look after their dogs. But it's not just about money: The best rescue centers know that over half of all adopted dogs end up at a shelter again - just a different one. And so the best rescue centers focus heavily on educating adopters. Providing the education that a dog owner needs to successfully integrate the rescue dog in the newly found family. Sometimes the education a shelter provides can even prevent that the dog is left with the shelter! Our Adoption Starter Pack is a great example of this quality of education.

Placing a dog, and adopting a dog, that's comparatively easy. Successfully integrating the rescue dog in a new family such that both the family and the dog feel they benefit permanently, that's an entirely different story. The real "dog problems" rarely manifest within a month after adoption, but later, namely when the four to six weeks family socialization period hasn't been put to use! And for this you need education, not money.

So if you have the choice, go for the best dog rescue centers as described above. We cannot vouch for all the ones below, you know that quality changes over time. But note that the best rescues will provide you with the top resources for that time when you need them. They have our Adoption Starter Pack for you for this very reason. Ask them for it.

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German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Birmingham
Address: 36 Dunster Road, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, B37 7TA
Phone: 0191 270 1253
Email: info @ germanshepherdrescue. co. uk
Featured video:

same as:

German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Hereford
Address: Little Vauld Marden, Hereford, HR1 3HA
Phone: 0191 270 1253
Email: info @ germanshepherdrescue. co. uk
No featured video

K9focus - German Shepherd & Large Breed Rescue, throughout South West
Address: Exeter
Phone: 07971 461806
Email: lynne @ k9focus. co. uk
No featured video

UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels
Address: Penfoel (New Quay Bird Hospital) Cross Inn. Llandysul. Dyfed. SA44 6NR
Phone: 07930 727257
Email: no public email address
No featured video

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland
Address: Old School House, Menethorpe Lane, Menethorpe, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 9QX
Phone: 07920 060 668
Email: no public email
No featured video

German Shepherd Rescue Elite
Address: 10 Great Oaks Park, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7JG
Phone: 0845 600 6628
Email: info @ gsrelite. co. uk
No featured video

German Shepherd Rescue South
Address: 48 Edward Grove, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8JA
Phone: 02392 221485
Email: ericagsrs @ btinternet. com
No featured video

Cefni German Shephard Rescue, Staffordshire
Address: throughout UK and Ireland
Phone: 01623 624068
Email: rescuegermanshepherd @ gmail. com
No featured video

South West GSD Rescue, Devon
Address: 1 Cowpark Terrace, Northam Bideford, North Devon, EX39 1EG
Phone: 01237 425 354
Email: no public email address
No featured video

Garbo's German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Address: no public address
Phone: 020 8546 4943
Email: garbo @ garbosgermanshepherddogrescue. co. uk
No featured video

Lancashire German Shepherd Rescue
Address: 4 Harbour Lane, Warton, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 1YA
Phone: 077 54156189
Email: no public email address
No featured video

BigGSD, Surrey
Address: no public address
Phone: no public phone number
Email: no public email address
No featured video

Second Chances - German Shepherd Rescue, Scotland
Address: no public address
Phone: 01228-402267
Email: admin @ second-chances. com
No featured video

Maggies Pet Rescue - German Shepherd Rescue, Basildon
Address: Basildon
Phone: 01268 559811
Email: maggiespetrescue @ hotmail. com
No featured video

Riley's German Shepherd Rescue, Cirencester
Address: 24 , Cirencester, GL7 6JL
Phone: no public phone number
Email: enquiries @ rileysgsdrescue. co. uk
No featured video

Vigil, throughout the UK
Address: 1 Poyle Corner Cottages, White Lane, Tongham, GU10 1BT
Phone: 01444 453302
Email: rehoming @ vigilgsdrescue. org. uk
No featured video


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