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Puppy HealthSo you got a new puppy with health problems. Okay, not the end of the world - if you now act right. Sadly, most dog owners don't act right. They somehow get into the routine to pay their chosen veterinarian year in and year out for vaccinations, medicaments and 'treatments' that they don't need but that actually harm their puppy!

Now, to understand and accept this point one may need to have the insight of genuine experts like in our Dog Expert Interview Series with Reviews, but as said most dog owners don't act right, they prefer to regularly waste a LOT of money on what harms their puppy, instead of investing a few dollars to learn from the best. Strange. They like to believe that their chosen ordinary vet "will do what is best for the dog".

Let's see:

  • Your primary interest with a new puppy is to keep your puppy healthy, and so you visit "a veterinarian" (any veterinarian) in the hope of prevention and cure.
  • The average ordinary veterinarian's primary interest is that you keep coming back. Regularly. Frequently. Ideally not just for $20 checkups, but with puppy health issues that "justify" the use of pricey equipment like x-ray, and pricey treatment like steroids, antibiotics, and vaccinations. Pricey in the long run, because all of these affect your dog for the rest of its life! The more you buy into, the more they affect your dog.

As already our primary interest is so diametrically different(!), how can we be so naive and just see "a veterinarian"?

Learning from the best of course affects puppy training and socialization too, but now you're looking at puppy health. So, do yourself and your new puppy and your bank account a BIG favor and study first some fundamentals before you send your new puppy to an average ordinary veterinarian!

Choosing the right veterinarian aside, puppy health also covers puppy food and exercise, heredity check, altering, treatment for worms and other parasites, one vaccination, and possibly a medicament to cure. But puppy health never comprises commercial kibble or tin food, dog walks purely to relieve, buying from unscrupulous "backyard breeders", neglecting dog care, vaccination "boosters", or medicaments to treat.

To do just that, study some fundamentals first, you may subscribe for free to the meanwhile world-renowned MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL. All mentioned topics are being covered in the Periodicals, and you even get a very simple and fairly short MyGermanShepherd Health Manual as welcome present! That's for a reason, and this too is FREE to you as well. So now you're left with no excuses whatsoever. Sorry!

In the MyGermanShepherd Health Manual study in particular the Introductory Notes. They are there for a reason too! And if you think "Why should I bother about all the points you mentioned above?", book the Dog Expert Interview Series with Reviews to learn what the world's Top experts are saying that every dog owner should know before getting a puppy.

I myself did study all the fundamentals before getting a puppy, and that's clearly reflected in My New Puppy Diary. So this may teach a lesson or two as well, indeed. Once you've studied that you may be saying: "This New Puppy Diary should come with every puppy". But it doesn't, because for that we must want to learn what's best for our new puppy.

Do you? Or do you merely want to solve your current puppy health problem? In that case see here The 31 Most Common German Shepherd Ailments and Treatments AT A GLANCE.


Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. The menu is your friend. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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PLEASE NOTE: Posting a fragment of your overall dog problem in the comments below is not going to help. Provide complete details if you really seek the right solution. Of course we have a page for that as well: Dog Problem Consultation.





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    I have a German shepherd puppy. She is scratching at herself constantly. Have good flea and tick collar on her. Took to,vet, said dry skin. Giving her fish oil, still no improvement after a week. Please help


    My 9 month old female German Shepherd has been licking her butt and scooting on the floor this last week... she has been dewormed. Is there anything I can do to help ease her pain or should I go to the VET?


      It's not just about "ease her pain", Kimberly. We need to identify the cause of her discomfort.
      This is not possible from the few words "has been licking her butt and scooting on the floor this last week".
      How does it look, red-ish, inflamed, black-ish, pus, lesion, patchy hair, no hair, black dots, white dots,...??

      So yeah, I'd suggest you have a QUALITY vet see it. Conversely, if you just see the "next best" ordinary allopathic vet, I can almost guarantee (s)he will make it worse with the harmful steroid and/or antibiotic treatment!
      But you'll notice that only later. The first few weeks may seem like it helped.


        Thank you for the fast response..... Its red and inflamed with no hair and I don't see any pus or anything else. I was hoping I could wash the area and spray it with the suggestions that I have read on here or go to the VET.


        Could still be either. If an allergy pl follow Skin Allergies.
        If an infection pl follow Skin Infections.

        Note that allergies are an immune system disorder, while infections are a disease. Learn here about the differences. Because the vet you visit won't know. 🙄 So the better you are prepared, the less harmful medication you will pay for and administer to your dog.


    my 9 week german shepherd puppy was fine Saturday morning but Saturday night he threw up dog food, had a fever, pooped all over the house (runs) sunday he would not drink any water and he loves water, would not eat just laid down and slept all day, today I fed him plain chicken with nothing on it with some water and he threw it up. he has only went pee and has not pooped today he throws up his water and throws up just clear after 2 hours of drinking water but today he has a lil bit more energy just a tad is there anything I can do for my puppy? he has all his shots and has been dewormed and only goes outside too pee.


      Rose, your writings suggest an intestinal infestation and/or sth worse: Clearly he already has an acquired immune system disorder despite his YOUNG AGE (9 weeks!).

      You must NEVER allow that such a young puppy "has all his shots and has been dewormed"!! I am lost for words for the lack of education, recklessness, and greed of your "veterinarian" - or so (s)he seems to call herself, right? She certainly should not have a licence. Because what your "vet" practices is a "licence to kill", not a "licence to care"!

      Just your words "all his shots" make clear that neither your vet nor you know anything of this: Dog Vaccinations and Puppy Vaccinations.

      If you wish to keep your puppy alive, I would change your vet immediately.

      I feel shocked now, and will struggle to get through the day. 😯


    My 2 months old gsd is vomiting and also suffering from diarrhoea.I gave him the tablets .it is not drinking water or eating food ...what should I do ?



    My 7 MO GSD started having very watery stool yesterday and seems to have a blockage in his rectum. He's straining to poop and when he does it is all liquid and extremely smelly. I'm not sure what to do with him, we have given him rice in addition to his dry food and he is on a dry/ raw diet. His dry is Zignature and his raw is normally Tucker's however we are visiting my fiancé in Canada so it's now Carnivora raw food. He's been on it for over a month and had no issues.


      Kyle, I do not know those brands (and do not want to know). When you look through the menu under CARE > DOG FOOD you'll see that I am no expert on industrial pet "food" because ALL of that is a toxic waste product from Rendering plants. I am quite knowledgeable on REAL food however, and that's what we feed.

      Either way, purely based on what you mention you can't be sure his problem is down to contaminated "food"/waste (though you can easily rule this out by feeding him what we feed). I suspect intestinal worms, possibly even a virus. Did he have a chance to scavenge, or lick poop/vomit/... in the environment?

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