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Puppy Behavior


Puppy BehaviorSo you got a new puppy with behavior problems. Puppy's behavior or your behavior?

I am asking because when we want to change our puppy's behavior, we first need to reflect on our own behavior. More often than not, it is our own behavior that elicits the puppy's behavior that we don't like.

It's not necessarily that we are doing something wrong, rather it is typically that we missed to do something right, or that we are inconsistent in what we do.

We can't change the pup's heredity, and likely the pup's behavior has nothing to do with its heredity anyway, but with upbringing and current treatment. In most cases the pup's behavior is the result of its upbringing, but this we can't change now either.

So what remains, and what we can change, is the current treatment of the puppy. Be aware that there is nothing else that we can influence! Solely the current treatment of the puppy will change our puppy's behavior. This gives us three parameters we can work on:



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