Puppy Training

Puppy TrainingSurprise: Puppy Training is LESS important than Puppy Socialization, and LESS important than Dog Owner Training. Yet every new puppy owner jumps onto puppy training, and worse, puppy training classes.

If you really want to book classes for your puppy, book nothing but classes for socialization. Because that's what you need other dogs and other people for. While puppy training, this you better learn to do yourself, for best results.

Once you have trained yourself how to best socialize your new puppy, you will train yourself how to best train your new puppy. Puppy Training must cover full indoor training and full outdoor training:

We have MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICALS on all types of training, both outdoor training and indoor training. And you are lucky: You may subscribe for free today.

But what if you arrived here looking for puppy training because you are facing some puppy behavior problems right now?

In that case you may not want to wait for all the Periodicals that show you how to train your puppy to the best. Or instead you may want to check out the massive, well-structured text book Puppy Development Guide - Puppy 101: The Secrets to Puppy Training without Force, Fear, and Fuss.

And if you don't like to read text books?

Then maybe you like to watch how Tim Carter raises, socializes, and trains a German Shepherd puppy? And dog health and dog care you can watch too! For details see the LIVE and MULTIMEDIA New Puppy Diary.


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    I have a 11 week old GSD, my first GSD. She constantly bites me. I have a 10 yo Pomeranian and a 6yo cat. When my gsd bites me I will say Ow, no biting. Nice. I've always taught my other animals Nice and they will lick instead of biting. Sometimes this works with my gsd and I will give her a treat when she lateness which isn't often. I will redirect her to her chew toys but she comes back to bite me. I've tried yelping or growling at her when she bites. She now thinks this is a game. I'll ignore her if she doesn't listen and when she goes crazy biting I'll crate her. She is biting harder and my husband and I are coveted in deep bites. My Pom won't play with my gsd and my gsd will constantly bite my Pom. Help, What do I do?


    I have a 1 year old GSD who jumps up on you when she hasn't seen you for a bit. She is very happy to see is but no matter what we do she can't seem to help herself. She also gets to where she kind of nips at your ear or my beard as she's jumping up. She's otherwise a very well behaved girl.

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