Crate Training a Puppy


Crate Training a puppy is part of the much bigger subject of House Training a Puppy. Puppy Crate Training means to get the puppy to use the crate voluntarily as the primary domicile. For how see Crate Training Dogs, for why see To Crate or Not to Crate?

I found that Crate Training a Puppy is just as easy as Crate Training Dogs that are older - if you do it right. Need proof? You can watch it all in My New Puppy Diary. It's uncensored. It's live. It's multimedia. I authored, composed, and directed the Diary because there's nothing like it on the market. It's there to help owners of a new puppy or rescue dog.

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    Hello! I was just wondering, if the crate doesn't have a door on it, wouldn't the puppy just come out whenever he wanted? It says to let him out, but seams to me he would on his own? I want to crate train him but he won't stay in one. Any help would be appreciated!


      You aim to keep the dog inside the crate. You need to ask yourself: Why?
      Presumably, because (s)he doesn't behave well when free. Right?
      So what should you do instead of locking the dog away?
      Train your dog, yes!

      For the best relationship with your dog, the dog should be no more confined to living in a crate than you are living in a crate! Or do you? ;-)
      Once you regularly lock your dog away you know you have failed with your dog training. Is that what you aim for? To fail, before you even started trying? :-?


    my puppy will go in and out of her crate just fine and take her naps in it with the door open,but at night time when i put her in it and close door she will whine and bark for about 10 min. wondering why .


      Let me make a guess: Could the puppy feel lonely, scared, left behind?

      No problem if she whines for just 10 min.


    My puppy will literally whine and scream and bark all night
    She only hates it when I leave her in there at night. I tried calming chews so she's less stressed and all these methods. I'm so lost lol


    Do you put the potty pads in the crate or what as i am afraid that the dog will eliminate on the floor if i open the crate. any advice?


      Abigail, I don't use potty pads in the crate, no. But even as a small puppy, my dog doesn't "eliminate on the floor if i open the crate" because his "crate" is always open - as it should be! If you lock your dog away, you are using a kennel - I am totally against kennel use, and I was able to precisely explain why, and what to do instead: House Training Dogs To Behave Well.


    My german shepherd pup only seems to whine when she can't see people, well mostly. She sleeps just fine in there after play time and she eats just fine in there. But as soon as we leave the room, she starts to whine. Occasionally, she'll whine when we're in the living room with her, but that only started recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please respond with any questions you may have. Thank you.


      Perform crate training like Tim does and you will not have problems. Go through what is above. A crate must not be locked anyway - then you have a kennel. And would you want to be locked in a kennel?

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