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Puppy ToysThe primary function of puppy toys, as opposed to games, is to prevent boredom. Because boredom is poison for dogs, and we don't want to raise a puppy on poison.

Therefore most new puppy owners simply buy some toys for their puppy, without much thinking. And if their puppy continues to be bored, they buy more toys. That's bad. We should only buy toys when we know what they are good for, what's the benefit for the puppy to play with that particular toy? When? And does the toy meet our dog toy criteria?

Buying more toys to have less boredom won't work. There are 6 dog toy categories, and when you provide one toy of each dog toy category that's a thousand times better than when you provide six toys all of the same dog toy category! Boredom is best prevented with toys of different toy categories, not with toys all of the same type.

Likewise, don't provide several toys at the same time (except, a chew toy and one other toy is okay), rather swap the one toy that you provide after say 60 minutes for a different toy (and one of a different toy category). Having several toys available at the same time doesn't reduce, but increases boredom.

Our MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICALS explain everything in detail, and there's a LOT to know about toys! If you don't follow our guidance there, then there is little to no benefit if you provide puppy toys. You may subscribe for free to our Periodicals here.

Conversely, if you are not interested in learning more but just wanted a few puppy toy suggestions, then you can find them in our Dog Remedies tables here. Click and scroll down to "Starter Kit Toys". The first 6 toys there My New Puppy got straight away as well, and each of them serves their purpose very well indeed. All of this you can even see live in the multimedia diary.


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