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Puppy FoodYou can find so much nonsense about dog food that you really need to learn first some nutrition fundamentals to be able to separate the rights from the wrongs. The right puppy food certainly is the dog's life extender No 1, so important food is for both health and behavior!

Now you may still be thinking in terms of dog food brands. Yet industrial dog food is nothing but marketing. Industrial "dog food" is a waste product from rendering plants! When you buy "premium brand dry kibble" you don't buy dog food, you buy marketing: When you spend an average $4.03 per pound or $8.88 per kilo on "premium brand dry kibble", the "food" input cost is a mere $0.20, while $8.68 per kilo are the cost of marketing that kind of "food". The cost of "teaching" budding veterinarians and ordinary dog owners that our human foods would be "bad for dogs". :roll:

Quite the contrary: Unless you eat fast food 24*7*365(?), there is nothing worse than to feed your dog industrial pet food! Yes, there may be a few commercial products that are okay to feed your dog once a while without risking costly long-term health issues, but note that kibble and tins always are industrial crap, not dog food.

The few commercial dog foods that aren't industrially produced all cost multiples of what human foods cost! And NO commercial dog food fed regularly is as healthy and safe as REAL foods are (human foods). We are not talking here of crisps and sweets etc. But natural homemade foods.


Simply put: Today's domesticated dogs only even exist because dogs developed as scavengers of human food leftovers! For some 30,000 years it has been that way. And only since about the 1950ies, some clever marketing people from the blossoming pet "food" industry started to successfully brain-wash average ordinary vets and dog owners into believing: "No!! Human foods are bad for dogs!"

Right! :lol:

Therefore our MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL also helps to understand the nutrition fundamentals one needs to know to be able to separate the rights from the wrongs. If you are willing to learn something new(?), you may subscribe for free here. Obviously the Periodicals cannot and don't intend to teach all that one can learn from our Top nutrition expert in the Dog Expert Interview Series. However, naturally a lot of that insight got incorporated in the New Puppy Diary, and all relevant Periodicals are linked in the New Puppy Diary as well.


Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. The menu is your friend. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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    I understand about feeding your dog good human food. It always seemed to me that dogs relished the scraps from its owners table. My concern would be the fact foods like onions and garliic are not to be feed to dogs. These are food we typically use daily in our meal preparation. So we would need to cook separate dishes for our dogs. Maybe even on the weekend cook the week's meals and freeze part for later, My husband doesn't cook spicey hot food but he does use a far amount of spices to flavor the food. Maybe I need to review all foods not recommended for dogs!
    Thank for all you insight and concern for Man's Best Friend!


      Cherie, forget about that "Maybe I need to review all foods not recommended for dogs!", whatever I read in those lists is fake news :roll: copied wildly, no science behind it, not even common sense.

      Look: Over the last 30,000 years that dogs became domesticated dogs, have your ancestors diligently separated the food leftovers? - "No Paul, THIS you can't leave to the dogs, it's not good for them, so it says on the monolith at the junction where we head right to get water in the mornings". - "No my dear Cherie, you may have misread the 3rd hieroglyph in the 2nd line from the right, there the headman clearly means 'don't be too fussy about what you leave to the dogs', you see?" :mrgreen:

      In other words, have your grandparents or grand-grandparents gone to libraries to study books on dog nutrition (if they existed at all) because they couldn't surf the internet back then? :roll:

      Don't get me wrong, there are tons of "food" items and ingredients these days in the modern food chain that we must NOT feed to our dogs, because they are artifical additives concocted in labs and mass-produced in factories. Neither good for people nor for dogs. No REAL food, as I always say.

      Secondly, we must always consider that a dog - even a German Shepherd - is a fraction of a person, in weight and metabolism. IN PARTICULAR a puppy (this page you chose is a puppy page). Thus I wouldn't share MUCH of anything with a dog, but I do share bits of MOST things, of REAL foods. Back in history people didn't have much of anything left anyway.

      But onions? I do not single that out, no, and yet my Miguel too is alive & kickin', super healthy according to hospital records.
      But garlic? I do not single that out, no, and yet my Miguel too is alive & kickin', super healthy according to hospital records.

      But then, I don't make my meals OF onions and garlic, only WITH. You get the point?

      As for cooking extra: I did that for a while, but found it exhausting, depressing even, so much work, and my spoiled Miguel doesn't value any of the time and effort I put in. So, I don't cook extra. I merely am considerate in what I cook at all. When I am thinking "Oh that might not be good for dogs", I usually realize "Oh, that actually isn't good for us either". Simple really (if you're health conscious).

      Does that sound sensible?

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