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Owner TrainingYes, owner training. Or did you think "it's all my puppy's fault"?

Quite the contrary. Think about it: The kind of Puppy Socialization and Puppy Training that we undertake solely depends on the training that we received ourself! What we know about socialization and training, the importance of it, how to do it, etc. Everything we do with and for our puppy depends on what we've learned ourself.

Since we cannot change our pup's heredity and earlier upbringing, ALL of our puppy's behavior we can only change if we are willing to learn what we need to change ourself, in our own behavior. While this may seem shocking to some, I find it exciting. Because this makes clear that we can influence everything, if only we are willing to learn what it takes.

"OMG, I can't sit back and relax??" - Yes, you can, you can learn everything from the comfort of your armchair or couch. That easy it is.

I said we must be willing to learn. Most dog owners that are surfing the world wide web to post their HELP! requests (like that, yes) onto websites they before didn't even know exist, are not willing to learn. Heck, they aren't even willing to READ!! They prefer to wildly post questions for which others have provided proven answers years earlier. :roll:

Here, even for free: Every MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL serves the purpose to train dog owners in what they need to learn to prevent all the puppy problems and adult dog problems that other dog owners are facing.

But what if dog owners subscribe too late and they are already facing puppy behavior problems?

Then our free Periodicals train dog owners how to solve their problems, and how to prevent further behavior problems. But we cannot solve your problems for you. No one can. That's why I said we must be willing to learn what we need to change ourself.

And what if you don't want to wait years worth of free Periodicals?

Then the quickest shortcut to train yourself how to behave well with your puppy so that your puppy behaves the way you want may well be to see and hear LIVE in full MULTIMEDIA at your own speed how to raise a well-behaved and healthy puppy. You are lucky, we've got that too: the New Puppy Diary.


Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. The menu is your friend. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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PLEASE NOTE: Posting a fragment of your overall dog problem in the comments below is not going to help. Provide complete details if you really seek the right solution. Of course we have a page for that as well: Dog Problem Consultation.




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    I have two German Shepherds both males, brothers and 7 months old. How can I walk both at the same time? I love my puppies, but they stay tangled up the whole walk. Thanks for the help.


    Hi my name cheyenne ihave a king german shepherd is about 7 months old we got him wen he was 4 months old and he is always barking and tryin to bite my family memebers hes scared of them he runs from them as hes barking or something because he wont even let them touch him or get to close to him he ends up running away and hiding until i call him. I got him off a farm and he was pretty much the same as he is now he warmed up to me and my husband and daugther but not other family members hes still a pup because hes still chewing things. He is a good listener if he wants to be if i snap my fingers he will come but he jumps and scratches him but i do tell him to sit and he will i just dont know whats wrong with him maybe he was abused on the farm i have no clue can you help me plz


      Hey Cheyenne, King Shepherds are lovely, and yours "just" suffers a trauma according to your description. It's great that you rescued him and aim to help him get past that experience.

      Here's how you get him to respect every family member (regardless how small), not to suffer stress from fear, and to control his barking:

      1. Change the way you feed the dog to this Feeding Routine
        (while at it, you may also want to change what you feed and when and how often, but these topics are beyond your present issue)
      2. Start dedicated walks with your dog to perform this leash-training
      3. Integrate these communication skills into your daily interactions with the dog

      Do start in this order, there is no point in getting overwhelmed by trying to do all three at once.
      Report back here on progress/obstacles.


    Okay thank yhu so much were gunna start asap

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