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Playing GamesSubject to physical ability, senior dogs still love to play hard or even exercise with family members and friends. Even when physical activity games are no longer possible, if the dog got used to enjoy playing mind games with us, the senior dog will still value this a LOT. Basically, anything the dog enjoyed when younger, the dog will still enjoy as long as (s)he can cope with it today.

Personally, even had I not played mind games with the dog before (I have, always do), I would certainly introduce playing mind games with the senior dog, because it gives the senior dog what (s)he desires most (Together-time with us) while providing variety. Also, the more active we keep the dog's brain, the more agile and upbeat (s)he will be, regardless of age.

With senior dog play too, important is that we remember that commands and Obediencce Training have no role during PLAY. Even if you've been "into" Obedience Training all your dog's life, I'd strongly suggest to forget about it during the final years of your dog's life - and certainly during PLAY. Since senior dogs' behavior is so predictable, Obedience Training a senior dog bears no sense anyway. Start using our Behavior Training, and see your dog blossom - and yourself too!

Wondering what games to play with your senior dog? In the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL we not only show what games, but also how to play right. You may subscribe for free to our Periodicals here.

Or are you only looking for a few game suggestions? Then please see our dog remedies table here. Or for your senior dog more specifically the "Calming Toys" section here.


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